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T'Pau Valentine Comments
  1. Paul Merriman

    what a voice! Amazing

  2. Elton Laleham

    Carol should have been an actress

  3. Mr Aphoristic

    Another British classic!

  4. dark jester

    I fell for Carol decker in this video

  5. Steven Zissler

    anyone still listening Dec 2019

  6. Andre Smith

    Wonderful song a sleeper hit so underrated 👏👏👏👏👏👍

  7. Debbie S

    What a voice, wow!!

  8. Elton Laleham

    I have a feeling that Carol was an actress at one stage because I saw some lady who looked like her


    She was.

  9. Jenny günay diary

    love it...carrol decker...your fantastic❤❤❤

  10. Time Machine

    Last top 10 song.

  11. Chris Tyler

    yep great voice 2019 from uk

  12. Jason Marshall

    I love this song, it was on TOTP 1988 last night on BBC4. Still a fantastic song.

  13. Cerne Uffington

    I've always thought this to be much better than China in your Hand.

  14. Ben Designs

    One of The BEST Rock female vocalists. Always loved that Band

  15. paul elliott

    Fantastic stuff

  16. Yossarian67

    Why was that mediocre "China In Your Hands" number 1 but this FAR superior track ignored?

    jOe N

    It may be "mediocre" for/to you, but not to the majority of other listeners who experienced it differently. Not everyone have the same musical taste, obviously... maybe there's a reason for all the different genre & style of music out there =D


    Also, it went Top 10 - hardly 'ignored'.

  17. Orla D

    Brilliant song love it

  18. Aneurin Lloyd

    Shropshire lass at her best,god she was a sexy woman back in the day

  19. Cornholio

    Wundervolles Lied, grandiose Stimme, viele Erinnerungen an längst vergangene Zeiten!

  20. Bob Beattie

    I'd pick up the phone!

  21. SigmaWalker

    Time is a bitch. I wish... something.

  22. chazw1964

    I'd pay good money for that rubber bumper MGB. Shame I can't see the reg no to see if it's still about.

  23. Stuart Edwards

    Madonna has nothing on this girl,in looks AND voice...

    Paul Bennett

    Stuart Edwards absolutely... This is a great piece of music..

  24. Stuart Edwards

    Carol Decker was one of the most beautiiful women I ever saw at the time.And never more so than in this video...

  25. Totalavulsion

    I wouldn’t leave that MG on double yellows

  26. Cornholio

    Ein großer Song einer großen Ära! Fantastische Stimme und eine wundervolle Melodie!

  27. MrDuncl

    Thank you Gary Davies for playing this the other night. A classy song that doesn't played on the radio much these days.


    Believe it or not, I only heard it once on the radio, but remembered it for years afterwards, even to this day.

  28. Chris Tyler

    its now 2019 and just say wow from chris here in the uk


    How bad has education become that punctuation and case no longer matter?

  29. Jjj Ww

    one of the best bands in the 80's -- it defined alot of musicians in the 90's !!! I wore out the cassette I had...

  30. Jayney Ingham

    saw T'Pau live a couple of hours ago on the Isle of Wight, this is my favourite song, she smashed it <3

    Vann Jonquin

    I bet that was awesome!

  31. Joy Division

    Still love it!! What a song 👍👍👍

  32. taljune142010

    Great song!

  33. mig189189189

    Cool Retro Stuff!

  34. 80srulz

    not only did Carol look sexy .. my god could she sing ... 1 of the best from the 80's ... never look back

  35. shaunypie99

    Very, very good :)  Each to their own, and I loved this...

  36. menom7

    Happy "Valentines" everyone!!!

  37. Zesty Zirlonia

    Lovely... Happy Valentines Day everyone 😂

  38. Mikey J

    So good, I just posted this on a chat site, and I wasn't the only one who appreciated this. Carol Decker, take a bow. We love it, thank you.

  39. The Q-Continuum

    Carol Decker oozed sex appeal and had a powerful belting voice, she added power to this song. I know mine !!

  40. nnnnigey

    God i love this song,my favourite of the amazing album where every song is fantastic in it's own right. Loved Carol,everything about her, looks,attitude,voice.....what a woman!

  41. Ronald Mitchell

    The band is great, but the video...suck !


    Ronald Mitchell its got carol decker in dude.....i disagree bud...sorry

  42. Julie Morgan

    brilliant song

  43. M Eden

    Great song

  44. The Q-Continuum

    Great vocals !" I know mine" Naff video !

  45. Frantzen79

    Jeez 30 years.... i don't even wanna think about that. Great song!

    David Newman

    I get tearful thinking about where 32 years of gone

  46. David Roberts

    She was so hot back in the day.Great voice, music and band.

  47. Ivo Ponduša


  48. Antonio D'Amato


  49. C C

    1:50 She says "you Bastard" (scouse accent) after someone smashes in to the bumper car lol


    C C I thought that she was from Shrewsbury.

  50. Adrian Sommer

    15 dislikes are 15 to much for me......

  51. trev1976

    Great voice, great songs, great times!

  52. mick higgy

    Happy days,so many memories.

  53. George Mathieson

    remember one night in the 80s pumping carol God she loved anal


    are you seeing her again?


    nlgbbbblth He not seeing her again until the 2080s. It's a once every century sexual encounter. Like a pornographic Brigadoon.

  54. Marcel Breitenstein

    eine meiner Lieblingskünstlerinnen der 80er

  55. Craig Simons

    God Carol was so sexy back then. Great song, their best and so underrated

    Tim Lamberg

    Craig Simons my god. proper crush as a boy. what a stunner.

    Chef Dan's Hookah

    She's still sexy today, too.

    tom johnson

    Still is!!! She looks so happy in recent filmed interviews. She is only 12 years older than me and I was hooked on her voice from the beginning, 1986-87 or so!

    Jimmy K

    Valentine definitely tied with Heart & Soul as their 2 best tracks they recorded IMHO ..( Bridge of Spies title track- 3rd )

    Jimmy K

    Carol was the hottest Redhead vocalist of the 80s for sure !!

  56. Garry Davison

    great memories from a great time from a great band

  57. TheHypernaught

    As powerful as any metal band!


    TheHypernaught as someone who has listened to metal, every kind of metal, since the late eighties, I can only agree


    Must be the drums,because theres hardly any guitars

  58. 80srulz

    their most under rated song ... one of their best

    mikey p

    In what way was a hit single and came off the hit album: Bridge of Spies


    Secret Garden is underated...this is very well known.

  59. Humble Evidence Accepter

    Here's to the cute girl who smiled at me when I had this song blarin', as I drove out of the car dealership in my new 240SX


    do you mean you had a nissan 240 sx? what a car!! i wish i could go back and buy one and listen to Carol.


    I hope the sound system was as good as the 1988 Nissan Sunny Coupe I had. With that car they fitted large speakers in the back then squeezed the rear seats in-between them.

  60. Lucifer Rising

    their best song

    Lucifer Rising

    Heart and Soul was a good song as well


    Heart and Soul is 10x better.

  61. the GEMINI


  62. Chile 777

    14.02.2016 sunday

  63. Chile 777

    it is sunday and it is valentines day


    thank U Carol Decker for the Inspiration . U have been one of the Reasons why I wanted to make music

  65. Leonardo Leal

    Eueim I think it's a big rubbish

  66. Hnnng McHnnng

    *funny joke*