Taking Back Sunday - El Paso Lyrics

Cradle the sound, caller speak through your teeth
I was up and away
I've never known what to think
What I wanted to know, where did god sway
And if the silence was gold, gold, gold
When you got your way

You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get

My eyes got sore, oh, those perverts are sick
I have the truth on my tongue
Hadn't know until when
What I wanted to know, whether god was away
Cause I was there as you, you play
And you, you fools, you look all the same

You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never get what you

You all look the same
You'll never give what you get
You'll never give what you get
You all look the same
You'll never get what you want
You'll never want what you get
You all look the same
Just do your best to forget
Just do your best to forget
You all look the same

You got your way, you got away
When god, he was away
You got your way, you got away
When god, he was away
You got your way, you got away
When god, he was away
You got your way, you got away
When god, he was away

You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
You'll never give what you get, no
Just do your best to forget
Just do your best to forget
Do your best to forget

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Taking Back Sunday El Paso Comments
  1. Dustin Whiteman

    I f*×*ing love this song

  2. John Pederson

    i 4got shaun had the audacity 2 flush a toilet on this 1

  3. Jahshi

    Dude I bet this song would have gone all the way if the distortion sound was right. Seems to not bite enough. The rhythm guitar is good but the lead guitar needs a fuzz pedal imho.

    This song slams tho! Lyrics? Perfect! Melody? Flawless! Vocals? Insane! Bass? Always great! Guitar parts? Very well written!

    Re record it with a different engineer that will make the mix right and this is a chart topper!

    I believe in you guys!

  4. Austin Miller

    Anybody here after the alternative press video?

  5. Hate Jack

    This is my favorite song in the world 😆❤

  6. N/A


  7. jayofdajungle

    I can't believe this song didn't take. When I first heard it I was like FUCK YEAH. Open with it live...me and 6 other people are going ballistic. I don't get it.

  8. Daniel Bell

    Just listened to an interview with Adam and Mark where they said there were only a few people who liked this song, I was one of them! Haha I love it!

  9. Casey Courser

    I love TBS and i love their heavy songs! but this sounds like someone is shitting in my ears, in fact i think this may be one of the worst songs i've ever heard

  10. Glow Sticks

    Lol This is a str8 Brand New rip-off tryna sound like Jessie hahahaha, it is tight tho.

  11. idontimagineyouandi

    i like them going heavier & getting back to punk roots. the best thing they've done t.a.y.f. i also like how they finally get the original lineup back, after years of people complaining about it, and no one cares lol. i think that's the best part. i'm not too crazy about the new vocal deliveries though honestly. they're kinda like..hair metal-esq lol. i appreciate artists trying new things, but sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't.

  12. Love httyd

    Why do people not like this song

    Casey Courser

    the chorus just sonically sucks

  13. Bryan L. Baez

    This song and tidal wave are probably my least favorite tbs songs.

    Abraham Harris

    Tidal Wave does suck, but why this one?

    Bryan L. Baez

    Abraham Harris it sounds like a bad dad rock song to me tbh. Adam Lazzara is one of my favorite frontmen and tbs has made some of my favorite albums but this song and tidal wave are kind lame.


    Weird, considering it's the only good song they put out since Fred left.

    Casey Courser

    yeah man this song sucks really bad

  14. Canyoureadmydeadpan

    "My eyes got sore, oh, those perverts are sick
    I have the truth on my tongue
    Hadn't know until when
    What I wanted to know, whether god was away
    Cause I was there as you, you play
    And you, you fools, you look all the same"

    well, looks like TBS is not a fan of the sun city....

  15. SundayNewAnthem

    I wish they had more heavy songs like this

  16. SundayNewAnthem

    I wish they had more heavy songs like this

  17. Hope Navar

    fuck yeah. I live in El Paso.

  18. Hope Navar

    fuck yeah. I live in El Paso.

  19. layla tabler

    Pardon me while I'm being a fan girl. <3

  20. Leuan Cadee Rada

    It's pretty cool that Adam can sing in different styles.

  21. erichwhatzz

    Song sucks like El Paso

  22. Jalia B

    I love Adam, but the hair is jacked.

    Tom Holais

    Who gives shit about hair? It is about the sound.

  23. Peter Vandenberg

    Damnnn surprised with the heavy sound of this song

  24. Lee Burnett

    I've been a a TBS fan from the first album but this is their best song ever. Fuck your fairweather fans, take this direction farther.

  25. Thomas Murray

    Was stationed in el paso with the army 2009-2011

  26. Summer AndLightning

    I liked make danmm sure, I guess I don't feel this track.

  27. Terry Tyrka

    Good stuff.  Too bad they now make pop music.

    Caritox Funes

    Wtf? Pop music? 

    Jalia B

    +Seth Bailey Pop Punk, actually. It may have pop influences, but it's not pop. Pop is the sugary music that plays on the pop stations. You know, the songs with terrible lyrics, no substance, and the same beats used over and over again?

  28. K20Powered

    Thats a small venue...actually makes me wonder if they shot this in El paso

    Cody Constantine

    this was shot at Maxwell's in New Jersey.

  29. 1thess523

    Kind of soundes like Bullet The Blue Sky from U2

  30. Robert Ryan

    This song is rad. I'm going to cover this.

  31. anotherxyz

    I love this song.

  32. William Eugene Tipton

    I really like this song. It shows a different side of the band and I really like that. I am curious to see what future albums are like and would enjoy more heavy rock from Taking Back Sunday (with the occasional song reminiscent of the "Where You Want to Be").

  33. Wayfarer

    Fucked up. probably the worst song ever written. Do not press play. 3 minutes and 20 seconds of piss.

    Casey Courser

    this really is the worst song i've ever heard

    Los SanToboh

    Fuck yourself

  34. Em McClernon

    I love and own every single TBS album ever...I didnt like all the songs on the new album but I will love them forever!!!

  35. sadconsumer

    trying to be like brand new

  36. Joseph Stone

    I guess you have a lot of conversations with yourself then.

  37. tooeasy89

    this is by far the worst TBS song ever made...no argument.

    Casey Courser

    yeah. sounds like complete shit

  38. Abducted The Band

    even though (GOD FORBID!) the self titled record doesn't sound exactly like old TBS, ummm... WHO CARES? This flatout rocks. I'm grateful TBS didn't turn into a pop band or a pussycore band like everyone else these days. Their self titled is a solid modern rock record with plenty of post-punk and emo influences. And anyone who wants to call this commercial needs to get a reality check because I hardly EVER hear anything this raw and powerful on commercial radio.

  39. ParkridgeBand

    If you love TBS then you willlllll love this awesome new band called "PARKRIDGE" check there new song out "KEEP FALLING" [search it on you tube} or check my page!!!!

  40. Mr. White

    A solid band is going to record songs that can relate to a plethora of individuals. You might not like the first song of an album or even the second, but I guarentee someone else will. Every song on an album isn't going to be musiclly directed specifically at "you". That's the point of listening to different sounds and judging as you go. Keep an open mind about each song and enjoy the talent.

  41. Jt Micucci

    So much flanel

  42. patrick thomas

    reminds me of bullet the blue sky by u2

  43. Zachary

    Oh yeah greatest city in the world, El Paso Texas.

  44. ohhorizon

    The other singer looks like a younger version of The Governor from The Walking Dead :o

  45. jimmydahat1

    Deserves more views

  46. Chris Marshall

    what are you talking about? A true fan doesn't force themselves to like something that sucks. What if TBS's next album was just Adam farting in a microphone the whole time? Would you still say you liked it? I actually like the latest album, I think it's their best since Where you Want to Be. The two albums between them suck. And guess what? I am still a fan.

  47. Alexandre Klein

    can't believe this is a real comment

  48. Nem C

    Mad skills from Mark.

  49. SRone45

    I started liking this Album when I stopped expecting every album to sound like TAYF.

  50. Gavin Brown

    I don't understand why people are hating on this album so much. Yes it's different from old TBS, but on a musical standpoint, this is a very solid album. They've been at this for years, no one should expect them to put out the same album over and over. They've grown up and are making music that they want to play, not what complainers want to hear. They play for the sake of music, not to please everyone.

  51. Ryan Coyle

    Adam does haha

  52. Ryan Coyle

    Bam Margera joined TBS?

  53. Christian Armstrong

    mwhahahhaa i used to live in el paso :P no body cares? neither do i actually :)

  54. David Rodriguez

    I know I do

  55. Alyse Adams

    I don't love everything they have put out but I have been a fan for 10 years now.. you are an idiot himanic..

  56. anniewasbornfirst

    Preach. I agree.

  57. Turntostone

    I'm sure it's because that's the place they all reunited and decided to reform as TBS?

  58. Caleb Morales

    I kind of find it really interesting how the band's lead guitarist has always had such a major effect on the band's sound. Personally, I love everything by TBS but sometimes it feels like multiple bands with Adam's voice. Fred was much better of a guitarist than John and I miss the leads ala Spin and MIami but the band still kicks ass.

  59. bababu7

    Change doesn't equate growth.

  60. David Calkins

    opening song at warped tour

  61. CIDdrums

    This song got me into TBS. I was never feeling them before but this is sorta sweet

  62. op3nmi1k


  63. Badtastingpudding

    Hahahahaha that's the most ridiculous thing ever a true fan doesn't have to like every single one of their albums, as you said bands change and grow so you're not always going to like all their music. But in saying that his comment was more stupid and arrogant.

  64. Luke Mccormick

    the band is still badass.

  65. fizzlewinks

    So what you're saying is that in order to be a "True" fan, you have to love absolutely every thing the band puts out? That's a bit of bull shit. Being a "true" fan of a band means that you love the band despite the fact that sometimes they may release something you don't like. People like you who think you need to like every single song are just as annoying as the people who constantly bitch about bands going back to an older style.

  66. Dr Scott J. McGrane

    Love this album - seen them at Slam Dunk in Leeds over the weekend and was mightily annoyed at those in the crowd (and there were plenty!) who were clearly only fans of the Tell All Your Friends album. I'm convinced I was the only one singing along to and going mental to most of the songs from this album. Just a shame Lazzara isn't great live.

  67. TransmissionFilms

    Just because you like a band, singer, rapper, etc. doesn't mean you "have" to like everything they do. Art is subjective and is a very personal experience. I think artists should change and test themselves so their able to grow. Some artists go backwards, stay the same, or get better. Not everything they do is perfect.

  68. toastersXftwX

    Im pretty sure its good for bands have new sounds each album.

  69. ernieickesjr

    honestly all this crappy oh this was good and this wasn't and if you are a real fan you would like it all bullshit... i am a musician and to tell you the truth there are songs that you write that you hate. so critisism is all that music really is. i like everything they ever did. but i am not going to be mad if some hates one song they wrote. grow up dudes and girls.

  70. tgolden12

    the only cool thing about this song is the video, and the video is only cool because it's from maxwell's. ps - why does the singer look like morrissey now?

  71. LimeGreenWolf

    Seriously...what does this have to do with El Paso?? -_-

  72. y s

    this sounds alot like the last album brand new made

  73. Alex Trahan

    saw them preform this in Portland oregon

  74. hilmanic28

    @johnnyzotoss Oh seriously? How can you call yourself a "real" Taking Back Sunday fan when you don't even like their new album? As a "TRUE" fan, you'd love anything they come up with. Music or should I say art, is ever changing. Taking Back Sunday as such is growing as a band. So if you don't like their new album, don't pretend to call yourself a "real" fan.

  75. Calcifer Fire

    Their appearance changes so much xD

  76. Kris Owens

    this is the first song i've heard from the new album and i love it and all, but, what happened to everybody who wasn't part of the original line-up???

  77. enichols2011

    Adam is still super skinny but is it just me or has he gained some? idk who the hell cares, I don't, this ain't no gossip collumn. As long as he works that magic with the mic and makes the those akward facial expressions I'm good and damn so is he.

  78. nessy marie

    People have to evolve and grow, this includes musicians. Nobody wants to be stuck doing the same thing and have everyday be Groundhog Day. Good for you TBS.

  79. The Infamous Victoria

    This song is incredible, jizzed in my pants a little

  80. Pinocchio

    I was hoping this was a cover of the Tony Robbins song; lost interest. TBS hasn't been cool since I was in high school, circa 2002.

  81. momentomori93

    wait wheres matt fazi?

  82. Sonnet Harsh

    i like it- they're sound is still "slightly tortured"

  83. jimmydahat1

    boom! great song, back to their best

  84. r00ka

    audio evolution

  85. Nikki B

    I fucking LOVE thisss songgg!

  86. flint lockwood

    saw them preform this song in concert!!! it wuz so kik ass!!!!! they rok!!!!

  87. John Vick

    TBS at their hardest

  88. Matthew Wiseman

    @chiodosbros1221 It's an EP, don't get too excited. They're touring, though. A lot of their newer shows are on here and easy to find. They're still bad ass live, no doubt.

  89. Matthew Wiseman

    @Mindlessvstheo I wasn't really saying that they're equal, just that this one song has a bit of a GJ sound. Don't you hear that? I totally agree with you. All Glassjaw rapes everything.

  90. wolvesdevour

    Every reason to why I first loved Taking Back Sunday is coming back.

  91. joseph garcia

    does the hair really matter? ha. well he is actually badass in any hair-do(idk how to spell that) and well just listen to it ha. im sure his long hair will be back. either that or the beard. maybe both haha

  92. Go SoH

    He needs cut his hair to the way it was. :/

  93. Juan Nava


  94. Gino Genova Jr.

    Ok, great song. I'm a huge fan :) but will somebody please tell me what happened to Adam? Umm, i know people change but, he's startin to look like he could host "Man v.s. Food." But great song, none the less.

  95. b randon

    miami > el paso