Take That - Happy Now Lyrics

I get the feeling that we are being lied to,
There’s a surge in my psychosis every turn of the screw
And I’m half awake in paisley print.
I can see the world clearly but I have to squint.
I am a supersonic specimen.
A minor miracle of medicine
I’m at the mercy of unwanted emotions.
Where nothing matters, beneath my thoughts
Beneath my thoughts is where it happens.
Super heavy elements, Embrace me
Super heavy elements, replace me
Was it a positive experiment?
To be indefinitely decadent

And they checked my pulse and it gave them hope
That there was no truth to what was wrote
Give me half as much but twice as fast today
Might slip away

I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now,
I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now
I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now
Feeling happy now

I’m at the back of the club and so afraid to speak
Cos I’m not like these people
And these people are not like me
Super heavy elements, upgrade me
Supersonic elements amaze me
Your opinion is irrelevant
I was built to be magnificent

And they checked my pulse and it gave them hope
That there was no truth to what was wrote
Give me half as much but twice as fast today
Might slip away

I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now,
I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now
I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now
Feeling happy now

I haven’t scratched the surface of my desire
In the world of dreams, I’m a frequent flyer
Super heavy elements, Embrace me
Super heavy elements,

I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now,
I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now,
I feel myself falling
I’m feeling happy now,
I’m feeling immortal
We’ll live forever now
We’ll live forever now

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Take That Happy Now Comments
  1. Cheryl Chalmers

    Brilliant song this was

  2. akira doe

    Robbie is digging his double at 1:22.

  3. Buster Cole

    1:08 I've watched this loads but still think that that is Stephen mulhern I know it's alan carr though

  4. blackbeardf

    8 years later: still happy now!!!

  5. Phoebe N

    Mad that I remember this so clearly and it was 8 years ago. The real ones definitely stick with you😂

  6. Ratu Zuirman

    first time watching this today 6/28/19! Got me cracking up til the end! love it

  7. Linda Brookshaw


  8. Alain LETHOIRES

    One of my favourite song of TT. And a funny video music

  9. KathrynHarrop90

    It doesn't surprise me that Mark joined in with Alan's crazy dancing 😂

  10. Jason Collins

    I giggle everytime.... LOVE THIS!

  11. The-unhappy Llama

    Mark is just so adorable I can't even with all the energy he has in this🤩💕

  12. The-unhappy Llama

    3:56 pahahah Mark and Alan😂

  13. David Penfold

    Irritating, also reminds me of working with irritating people on a plant nurseries in devon. As annoying as having hay fever and dioreah at the same time.

  14. Lisa 2001

    8 years OMG

  15. Louise Taylor

    I think this is a hilarious vid! I didn't recognise Alan Carr and John Bishop at 1st! 😁

  16. anny chua92

    Such an interesting video lol

  17. Marcus1050

    Tolles Video...Daumen hoch!

  18. Cubbman79 Cubster

    Jason Orange please come back to Take That ❤

  19. Inessa Maria

    this is priceless <3

  20. Maaria Hussain

    Lol Mark and Chatty Man having way too much fun

  21. Buchanan Winchester

    Such good vibes.
    I’m listening and watching to this years later and I still feel the same happiness when I first watched this when it was released

  22. Ace Translator

    james gordon , oh my god, I can'ts top laughing

  23. Greninjia

    Still amazing
    Corden is Funny af

  24. Cathy N

    I absolutely love this.

  25. Ryan Clay

    sounds like something the boosh would do lmao

  26. Christina Mahon

    Just love this !!! Years later and still love it!!!

  27. Helene B

    I love James Corden in this video !!!!

  28. Darragh Gregory

    7 and a half years on still love it, August /September 2018 anyone

  29. Jake Low

    My favourite Take That song! Such an uplifting song,the last to be played on Cheshire FM too. Very catchy chorus, surprised it didn’t do better than 52nd in the chart!

  30. mxgirl918

    I imagine James Corden must have been fanboying so hard during the shoot! xD

  31. Shima Shimmer

    How on earth did I miss this????!!!

  32. Vertigo

    July 2018. Video still makes me laugh

  33. Lucy Jones

    Can't wait for the 2019 tour ♡ 25 years 🎉🎉 and please tell me Robbie and Jason will come back 💔💕

  34. ellie9311

    kind of remind me of the one The Spice Girls did for Comic Relief with French and Saunders and Lulu etc

  35. TintedViolets

    I remember watching this live on TV! How time flies


    Is it just me that notices Shrimpy from eastenders, on the left at 0:47 ? :)

  37. peaker boo

    Is it just me or does it look like Mark Owen and Alan Carr just dont give a dam and are just Messing around

  38. Varga John

    Very creative and joke. Take That fun understand story

  39. Waukesha Mom

    My 8 yr old daughter is now a Take That fan after hearing this song. She can not stop singing this song.

  40. Luis Fernando Silva

    Very fun. Very nice.

  41. FRED LEO

    2018 Still my jam! <3

  42. Adele OCallaghan

    Is John Bishop not more of a ringer for Howard!.. great video though!

  43. hercusoid

    You wouldn’t think leggings and a COD piece would work would ya?

    🤣🤣🤣 still find this hilarious almost 7 years later!!!

  44. Stuart Burnett

    Is it me or am I the only one who has a smile on my face and feels happy? :)

  45. seasidemusic

    I find the combo of this song and video simply mesmerizing *_*

  46. Games nr

    My favourite song of all time

  47. matt rick

    Funny 😉

  48. ori ori

    Who is it at 0:29? I have a name 🤣🤣

  49. Games nr

    I swear this song takes my mind

  50. Martha Tsalkitzi

    I love the light blonde hair of James Corden in the beginning as Gary Barlow! Lol! 💖

  51. Martha Tsalkitzi

    Only Thatters can understand this video! 😉

  52. Saraswathy Chittaranjan

    Smiling thru the whole video. Mark looks gorgeous as usual.

  53. Jams Dodger

    Love the bit at the end where
    Alan Carr can be heard saying
    "You wouldn't think pink leggings
    and a codpiece would go, would
    you, no !!!!!
    And then again he says to Take That
    "Bye, thanks for coming" !!!!!
    Ha ha ha, very funny !!!! 😀😀😀😀😀

  54. N-tox

    Just one fun happy song and video .. Cheers !

  55. Ewillawin

    i was really pissed off but i remembered this video and i smiled so hard♡

  56. ori ori

    Epic 😂

  57. Kierran 26

    Got to love this video. Always find this funny 😂

  58. TomCrady

    darn, i thought this Robbie double was @Hugh laurie....whata pitty

  59. Lolita Bridges

    They make the best videos. They really do.

  60. jola gretschel

    Garuś jest The best

  61. Policarpo Aroca

    This idea is copied from a Pet Shop Boys video.

  62. Sugarpie Honeybunch

    ok, im feeling happy now.

  63. Ulrike 1978

    cant stopp watching it. its so funny. 💖😅😂

  64. Ryan Dunn

    Here from carpool TBH

  65. MormonGuy13

    Hated this: not up to the standards of Take That, a very poor video!

    SquaredSpekz - Connor Ellis

    lol really.

  66. Erika Escalona

    LOl James Gorden

  67. Paul Cross

    Great video, makes you smile

  68. Katya zafiris

    Take that are not as good as Michael Jackson but they are still good and I have been to see take that 2015 version

  69. May04bwu

    What are you doing, Mark?! :D

  70. Nisichan

    Is this Hilli Hindi as Jason? O_O

  71. Brandon Thornton

    That vid is hilarious! I can't believe it's five years old !

  72. Myrthilla 79

    My favorite Take That video EVER! xD

  73. FRED LEO

    Wonder how many times I, particular, was watching this video... Not less than 100 I bet ... :)

  74. Gena Froggatt

    Wasn't listening to the song, just glued to the video. The song isn't memorable at all

  75. Lili Ortega

    james corden cumpliendo su sueño de ser boy band☺☺☺☺💙💙💙💙

  76. X-Editingismylife-X

    I loved this👍👍

  77. KT NI

    One of my favourite music videos of all time! X

  78. Sandra Andrews

    I love the song, but moreover, I loved how near the end of the video, the guys wore their old outfits (from "Do what you like"!!)😂 A couple of them could still pull off the look!!😉

  79. Olie 05

    love this song i feel happy now

  80. Chris Dyer

    Took me a while to figure out who was on the far right. Thought it was Susan Kennedy from Neighbours til I read the comments.

  81. May04bwu

    James Corden!! :D

  82. Signorina Perfettini

    A little bit of "little britain" and that e that togheter !!!!😍😍😍😍

  83. Matt Barlow

    I didn't know that was Tate Jesus Christ make up department did a great job😂

  84. joske103

    Great song
    Absolutly terrible video

  85. xanseviera

    I miss Jason so much <3

    Anuj Khullar

    he's not dead lol

    Genevieve Newman

    Me too xx

    Kathleen Kernan

    same here!! maybe one dayXxx

  86. Severinus Black

    I blame Kingsman for getting me hooked to these guys love their music...but this video makes me grin no matter how many times I watch it. ;)

  87. _idekanymore

    5 years later and I still smile the whole way through

    MLG legend84

    _idekanymore same


    Yep same here !


    _idekanymore 😱



    Russell Willingham

    2019 an still good

  88. Paul Slack

    Awesome tune

  89. Александра Александра

    Westlife is much biggest, better and vocal!!!

    bye ron

    +Александра Иванова and why are you here?

  90. Davina collins Jones

    I hope jason and robbie do the 25th Anniversary tour next year


    they will

    Siobhan Rose

    Damn guys, I bought tickets to that tour and Jason and Robbie aren't gunna be there.


    yes Sibby! so sorry, I thought they were doing it because 25th is a kind of important year for them. I honestly think Robbie didn't wanted to because of his new album and touring. Maybe 5 years more?

    Siobhan Rose

    @diddLeads Lmao we can hope they'll be there in 5 years! Jason was my fave and it really broke my heart when he left. But still seeing Take That as a 3 piece is better than not seeing them at all :)


    2018 :(

  91. Ayeimamberley

    3:00 though with Alan Carr priceless 😊😊

  92. blacktulip

    Alan Carr, James Corden, Catherine Tate, John Bishop... Wait. Who's the other guy? IS THAT DAVID FREAKING WALLIAMS?!

    Do Uyen

    Yes, it's freaking him. I almost didn't regconize him too

  93. Anubis DM

    me encantan jajajjaja

  94. Dmitri Deke Parker

    Wow! This video is just pure brilliant!

  95. ashb198

    This is such a feel good song :D

  96. Igeslaine Lo Bsb Lopes

    Írony with, my Gary if he no is fat
    He is extremely,pretty.But much cool,the comparison with each one of boys "i loved"


    Gary is like a fine wine more sexier with age

  97. Cristina viscarra soto

    ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja son adorables