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T. Rex Hot Love Comments
  1. Peter Moralee


  2. Miss Tery

    T. rex always cheers me up 💃🖤

  3. Bill Ba

    This song has been banned in Australia due to the fires. Wtf?????

    Kendrick Aragon

    Maybe anything with the words "hot", "fire", or "heat" are banned due to the fires. That's really interesting but also a drag because this song is great.

  4. Ian Aldridge

    T rex stones zeppelin Floyd so many great bands around.Dont think we'll see them days again.Todays music so bland and dull.

  5. Steve Thomas

    Cool song.


    Better than the refrain to "Hey Jude".

  7. ValdrousHex

    Gotta watch out for them witches...

  8. eveline kettle

    Marc Bolan Legend

  9. Kate Jones

    I don’t mean to be bold but may I hold ur hand 🤚❤️ what a line!

  10. Derek Sheils

    Fantastic song

  11. marcin rychlewski


  12. marcin rychlewski

    nie chcę płatków---wziołem popkorn.

  13. marcin rychlewski

    mam płatki.

  14. marcin rychlewski

    kurde głodny jestem.

  15. marcin rychlewski


  16. mayduck1

    A masterpiece by Marc Bolan.A great band along with clever lyrics and voice by Marc Bolan probably put smiles on many faces during troubled 1971(Vietnam War-Northern Ireland troubles etc) and this great upbeat song nearly 50 years later sounds just as fresh and great.

  17. Professor Steve

    English here, living in Thailand and still play guitar in a band......Many of our sets are finished with this song,,,,, Brilliant and thank you. Thumbs up from me


    Keep jamming on brother!

  18. Varreri

    Une voix particulière que j'adore! la musique également!

  19. Lee Murphy

    This classic kept bridget the midget off number one. Thank you to all of you

  20. Vriltec 1



    Peace and love from a hardcore OASIS fan

  22. Sandy Costyn


  23. Afrikacorps1943

    Best ever !

  24. Thomas Elliott

    Electric warrior one of the best albums ever



    Paul Gibbett

    I'm 64 and gets my feet tappin every time.

  26. Aaryan Basnet

    A manga called "20th century boys" introduced me to these legends

  27. luc luc

    Back to 1971 jumping and screaming Up and Down in my Bedroom !

  28. Catherine Bailey

    abysmal lyrics but the tune keeps you going, nice

  29. ravenhill the hooded mystic † 1044 AD

    t rex will forever be in the rock n roll halls of fame.

  30. John Jenkins


  31. Bradley Goddard

    These guys really do belong in rock and roll history


    marc was my first love, lead me on to bowie, then ultimately lou reed.
    that was obviously the end, cos nobodys better than lou.
    my musical life in a nutshell. ged from rosneath.

  33. eddy knox

    just so good

  34. malc french

    Should of been used in joker

  35. Tim Jones

    Ian Hunter and Marc Bolan ruled the 70s.

  36. John Jenkins


  37. Gary D

    My 11th birthday present and still one of my all-time favourites

  38. Kate Jones

    Yes u may hold my hand! R.I.P. Marc!!!!! ❤️❤️

  39. russell westbrook

    I found out about this song from a led zep show where Plant was joking with the crowd they were going to cover Hot Love. I dont think they ever did cover it though?

  40. Francis Campone

    I remember seeing him playing Ride a white swan with Marc wearing Roman soldier armour , incredible he was so unique

  41. Francis Campone

    I saw T Rex. At Green playhouse in Glasgow in 75 , they were fantastic , what can I say Ride a white swan was the greatest song I ever heard till stairway to heaven , I loved this song , very very underated indeed.

  42. Carole Urbain

    J adore

  43. dega723

    fucking Gary McCormack brought me here

  44. wickedbros

    The 70s

  45. Gerard

    I thought I loved this song and what a great find it was until they got to the la la la part

    paul scholar

    Well you better think again.🎸🎸

  46. Andrew Mortimer

    No.1 in the UK charts the day I was born. The old ones are the good ones!

  47. Josh Chadwick

    Love it

  48. Peter Moralee

    Love it so did a couple of my girlfriends

  49. steve wilson

    I love trex & marc bolan is still a legend!god bless..

  50. father christmas

    A time wene you put three pence in the telephone box and you heard singles. This is I'd say was t rexs greatest song

  51. Alice

    Cannot fault this song. La la la la la la la

  52. John Jenkins

    thiss has perfection stamped all over it.

  53. Frederic Tremblay

    royal cousin

  54. Frederic Tremblay

    cousin 01 fred

  55. Carol Runham

    Hot love is my favourite song

  56. Carol Runham

    I love Marc bolan

  57. Frederick Stanley

    Please someone out there I need a reminder of the 70's talk to me.

  58. laughinggravy2

    Marc you're immortal, visually fine oh yes you are

  59. Daniel Navarro

    This song makes me want to boogie 😊

  60. Chefkoch Andy

    Mann des Friedens, waren das Zeiten. Jung, etwas rebellisch und soooo cool fühlte man sich bei dieser Mugge.
    Bin 65 Jahre, komme aus dem Osten, aber Anfang der 70'er und dann ein Kofferradio im Arm die Mainstreet rauf und runter, da dachte man man kann die Welt verändern. Schade, diese Zeit ist unwiederbringlich vergangen. Was hätte ich dafür gegeben T-Rex in concert mal live zu erleben. Scotty, wo ist die Zeitmaschine?

    Shield's Luck

    Scotty war/IST ausschließlich fürs Beamen zuständig. :P

  61. Roger Jones

    Brilliantly repetitive.

  62. Mark O'Neill

    A brilliant reminder of the music of the decade I was born in. Marc Bolan WAS a considerable genius of his art and his death was a tragedy to the era.

  63. mauricio hernandez

    WTF is The doom patrol?

  64. Ara ara


  65. Antonio Speranza

    Grande marco bolan
    Tanti saluti da l italia😎😘💓🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  66. dersammler991

    scheiss egal...ich flip aus!!!!!

  67. Alun Davies

    This one does have drums but I read that Ride a white swan doesn’t and it doesn’t and I am 52years old my old China you

    Learn something new every day

  68. MT_VU_RX jukebox hero

    ThiS has Some Cool little "Sayings" antedotes you could say. She's faster thaN MosT... Check out John Children. Bolan had about three phases. Tyranasaurus RwX was a sit down - bongo hippie-ish thing John's ChildreN was Punk - Kind of BleW away " The Who" in away TheN again not really then the mainstream T ReX. Trying to remember the other guy's name he started out with in the first band. He kind of made a name for himself too. Can't say his name lately. Check out Chilli Peppers tribute to T. they did a lil set with "JeepSteR". My most famouS buddy ChaD Smith - can cover some tunes - - - what was Marc'S partner's though on Bongos. Like T ReX is a Household Word. So is the other guy though.
    Okay Mickey FiNN ... GoT it .Spoiled me owN TriVia ?
    ThiS iS A cool rythym I was playing along I had the guitar tuned way high Iuned down to the bottom E you kinda hear the bass line even though it sort of disappears You pluck an A - 5th fret on the E string A and Open E then F# Fret 2 and the E again and Rock it's like a rocking chair or Happy TraiLs to You - "Soon be Home" . VaN HaLeN does this SoMeWHeRe it sounds like conventional Boogie Woogie but it's just a bit different. TheN Take it From there...

  69. paul acock

    T . Rex hot love

  70. Pia Hansen

    Wonderful wonderful almost forgotten master piece...:)

  71. Raymond Rice

    there is only one ELECTRIC WARRIOR

  72. Disorder 1889

    No 1 on my birth date ,i will take that

  73. neil neilypops


  74. Aaron Clayton

    Every time I listen to T. rex all I think of is billy Elliot, such a classic

  75. John Jenkins


  76. Raimund Kurz

    My First single and Not my Last of t.rex

  77. Celso Ryan

    What the fuck is the Doom Patrol?

  78. José Candal

    A true masterpiece. A brilliant example of how to make the difficult easy. Only geniuses like Marc can do that.

  79. Adam Hansen

    This dude is cooler than miles Davis. Awe is the only word that comes to mind

  80. Lucien Rubempre

    hands up all those who think there's no such thing as a bad T. Rex song?

  81. Adam Hansen

    Bang a gong kept me from giving these dudes a chance for 35 years that and living in America. But you know what it was worth the wait. Fuck Elvis Marc wears the crown. I wanna have his baby

  82. Adam Hansen

    Mickey's falsetto is almost as good as Ox's is in a quick one while he's away

  83. Andy Sunderland

    #BrianLeonardGolightlyMarshall 😇

  84. Guido Gürich

    our Version of......;-). have fun...book us....;-). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzofIJC1b2w

  85. jchopra

    Simply genius.

  86. John Jenkins


  87. Debbie Lee Haward.

    Love To. Rex.What a cool band they were. I think they where the 1st band i loved when i was a kid.Marc Bolam was a live then. I just think their sound is like inspirational & timeless 💋

  88. John Jenkins

    oh what a talent better than todays trash

  89. LoVeWaVeSdRiFtInG fOrEvEr

    She ain’t no witch
    And I love the way she twitch....
    Aha ha ha !

  90. Michelle Labelle

    Locomotive hotel in auburn by michelle la belle

  91. Michelle Labelle

    Wow its my favorite dancing midnight express in manila room locomotive in auburn whaaaaaa

  92. Scott Mc Fadyen

    Top tune

  93. Badkittymia meow


  94. ravenhill the hooded mystic † 1044 AD

    this t-rex oldie takes me down the long trip down memory lane, back to the good days.

  95. sking55

    If you should happen upon someone that doesn't like Marc Bolan- RUN !!!! SAVE YOURSELF

  96. Mister Magic

    What the fuck is the doom patrol?


    Mister Magic lol

  97. Willibald Schickert

    Das waren noch Zeiten! Unvergessen und einfach zeitlos.

  98. Fele Ramos

    Este disco me lo regalo mi madre en junio de 1971.recuerdo a mi madre. Y a mark bolam.