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T. Rex I Really Love You Babe Comments
  1. tom mcgowan


  2. Graham Rogers

    I loved Gloria's "screeching"

  3. steve kingham

    The critics say Marc’s music was all the same they obviously haven’t listened from beginning to the end he had many different sounds all superb x

    michael foley

    Steve someone with a load of sense I echo what you say some people don't have a clue unless someone tells em what to listen to I hate being told by anyone what I should like or not like I remember Tony Blackarse kept saying ride a white swan and hot luv and get it on all sounded the same how the hell do they he used to piss me off but I think I'm over it now I think!


    Yo Bro...thanks for posting all of these T-Rex tunes up where a new generation can get into them too like we have done since the beginning. Our band does all original stuff, but the only covers we have ever done EVERY NIGHT since 1977 is MARC BOLAN. (every nowand then a Beatles tune or two, but we have done Get It On, at every show since back in the 70's.

  5. michael foley

    Patti I think you should go back and listen to hot love the backing singers were out of tune and wailing same as electric warrior the slider I bought the slider and took round my grand and she was musical and she said to me what's that high pitched sweeping in the back ground I said what high pitched sqealing I said that's how music is to today I think you should get over who killed Marc she didn't do it on purpose she lost more than us she loved him and her son lost more than us fans we have all done something we shouldn't of done no one condemns us for it your just a bittergaunt gangster it make me laugh when so called fans slag of his music but think they can they should go and haunt some other band and leave Marc and Gloria alone🙅

    Susan Kirkland

    michael foley well said Michael.

  6. Jem Bo

    other crimes as far as I'm concerned on the T.Rex front JEWEL was never a single ......What an AWESOME song . The AVENGERS SUPERBAD was never a single That was the funkiest with super cool lyrics to boot.

  7. Jo Vaughn

    Exactly what I think. Like I said before, the truth is never getting leaked to the public. Marc's change was an act of rebellion .

  8. Patti Fearon

    I can't handle Gloria's screaming & didn't like how his music turned skreetchy after she came along & his whole persona changed-where did Marc go??

    Marc Hartley

    Marc was always there..........he moved on........as he should


    Patti Fearon totally agree!

    Paula Ward

    I agree! What he ever saw in her I will never understand!


    Was she Yoko version 2.0 maybe?

  9. Adriana Ewa

    I adore this!!!!

  10. MrParisienWalkways


  11. trexmarcbolan

    Hello Wolfgang
    Thanks for stopping by - always good to see my Bolan Brother !
    Take care

  12. Wolfgang Potthoff

    another great one ...Tanx! so much Marc....your videos are so brill....cosmic love to you and the main man...

  13. trexmarcbolan

    TANX Liz

  14. trexmarcbolan

    Hi Liz
    Im very happy to make videos for are main man marc bolan & T.Rex
    its nice to see people like you stop by- Tank You
    Take care

  15. trexmarcbolan

    Thank you

  16. trexmarcbolan

    Thanks for stopping by

  17. Elemental Childe

    Never heard this before. . . Thanks for posting:)

  18. Franz Pölzl

    very nice video!

  19. Liz Savagar

    So nice to know that you keep our Main Man alive and rocking! He is still so sadly missed

  20. trexmarcbolan

    Hi Tom
    Thank you - stop by anytime - T.REX is always rocking here
    Take care

  21. CrashJunkie5150

    Epic vid man :) Really good job. Much appreciated

  22. trexmarcbolan

    Hi K
    Thanks for stopping by - always nice to see ya
    tke care

  23. 1stMistyMist1

    ....I Really Love This Song...
    nice touch with the sepia and your always great video creation !

  24. trexmarcbolan

    Thanks for stopping by bro !

  25. 1964jtk


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  34. trexmarcbolan

    Hi Elizabeth
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  35. Elizabeth Inglehart

    Adorable video!

  36. MarieRChild

    Great, like ever !

  37. Cat Black

    Hi Marc you`ve done again a lovely vid to Marc`s song . Thank you so much !

  38. angelo costa

    thanks for share the video song have a good week too...

  39. taroukawashima


  40. Julia Käser-Müller

    great sound like always !

  41. 64mung

    Classic track :) Cool video too :)