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T. Rex Rock On Comments
  1. JohnnyGerms

    Fucking far out man!

  2. Andrzej Hahn

    kochany Marc

  3. touchwood108

    It should have been a single.

  4. Marlon Stpeters

    i remember coming home from school to the smell of oatmeal raisin cookies baking in the oven and this album playing on the stereo in the dead of winter...it will be forever comfort food to my soul...

    Thomas Huth

    Marlon Stpeters great!


    Man, those were the days, weren't they? things were so much simpler back then...

  5. Kerstin Herder

    Brilliant ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. colleenlovesbolan

    Rock On

  7. John Henni

    Bolan rock at it's best!

  8. Kendall Grettum

    in the top 1000 of all time.  An instant likability.  No need to listen to multiple times.  Immense gravity.

  9. Michael Platter

    Marc Bolan was not simply a Musician, he was a Wizard and had created
    a lot of awesome and unforgetable Tunes in Pop History.

  10. Thomas Huth

    I simply l o v e it. We bought Slider on the first day it was available in our record stores. What I like most are young people that love T. Rex.

  11. ну я типа тёма что ли

    Glam rock hit. Who did begin glam rock? I think, T Rex, David Bowie, Mungo Jerry, maybe Osmonds but they sounded more hard


    ну я типа тёма что ли The Osmonds? You drunk?

  12. Thetrucky69


  13. Cheryl Bommarito

    Marc effects all the circle of sexual desire. Oh Baby!

  14. 大庭葉蔵

    i saw you in a basement

    Silke Marquardt

    Kann nicht sein. M B ist tot!

  15. Michael Platter

    Rock on is an awesome tune from the classic album the slider

  16. Michael Platter

    Rock on Marc Bolan and T.Rex

  17. David Longoria

    Prophet pump the car scar deeper only sweeter

  18. Joel Daniel

    Thanks for the music rock on ! ! !

  19. john rossini

    r.i.p. marc

  20. dawn parker

    Top track

  21. John Henni

    A great track from a classic!

  22. john rossini

    his best song

  23. Garry Norris


  24. Fotios Matentzoglou

    Best song of the T-Rex 3>

  25. John Delmos

    only real shit.

  26. Jessé Carvalho

    Rock ON !!!!

  27. vincent hewlett

    the riff master at his work......Marc Bolan.....genius

  28. Thomas Ripley

    503 views, four (!!) likes. This gets me down and  leaves me so numb and dumb and floating in cold and empty  outer space. I just can't get over this. Catchy tune, psychedelic lyrics, Marc Bolan's mesmerizing voice.... and this is what it gets and nets. Well, f*** you very much. Throwing pearls at the YOUTUBE crowd is what I call it.

    Eric Cross

    Thomas Ripley I think most people just don't get it, what a pity but the slider is here for us to enjoy......rock on Thomas!

    Grace Widdowson

    Keep a little Marc in your heart 🎤🎶🎩🎸