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T. Rex Buick MacKane Comments
  1. Slacker

    Marc could play blistering heavy metal guitar with the best of them. “Buick Mackane” is on a par with anything by Led Zeppelin. Marc Bolan is Jimmie Page & Robert Plant rolled into 1. And doesn’t that sound like Bonzo on drums & John Paul Jones on bass? At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy Page produced the track. It was at this point in his career that I discovered TRex. I remember thinking all those many moons ago “Bolan rocks!”. For ever so briefly, TRex was my favorite band. Imagine my disappointment when he didn’t continue playing in this style. Wrong turn, Marc.

  2. Oscar Moreno

    Muy bien 😃 👍

  3. fox

    But very soon he lost i all

  4. Billy Kegs

    This song was captured on Music ...Laden i think 1973.
    Best performance live ever seen.
    Ok hes no hendrix. But his rhythm is supreme. Thats all that matters.

  5. Mark Anthony

    Class. Enough said

  6. Markku Manninen

    Cadilac should've been on the Slider.

  7. ciaran delaney

    im here because of gnr

  8. lucas borja

    Funky Soul!

  9. Srta Coverdale

    amo pra caralhooo 😍

    Broken Finger

    Pode crê

    Pedro Erick

    Né não?

  10. Groovy Guru

    One of the greatest songs by T Rex or any other band, absolutely LOVE it!

  11. Koka Kola

    "T. Rex" predicted white post-blues rock before it became popular.

  12. steve amaya


  13. Wyatt Podmore

    One of the most enduring tracks from The Slider album.

  14. Márta Bory


  15. Timothy M Huegel

    This was metal before metal and poetry on top

    Cole Replogle

    Timothy M Huegel Black Sabbath released like 3 metal albums before this came out


    Black Sabbath already flew up in there.

  16. Marcos Dpgms

    GNR Version is better FOR ME

    Isaac Pizarro

    thats kinda stupid from you coming to the original version just to say GnR version is better? WTF are you doing here anyways ...?


    The original is ALWAYS better. Then there are outstanding covers... big GnR fan here.

    Mauricio Hernández Díaz

    Must be tone deaf

  17. Felipe Mota

    Buick, Buick, Buick Mackane
    Will you
    Buick Mackane will you be my
    Rainy Lady, Queen of the Rock
    Will you help me roll
    Help me roll, to my soul
    Slider slider
    You're just a sexual glider
    You're just a sexual glider
    Be my plane in the rain

  18. baba deda

    I'm born in 1993,and this is the greatest music of all time for me!!!

    Thomas Huth

    baba deda hey , that warms my heart! In 1993 my daughter was born. She’s only a little bit into Rex. Her brother a little bit more. But their dad is still a hardcore fan. Calming down in 1974 I restarted my obsession say ca. 15 years ago. Enjoy it and all the best for you!


    I envy you all the cool stuff you get to discover.

  19. Titus Mede

    And here is where we see Jack White's entire career being created.

    Koka Kola

    Also, I think that "Outlaw Blues" by Bob Dylan probably inspired Jack White too. He even covered it.

    Tiberius Wallace

    And you can hear every Oasis riff.

    Nicholas Menasian

    Damn....good call on that one!!

    rocknrollnonsense Heart

    He has some fight left in him!


    I never thought of it but it makes me love Jack and Marc even more.

  20. Karmen's Vintage Tea Room

    I'm in heaven

  21. Bill Gibbons

    Damn, now thats a nasty, raunchy ass guitar tone!!!!!

  22. Carl A

    It's a fuckin' revolutionary song to a woman he is MAD about.

  23. Greg Jay

    This Album came in when I was high school, and even though I did not understand any of the lyrics to me it was like he put a bunch of words in a hat and pulled em out but man this album was one of my favorite albums of all time and still is. The new remake of it that is being featured on the PS4 game MLB17 the show is pretty good and reminded me of it but doesn't come close to the original. Love it!


    The lyrics are very deep. Too deep.

  24. Mark Rago

    Badass riff! I never liked the idea of calling T Rex glam. Their music made guys like Gary Glitter and Rundgren sound like trotting slop buckets! Yes they wore makeup and pretty clothes but that was the only thing glam about T Rex

    Thomas Huth

    Mark Rago OMG , couldn’t agree more. That King of Glam nonsense. He was far ahead of this ill informed journalistic bs. Welcome bro in mind. All the best....

    Jasper C Debussy

    @Thomas Huth So true, Marc referred to his music as Cosmic Rock or C- -k Rock, not Glam

    Koka Kola

    Sure, but I think that it's also good to remember that glam can kick ass! Especially if you have an electric warrior like Marc Bolan fronting your band. ;) Also, I feel like Bolan was too restless musically to strictly stick with glam. I don't like calling "T. Rex" glam either, I think of them more as very early proto-punk. Either way, it's timeless music.

    vicious peach

    Agreed! Bolan's music isn't really glam at all. Technically speaking, it falls squarely into the category of "ass-kicking shit".

  25. Josh Johnson

    children of the revolution was so cool he did it twice

  26. Walter Angeli

    Gracias por todo. Los quiero mucho

  27. Pedro Rodriguez

    for me its heavy metal

    Mika Michel

    Yes, that's right

  28. Tom Steinert

    such an awesome head-banging tune! marc bolan was a god.


    If Marc bolan was a God? How come he's dead?

  29. Antonio Dias

    great hard glam rock!!!

  30. Reid Morris

    Is it metal, glam, punk or all? Serious innovation. Slider photography by Ringo Starr. Go get 'em.

    hot dog water

    its heavy as fuck thats what it is

    O George

    Reid Morris Tony Visconti actually took the photo. Marc knew how to drop a name...

    John Hill

    It's all rock and roll.


    He's back! And his front aswell.

  31. ja ba

    fuckin a right

  32. Hugh Jazz

    So very VERY cool.

  33. Sam & Faelinn

    Kick ass