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T. Rex The Slider Comments
  1. Mark Sunshine

    Even better-- no ad at the beginning.

  2. walendxweg

    26102019 Asiathem court Klass imagine Texte Wild notes triumphante 👠📡

  3. Rob Lamb

    I bought this album in '72, I was 12 and this song is still my fave. That drum intro is just the best.

    John Henderson

    I bought this album when I was 12, , still one of my all time favourites


    I first heard this song when I was about 5.... I don't remember it... I'm now 32 and love this song, i like both how heavy and mellow at the same time that it is.... I hope he lives on, I for one will be doing my damndest to share him around

    Thomas Huth

    I was just turning to 14.

  4. BAYSTARS2019

    0:09 あっ、コレ見覚え

  5. morning glory

    And ill walk across the water for....oh shit wrong song

  6. Peter Mcgowan

    What an album what a cover pic amazing

  7. Keith Richards

    The Keys just released a song that sounds really similar and great as this song. They both rule!

  8. Michael Platter

    I like the Mellotron which is inserted in this Tune.

  9. Michael Platter

    Marc Bolan the Creator of Glam Rock - Much Creative Power and a lot of awesome and great Tunes, all composed by Marc Bolan. He's a great Wizard in Pop History.

  10. Howard Honey


    Thomas Huth

    Howard Honey yes!! Brilliant.

  11. Lars Larsen

    If you like TRex would you sign a petition for Bobby Beausoleil .He has been in prison over 50 years.the petition is in his Facebook group. Bobby Beausoleil now and then

    Alberto Ibarra

    Lucifer Rising was it?

  12. IpswichTown OldBoy

    This is a classic, actually my favourite, after Spaceball Ricochet, and I can't believe so few have viewed


    IpswichTown OldBoy look up on you tube the country version of this, a cover by an american group.

  13. colleenlovesbolan

    Love Slider xx

  14. Thomas Huth

    We bought this album on the first day it was available in our record store. You know... smartphones today, people sleeping in front of Apple stores ....

  15. Thomas Huth

    Dududududududu dudududu dudu. I could never understand the wind at all, was like a ball of ❤️. Watch now....

  16. Thomas Huth

    This is magical T.Rex. Can’t get enough of it. Amazing.

  17. daffy duckston

    love this song

  18. Glen Munro

    He was one of the best.

    Thomas Huth

    Glen Munro yessss!