Taking Back Sunday - Divine Intervention Lyrics

Despondent, distracted,
You're vicious and romantic;
These are a few of my favorite things.
All of those flavors and
This is what you choose:
Past the blues, past the blues,
And on to something new,

Something real, make it timeless,
An act of God and nothing less will be accepted.
So if you're calling me out,
Then count me out.

Yeah, we're stubborn and melodramatic,
A real class act.
You see, I know a few of your favorite things.
Five in the morning and all comes out pouring,
Love, out the same way in.

Something real, make it timeless,
An act of God and nothing less will be accepted.
Now if you're calling me out,
Then count me out.

Something real, make it timeless,
An act of God and nothing less will be accepted.
I said real, make it timeless,
An act of God and nothing less will be accepted.
Now if you're calling me out,
Then count me out.

Mm, mm, mm, mm.
Mm, mm, mmmm.

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Taking Back Sunday Divine Intervention Comments
  1. Epic V

    Here in 2019, making time last.

  2. Alana Hilliard

    Just found out last night at their show in Montreal that they recorded this song on the roof which explains the background sounds. ^_^

  3. charizard_strikes_back

    anybody here in 2019?


    charizard_strikes_back still here fam

  4. Crane 6

    Every time I listen to this specific song, I fantasize about walking around the concrete jungle of a city's outskirts on a bright, yet foggy morning. There's the phantom of a morning dew that glazes over the chunks of old asphalt strewn about the battered street, and ensconced at the base of a wall of tall buildings lies a vacant playground. The fog is thick, and despite the imposing forms of the buildings, the morning sunlight illuminates this mist, elevating it into the ethereal. Through the stillness of the scene I hear the creaking and squeaking of an occupied swing. As I approach, I am met for the first time with the image of the angelic manifestation of my hope for an ideal future, there on that swing, alone and eyes downcast, lost in a world of their mind's own fabrication. There I would stand, for a moment, to absorb such a potent and romantic spectacle. I see my future on the swing, and all I want is for that moment to last forever, while I wonder at how this person has yet to see me, to know me, to have ever even heard my name. The industrial hum and sirens of the real world would drone on somewhere beyond the wall of buildings, to leave us alone together in that curious little drop of time, that turning point in our destinies...

  5. Joe Mead


  6. Ramon Lachapelle

    This is Maybe.... The most Cute Song in the World!!!.... Thanks Guys!!

  7. AnotherSettlementNeedsOurHelp

    This sounds like something you’d hear in LittleBigPlanet. That’s a good thing if you’re wondering.

  8. John

    Such a long time..

  9. stummz saiu

    Something real..


    make it timeless 💖

    King Lawl

    an act of god or nothing less will be accepted

  10. Jordan Hanks

    This has to be my all time favorite song.

  11. Malik May

    Gang gang. 2018

  12. Ced Blunt

    Listening for over 6 years and counting 👂🎶

  13. Jose Correa

    A great song by a great group

  14. Em Cee

    Sometimes I wonder if I'd go back and do it differently. Other times, I know I wouldn't change a damn thing if I could.

  15. Meowsenberg

    Kinda sounds like a song Brand New would do.


    honestly? yeah.

  16. I s u m e ジ sad

    Who's listening in this year? 2018?


    do u have any good song like this one?

    jack morris

    2019 rep!

    Kris Twigg

    2019!!!!! Still going?

  17. Georgia Sands

    2017!! all of those flavourse and this is what you choose pass the blues ;)

  18. Manfrey Gordon

    Over 10 years, this song is still fucking amazing. I'm drunk, sad and lonely right now but this is the real shit right here and it's what I need.

    Ben Cho

    Manfrey Gordon it is indeed good sh*t but you must stop drinking the Devil's water, you keep traveling into Hell thus becoming a demon through your actions drunk.

    Emily Cherry

    lol damn it's not that serious

    Em Cee

    Manfrey Gordon if you're drunk and looking for sad listen to Lua by the bright eyes

  19. Jesse Samson

    this song makes me hehehahahahahhihihihihiehehhehahahahahahhadfusehfiew muhahahahahahaha

  20. Kevin Hernandez

    I love this song

  21. ch0kemyheart

    such a nice song <3


    +ch0kemyheart ya top 100 tbs song for sure.



    yesss, I hated this album at the time, but I always loved this song.

  22. DecaffeinateCaffeine

    This is what my early teen years consisted of musically.. the song makes me happy, more or less due to the nostalgia.. but at the same time I feel sad because I see all the things I didn't do, and all the things I was concerned with that really didn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things. But I guess that's life.

    'afif Salim

    feels the same here bro...excited and happy that this song turn comes in my playlist, but second later feeling sad thinking the reality of our life...*online hugs*


    @'afif Salim *online assaults* You're disgusting.

  23. litsienthu

    Damn! Love this!!

  24. oscar navarrete

    can you hear my vocal cover please and tell me what you think be honest if i suck please tell. me https://soundcloud.com/cover12-2/divine-interventionstart-at-15

    Knighta Nine

    @oscar navarrete Could use some work, maybe focus on either singing or guitar but not both

  25. Frankie Munez

    When You hear a song that makes you want to pick your guitar up again.

    Josh Bruder

    I actually did pick my guitar back up when I heard this.

    Kelli Vigil

    Frankie Munez ew

  26. Joe Brayne

    No matter what mood im in, this will always be a great tune

  27. juana pineira

    where can i find the music video for "A Decade Under The Influence" by taking back sunday i can find it in youtube just all this covers or at a video like this??

    John Stalvern


    King Lawl


  28. Krysta Bonneville

    Such an underrated band.

  29. KidN0thingBoy

    Such a killer track

  30. Gwen Banham

    this actually does add a really cool affect to the song

  31. saska

    Not the songs - Cigarettes and alcohol mostly.

  32. Steven O.

    Damn sir. No need for name calling. I hate how so many people use Emo as a label. It has negative connotation toward it. If a song, doesn't have an emotive charge, how are those songs going to connect to their listeners. It's what gives meaning to music that all different bands put out.

  33. thomas brueckner

    Sounds like a great Zoloft commerical

  34. Jerod

    If you're calling me out.. Then count me out..

  35. nixecola

    If raindrops slide through your window i think your window's broken

  36. rainman2242

    his voice has really been destroyed by all the songs and cigarettes this past decade.

    Alana Hilliard

    I watched them just last night and he sounded great?

  37. Justforstyle santana

    great idea thanks!

  38. Nambale


  39. Abe Bautista

    1.pause video
    2open new tab
    3 google rainy mood, its the first one
    play video and enjoy:D

    María Teresa Madrid Cardona

    Thanks dude!

  40. Kirk Exequiel Badillo

    I've always wondered what the song meant, I thought it was about the guy getting the girl pregnant, and not committing to the girl, and some how the girl wanting to get an abortion. That whole struggle, suddenly finding out the pregnancy then the abortion.
    Hence the "an act of God and nothing less" part, also, because the first verses made me feel like the girl was pregnant.

    Em Cee

    Kirk Exequiel Badillo. They have several songs referring to a girl having an abortion so you could be right

  41. robert yap

    way back in college days, i keep listening Taking Backs Sunday's song, especially when im alone in the campus. Much better rather than with my schoolmates.

  42. Marowelk

    This song reminds me of someone I dated for a really long time. :\

  43. DaGrowed

    gotta disagree.

  44. Erica Lioi

    Listened to this about five thousand times and never saw the beauty in it until now. thank you guys for giving me something to celebrate each day

  45. Mike Wazowski

    Audioproducer leave the rock section of YouTube go back to the girls section of YouTube which is pop and Taylor Lautner

  46. Carl Saldanha

    @ViciousFruitClan Its unromantic not and romantic in the lyrics

  47. Chris Munro

    @Termnix216 Im going through the extact same situation as you mate, just keep your head up high and i wish you best of luck.

  48. Benjamin Lewkowski

    Emily, if you're reading this.
    I love you so much, these nights just keep getting harder. I know your in his arms right now, and it makes me sick. I know I fucked up, I do. You're such a beautiful person, I don't know what I'm going to do without you. I'd cut off all of my fingers just to spend 15 more minutes with you. I talk like it doesn't hurt, but that's all bullshit. It hurts. I just wish you'd come back and make it stop.

    I know you won't, and I don't blame you.
    I'm sorry.

    Conner Corcoran

    soft ass bitch

    em c

    damn my name is emily and sometimes I wonder if my ex thinks of me like this or did at some point

    Thor Carlton

    How many videos did you put this on

    Amber S

    Benjamin Lewkowski did Emily come back? Been waiting five years for an update




    reminds me of winter... =\
    good times with good old friends....

  50. ReidRo1

    My friend Sean brought me here XD

  51. Charlotte Francis

    Forgot how amazing this song is.

  52. Steven O.

    I think thats what makes TBS so likeable. They don't sing about the typical sex, drugs, money. They sing about emotion, generally back stabbing, lack of trust, and negative emotions. Its why I listen to them, because they understand.

  53. emily Simpson

    AH, AH, AH, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. that's from Mr. count:DD

  54. aa72on

    @ViciousFruitClan lol i remember rocking out to this when i was like 12. I'm taking a shower and in my head i hear "so please" in his voice but i couldnt put my finger on it so i just kept saying it over and over in my head until i thought "is that taking back sunday?" ive been googling about it for a good 30 minutes until i found this

  55. Yesenia


  56. Carolina Cordova

    Best song ever!

  57. billmofo gatesson

    funny how music can for 4minutes change your outlook on life drasticaly.if only i could find a happy song to keep stuck in my head forever...sucks how much i enjoy this band.it does massive damage to my thaught process lol.+1 if you wish there was a good sounding up-tempo band

  58. Paola Corona

    My freind told me about this band an know I love it :)

  59. Deo James Guisadio


  60. Lindsay Allison

    A really cool guy showed this to me :)

  61. Shooby Doo

    this song is gorgeous like Adam <3

  62. Dominika Mertová

    Awesomely soothing song ♥

  63. Brandi Arellano

    Great song

  64. Savanna07301994

    Really good song!!!

  65. YesTHATname

    I think they got better from TAYF to WYWTB and peaked with Louder Now, got unsettled on NA and found a comfort zone in TBS with their old roots :)

    Éric Dauphinais

    Still dunno which album between WYWTB n LN is their best. Both are masterpieces to my eyes

  66. Ren

    This album was my winter soundtrack. :)

  67. Imane Bachraoui


  68. kpgpwi64

    @xthaxheistx if this song get's boring then you aren't paying attention.. and people find "emo" offensive because no one likes emos except for other emos and no one wan't their favourite band classified as an emo group... I listen to post rock, but I'm not emo...

  69. adversarial

    @BakedFaceProductions what the fuck is that kind of response? i didn't use "emo" as an insult so cool off... and this song gets boring after few more listenings...

  70. CZsWorld

    The new album was good but not on the level of LouderNow.

  71. kochamfalubaz

    typ na końcu albo roluje jointa i bletke zawija albo w młynku palenie młynkuje :d

  72. Dominika Mertová

    after long time of searching I finally found this song ♥

  73. bott14

    i like how the little quote bubble tab thing whatever-the-fuck-its-called makes it look like the person on the album cover is "accepting requests!" haha

  74. Douglas Naylor

    only reason you dont listen to these thing is due to your fear to actually feel an emotion besides anger for things that force you to feel. the most alive you can ever be is after you feel the "emo"tion

  75. adversarial

    damn i really do not listen to such things... emo or whatever, this song is really damn sad, it's fucking made to be played on funerals...

  76. Kyle M

    This is like one of the top 3 songs on louder now I think. Especialy the corus with the tamberine... SOOOO perfect

  77. chickenchopsocky

    @itsmellslikecabbage LOL. It's not emo. *scurries to the dark corner* Hahaha.

  78. Nathan Strinko

    @chickenchopsocky Thats emo as helll! More power to you!

  79. chickenchopsocky

    :(( This song makes me sad. :((

    But I like listening to this while watching rain drops slide through the window.

  80. Javier Andrade

    I love the live version better :o

  81. betoski

    My favorite TBS song <3

  82. thc2099

    Two people were counted out.

  83. Tangosism

    1 person wasn't despondent and romantic.

  84. Beth McKenzie

    @RaDaR12500 2.9 to you too :P

  85. RaDaR12500

    @bethrosegirlxx <3

  86. Beth McKenzie

    Thanks a lot Radar, I really didn't need another song to obsess over.

  87. ikon182

    I luuv this song ^^

  88. Jade Duran

    @midevilguy13 where can i find a version of the cures song? i would love to hear that!

  89. TheCherrytouch

    taking back sunday <3

  90. xjavern

    Such a good piece ;)

  91. Ryan

    i love the cough in the beginning.

  92. HaruhikoHachirobei

    This and My Blue Heaven are probably the best tracks from this album.

  93. Toby Buckley

    Could you get "Flesh and blood dance" by duke special? I can't find it anywhere on youtube, and this is where I generally show them music :P

  94. Isaac

    Can you hook us up with I'll Let You Live?


    @StunnaShades09 yup! ..cause the vocals on the song were recorded on the roof of the studio.. trivia trivia! Ü

  96. Coathangerblackout

    This song is sick!

  97. Jamie Sullivan

    OMFG . This Song Is Awesome !!!

  98. katiebird400

    omg thanks for posting this! This is ONE of my favourite TBS songs. :) <3333 :) Thanks

  99. Deo James Guisadio

    Enjoy. :)