Takida - As You Die Lyrics

Be strong, good son, another day will rise
As you die
As you die

The formation of gangs is a sure sign of spring,
A new season approaches, please sign up for the kid,
Leave home and lead sun, prepare for the longest of long runs.
Always here

Be strong, hold on, another day will rise
Be strong, love's gone, heart is cold as ice
As you die

Prove yourself to the father, he will praise you in mind
Alarming future is traced, the contract is already signed.
Always here

Be strong, hold on, another day will rise
Be strong, love's gone, heart is cold as ice
As you die
As you die
As you die

So long, love's gone, your heart is cold as ice
Be strong, good son, another day will rise and you have to

Be strong, hold on, another day will rise.
Be strong, love's gone, heart is cold as ice
As you die

As you die
Will innocent blood run free
Maybe in another time

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Takida As You Die Comments
  1. Vikin

    3:25 his string broke... :)

  2. comander250

    Thank you Radio Bob

  3. Misguided Fate

    Can someone explain what's going on in the video

  4. Bet Ka

    Mocne !

  5. Gydh

    Magnificent band...

  6. Linus

    still my favourite song of them :)

  7. teammusketeers

    never heard about these guys before.... found them by browsing...all i can say...u guys rock....new vibe....u've now got my ears attention....#takida

  8. James Martin

    i am love takida

  9. 千岳

    Gta4 short movie soundback 😁

  10. Dario Valdez

    Im totally sure I will still be listening to this band in 2050 not just now =)

  11. Enigma3T

    Who's listening in 2016?

    Mattias Eklof

    still listeningin17 :)

  12. John Clayton Harris

    Yes...I would like to write some songs for these guys...

  13. JustSomeone

    thumbs up if you still lisen to it in 2014 :D


    +JustSomeone YouDontKnow 2016 approves!

    amvsoftomorrow s

    +Max Dell (TheHangbackKing) no idea what that just said but if you lost the love of your life...sucks to be you mate good luck with that.

    Justinas Kondrotas

    +rigo D. Still listen in 2016:)


    *2017 :D

    joachim Olsen

    Still listen in 2019

  14. mariehansler

    Mustang v.s. GTO...hmmm Gotta love american muscle!!

    Bryan Lenihan

    mariehansler That's a mid 70s Dodge Charger

  15. JustSomeone

    rip that mustang and nice song ♥♥

  16. ruulis

    fck voldemort,fck slumheads ...great song i like it

  17. wingedwolf1971

    Amazon would be your best bet.

  18. SantaMaria1904

    he knows that.

  19. Moa Svensson

    They are from Sweden! :)

  20. Abzt

    Ahahahahahah! Benjamin, vad random...

  21. michelle thompson

    i live in oklahoma,not to far from the city, where can i find albums from these guys, they are awsome

  22. vicyghot

    aca en donde vivo me an bloqueado ese video y tambien fue el primero que mire de esta banda

  23. Paul Roethler

    except they sound just like 12 stones and what was that other shitty band from the late 1990's, oh yeah nickleback

  24. Jimster White

    det betyder korv va?

  25. mariehansler

    HA! Me too! I discovered HIM and Apocalyptica at the same time, about 10 years ago. Europe ROX for music!!!! North America needs to stop letting the record companies decide what we listen to.

  26. BurBruja68

    Me encantan!! Los he descubierto este año con You Learn y me he quedado pilladísima... Great!!

  27. Alex Lade

    who the hell are theses guys there freaking amazing

  28. sign from above

    Du vet väl vad "photo" betyder?

  29. Kamila Armstrong


  30. dekanmi

    Haha, bästa i dag. Man photoshopar inte film ;) Det är snarare gjort med något slags animationsprogram som används till filmer ;)

  31. tobeeswe

    I know many people say this but....they're the swedish Nickelback!

  32. Jesper Magnusson

    haha, ehh, you drive like them in the cars and the first thats turning lose.., sry for my english i'm tierd

  33. Linus Edwartz

    you have to love the guitars!!! O.o

  34. jerg70

    It's sounds me a bit like "shinedown", but pretty good though.

  35. Jojo M

    tAKiDA is the best!! <3

  36. Emma Gustavsson


  37. michelle thompson

    where can i find the albums for these guys. i live in Oklahoma. havent find any cds anywhere..

  38. IsRockThe

    Hahah fan va jag kommer ihåg tiden då Takida var så jävla populära och alla ''älskade'' dom

  39. Yannick Staal

    nevermind. thanks wikipedia

  40. Yannick Staal

    Can you explain what that is?

  41. Jesper Magnusson

    chicken race...

  42. Yannick Staal

    Were the cars supposed to crash? I still dont get it. Who would sign up for such a thing? Can someone explain?

  43. JordiehTV

    Han ser ut som Jamie oliver.

  44. Emmi Andersson

    The song is for ure brother?oO

  45. ImChosenForYou

    @yourtheman45 Sorry about your brother :D

  46. yourtheman45

    This is my brothers song for dying in a car crash I miss him

  47. Dravious

    <3 0:09 Mustang!

  48. Elise Andersson

    Takida 4 life Sweden rocks ;)

  49. Lukas Mattsson

    @JoanBeatrington001 Pakistani women dressed like that, haha , you got to be dumb

  50. Not using⚠


  51. Null erinnerungen

    listening in 2012 :D <3

  52. Oda Ibsen

    @Stensow Vad FAN har detta med cancer och Nickelback att göra?!? dessutom heter det kanadensare.... -_- och om du ska komma hit till en sådan FANTASTISK och UNDERBAR musikvideo och låt, och bara snacka skit om dem kan du lika gärna dra åt käpp rätt helvete, det ända du gör är att ge musik videon fler tittar... vilket är ganska idiotiskt om du nu hatar dem så jävla mycket!

  53. JordiehTV

    @JoanBeatrington001 Voldemort is feeding us propaganda?
    You live in a multicultural society no matter how you twist it my friend, and sadly it doesnt surprise me that you especially turn to islam to "hit down" on

  54. Sebastian Frisk

    @Mongomasake123 He said that he also liked rock AND takida,lp,Nirvana you should read before u rage man.

  55. Oda Ibsen

    @Mongomasake123 What is it then, Nirvana is more grudge and punk, but tAKiDA?

  56. Oda Ibsen

    @WilmaLarsen 33, fyller 34 i år.....

  57. snaggiz

    Tofl, vem är tjejen ? ;)

  58. Thera domguys

    @GrilladKirby hehe whoops ;) i'm not so good at english :)

  59. DeadChildren

    @TheRandomGuys0099 "How old is the singer?" That's what you meant, right? "Please give me an answer" Or correct me if I am wrong. "PS. Jag är svensk." There you go. :)

  60. Thera domguys

    kan inte sluta lyssna på låten

  61. Thera domguys

    how old are the singer???? please a answer . ps jag e svensk

  62. Thera domguys

    den här låten är bara så sjukt bra :D

  63. Mrexantexan

    Takida för evigt!

  64. tabzcsgo

    1:48 basshunter style? :D "Angel In The Night - Basshunter"

  65. HinundWeg Photography

    Frederic Heidorn <3

  66. DaneSaysStuff



    They ROCK

    And it would've been much better if they crashed MORE mustangs.

    Just sayin'...

  67. ToxicRikki

    tht kinda looks like the guy from Fast and furious o.o and, i rly liked this music vide3o ;o

  68. Veltarn

    @sihun1 A true metal fan can see the differense between good and bad music whenever its beyonce or metallica. Listen to the lyrics in a song and the skills of the musicians. Youre personal hatred doesnt have to affect all of us other metal fans.............

  69. sihun1

    Worst video ever! Long live Metal! F*ck this crap!

  70. Ibrahim Malla

    fucking takida!!! they suck and they just crashed a mustang!!! it cant get any worse!!!

  71. Malin Andersson

    Ni är sjukt bra =)=)

  72. TreZ Pulse

    @Stensow vad är det för fel med nickelback nu då? passar dem inte din musiksmak eller? och om han har gjort det behöver du inte ens bry dig om det.. låt han vara ifred..

  73. TreZ Pulse

    @Stensow förklara gärna varför. vad fan har han gjort för att förtjäna det? ge fan i att ens skriva något och strunta i honom helt om du inte klarar av att lyssna på en otrolig låt utan att skriva en jävla massa kommentarer-.-

  74. TreZ Pulse

    @Stensow om du nu är så jävla dum som ens skriver en sån kommentar, varför lyssnar du då ens på låten då? eller är du för patetisk för att ens förstå något sådant?

  75. Paula sørensen

    @Stensow if you dont like him , dont say bad things about him .. just dont listen them -.- because its you who is being pathetic ...

  76. Paula sørensen

    they are... GREAT! :D
    robert... (L)

  77. BanditaxSamlou

    i like it :_)

  78. lol100grannar

    sweden! :D

  79. boen321

    In all vids takidia is moving to something *

  80. unbiased29opinion

    Love this band!!! Wish all of their songs were available on YT.

  81. Jonatan Andersson

    @TheMugge522 we also got in flames ;)

  82. ewwyyy ghf

    @CryptonFreak did i say that they didnt have? :)

  83. Ella Jonsson

    @TheMasterjohan07 Haha you know......I am a 13 year old girl. And I like J.B , Taylor Swift, Lady gaga etc. etc......
    But I can Also like rock and takida, linkin park, Nirvana etc.. etc..... So don't say just because someone like lady gaga os someone like that they can't like rock 2........... peace♥

  84. ewwyyy ghf

    @TheMasterjohan07 i guess youre not english... haha, and I think his better, just cause you people dont like JB doesnt mean other people dont! i think his better, even if i like this, i love JB <3 :)

  85. Baeltheswed

    @roligastenen sweden got alot of good shit, D;:

  86. Madsensensen

    @TheMugge522 surely sweden has dead by april and takida but us danes got D:A:D ;) and in the future we'll have a much greater band that i'll be the guitar player in :p or something like that... anyways this is a cool song:D

  87. TheMugge522

    I must admit..Sweden makes better music than us in Denmark..please come and save us, you got Dead by April and Takida we got..crap..

  88. ewwyyy ghf

    @subscribe460 Hmm... I might be, but i'm not the one that has been sitting and jerking for all my life... :) And Jb is WAAAAAY better than this, he is 17, have over 40 million fans, 20+ awards & a movie.. A world tour.. :)

  89. ewwyyy ghf

    @Termite92 Oh fuck! Is that why im on Psych home?!!? :s Oh well i KNOW JB is better than this shit, plus... HE GOT WAY MORE FANS! :)

  90. Edmunds Enins

    song +1, video -100; such a damn cliche!

  91. Degenskonto

    @Kushjaa +1 for brains.

  92. SwedizhAngel20

    I know takida irl ^^

  93. codeman7780

    wow this is awsome
    i guess swedes must have some innate ability to rock like crazy

  94. Alfred Pennyworth

    @CounterstrikeByZ Yes you are. suprised?

  95. wolf_child

    how many ppl yelled "NOOOOOOO" when the poor mustang went up in flames???

  96. minim4n

    @CounterstrikeByZ yes you are

  97. ewwyyy ghf

    @mustaschfan01 am i retarded cause i like JB?! wtf..? Dumbass

  98. Bitmongol

    @luvherroKitty Yup, you get to stay stupid ;-)
    Challenge: translate the following into English: "Jeg havde en hat, hvis jeg ikke havde haft den hat, havde jeg ingen hat haft.
    .. Afterthought: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers! (or the potential disaster they cause)

  99. Üxmannen

    Look at 03,25 as the blonde guitarist strikes his last chord of the song. The bright E-string has broken off by the bridge and is flying in the wind. FAIL! :-P