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T'Pau Sex Talk Comments
  1. Ian Wight

    The other guitar "player" (Ronnie Rogers) really annoyed me. Just look at the way he holds his guitar. The Andrew Ridgeley of T'Pau!😂

  2. Ellul Walker

    Little power pack.

  3. jamie foyers

    Oh I loved this when it came out back in 1988!. It's got a mention on TOTP the other week. Why this was never a bigger hit always annoyed me. One of those "naughty" songs that never got the recognition it should've got..


    Originally released under the less naughty title 'Intimate Strangers'.

  4. mike Davidson

    This song is a bit illogical

    Maria Quiet

    Sometimes humans have trouble connecting, physically, for various reasons, and settle for something called "role play". You can talk to your mom if you need to know more.

    Roger Brass

    Mike Davidson who cares! It’s great!

  5. Robert Wiegman

    Damn, this song ROCKS!!!!

  6. Stuart Edwards

    Ronnie Rogers finished with THIS lovely little piece? M.A.D.

  7. Roger Brass

    Probably their best live song

  8. Darren Attenborough

    "dont know when i got so wet" yes please carol decker yum

  9. Martin Holmes

    What a sexy Lady!!

  10. Dave Cannon

    When this was released in the US, it was titled "Intimate Strangers"


    This is actually a live recording and re-titling of a flop single that was called "intimate Strangers" that maybe why it was called that in the US that was included on the Bridge of Spies album.

  11. Dave Williams

    I was there , Bourgois tagg were support. Great gig.

    Alan White

    I don't mind at all!

    Alan White

    Bourgeois Tagg...wow I'd forgotten about them.

  12. Rob Mcwilliam

    What a tune, how may today can stir a bloke's wee man with a few lines...

  13. Roberto

    Shex TALK!

  14. JohnWick

    Best song of theirs

    Cord Hosenbeck

    Um...ok. Totally disagree though.

  15. Adebat

    The 80's.......It was all a bit better then,can't think of many artists today that we will search out on YouTube in 30 years time


    So true!! What a Woman!!

  16. Rodrig Andrisan

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    Maria Quiet

    So did you get lots of unwanted Sex Talk?

  17. Anna Marie J Gould

    other than my wife the sexist legs on the planet

    Ellul Walker

    How have six people agreed with you?
    Better keep a close eye on that wife of yours.

  18. Michael Keating

    So much better than the album version.

  19. Tina Gill

    love T'Pau

  20. Nick Kent

    Remember this one Teresa?

  21. michael sawdon


  22. mike stevens

    oosh memories!

  23. Dermacrosis

    I was considered wierd by my peers, back then, when I said I didn't particularly like "China in Your Hand". This and "Secret Garden" were a couple of favourite songs. "Bridge of Spies" following closely in third place.

  24. Andy McMinn

    Fimed at Manchester Apollo Theatre .

    Kev M

    Wow really? It looks so American doesn't it? They did a great job shooting it.


    I thought that was Hammersmith Odeon

  25. Lynn Sieben-Mitchell

    Not into phone sex, but the beats were great!