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T. Rex Mystic Lady Comments
  1. Jordan Araujo

    It's so nice to see no "who's here in year wxyz" bs.

  2. Sean Lennon

    God I love this song. Issue is I only listen to it when I wanna do some stupid shit, and now I just associate it with feelin bad... fuck.

  3. David Wadsworth

    I saw him twice in America.. 73 and 74.. my all time favorite

  4. PeeyanoKeys

    Magic mystic shield from depression

  5. &thenIwokeup

    32k? That's truly criminal

  6. Kathleen Gleason

    At 10 I worshipped this album a masterpiece n I'm American love u t.rex always

  7. P Watts

    This song often passes unnoticed on The Slider, but I regard it as close to the best on the album. It harks back to his earlier work, to which he would never return.

    Lin Rhys

    I agree!

  8. Michael Cameron

    The voice the guitar so Bolan just the best ever

    Silke Marquardt

    Yes! So ist es.

  9. Thomas Huth

    Anne. As a witness of time I could tell you why. Amongst several other reasons: the band was not that musically strong on tour, to be polite. They were very weak. Second. He tried to compensate it with that exaggerated female , cross dressing style and, yes, effeminacy. Hopeless in 1974. But Bowie did it! Yes. To be honest. Then, in 1974, his music was far better than Bolans. Bowie had nothing to compensate. PS. I prefer Bolan of the two being a huge Bowie fan though.

  10. Joanna Cordina

    Love this record

  11. Joe Nicholls

    I’d love to know who disliked this ...

  12. Teke B.

    Who the fuck disliked it! You better have had your phone upside down!

  13. Got Daryl Dixon?

    This song is hypnotic. So much great stuff written in the 1970's. Vintage Elton John and Pink Floyd are also great musicians of this era.

    Bearded Pete

    You described it perfectly, this is one Hypnotic song.

  14. Sylvester Weiter

    Sexiest and most talented Glam boy. Miss u.

  15. Зеник Зеник

    trio-sweet/slade/t.rex contra trio-deep purple/black sabbath/led zeppelline 8-6

  16. Anne Sidderley

    I can't believe he didn't make it big in America. He is truly talented

    Rolando X

    He wasn't supposed to make it big in America . The beauty of Marc bolan is he wasn't supposed to be as big as he wanted to be because his unique nature is experienced in the fact he isn't that widely known, but, at the same time, for those who do come to experience this music are treated to a unique experience that is very different from listening to any other band. It's like as if u found something eccentric and beautiful and only u know about it and no one else. It's a really fascinating feeling listening to this.

    P Watts

    @Ric J He would have if he made more songs like this.

    Ric J

    @P Watts I agree..He just needed more time

    Kathleen Gleason

    Oh I was so lucky to listen to this genius as an American 10 when I listened to him again n again USA loves u Mr bolan


    Im American and I love this album and Tanx!!! Otherwise people only know him for Bang A Gong

  17. Courtney Phillips

    He's soooooo underrated❤️

    John Delmos

    thats right

    DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    Unfortunately T-Rex never really caught on in America.I wouldn't have realized it at the time though because all of my friends and myself loved T-Rex back in the 70s.Most of the kids I knew had Electric Warrior and The Slider.


    Such an otherworldly track

  19. Ivo Ponduša

    *IVO`s MAGIC WORLD* presents *MUSIC HISTORY GUIDE - FAMOUS BIRTHS* - *HOMAGE To STEVE CURRIE - 70th Anniversary His Birth, Today!!!* *(MaY 20, 2017)*

  20. John Henni

    I love this song! Bolan, I miss you...