T. Rex - Spaceball Ricochet Lyrics

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T. Rex Spaceball Ricochet Comments
  1. Lean Nogueira

    I love it
    from Brasil

  2. Robert Davidson

    "I know I'm small, but I enjoy livin' anyhow". That's the trick, isn't it, living with a smile for the world despite shortcomings, real or perceived. Do that, and this world becomes what everybody wants, ie "peaceful".

  3. 平井太郎

    thank you

  4. jim rod

    42 years and still in our hearts and minds.

  5. laughinggravy2

    Marc you're immortal visually fine oh yes you are

  6. CROW derbyHo

    my favorite t rex song 2

  7. Jason Benney

    Unreal!... just tryin' to keep it alive

  8. Cliff Winnard

    Still great after all the year's Thanks.

  9. stephen morrotto

    Mark feld/Mark Boland

    Nightflyer 914

    stephen morrotto yes I'll hold you all

  10. John Vincent

    Mine too im a bit biased as the Slider is my fav TRex LP ((( : "

    Rune Tollefsen

    Hard to choose wich song that is the best. Maybe easier to say wich is not...

  11. Ali Renwick

    40 years. RIP mates. Luv u 4 ever.

  12. gabelogan56

    How did it take me 32 years on Earth to finally find this band?? I'd be mad at the radio and my parents if I wasn't so fucking happy. Thank God for Marc Bolan and T. Rex


    Welcome aboard!!!

  13. Remy Zero

    ~ one of my Very Favorite songs of All time ;) I always wanted to cover it....


    I just learned of this song yesterday and I'm learning to play it now! ha. This just surpassed Kinks- Strangers as my favorite acoustic rock tune to play. Just pick up that guitar and make the dream come true, man

    Robert Davidson

    Prophecy is a standard in it's own right.

  14. Igor Husadžić


  15. Bill M

    thank you Marc; thank you Les

  16. Tyrone Tucker

    rip fella 39 years and still in our hearts

  17. Young C Moolah

    Best song ever!!! ;)

  18. Rod Tipton


  19. mike guruss

    <3 love

  20. Dispater's Dance

    Thank you