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T'Pau China In Your Hand Comments
  1. Phong Thanh Luu

    Bin hängengebliebend in pennerchaotenopfer schwör

  2. Bel Diman

    The saxofon is amazing. starting at 2:30

  3. s p

    Thank you Peter Baxtondale Thomas, this is Tpau

  4. Andrew Dali

    "Don't push too far your dreams are China in your hand..."
    I couldn't understand these lyrics when I was younger. But now I realized this in a hard way.
    We push our dreams too hard... and in the end, we hurt ourselves and people that we love.
    I always remember this song every time that I have big and crazy dreams!
    Sometimes we should be careful what we wish, it may come true.

  5. Karen Rickards

    Got goose bumps listening to this

  6. Yacinta Jakobs

    Beautiful song from the eighties love it

  7. Slugger O Toole

    Good tune!!

  8. Denis Ramsey

    2020 still sounds brill may it be for years love and peace thank you

  9. Trebor Schafer

    Carol Decker was gorgeous back then. Anyone know if she has an adult daughter?

    gerf gerf

    know her, shes a bit of a crackhead (metaphorically)


    @gerf gerf fight me in the parking lot

  10. Courtney Hoggan

    Anyone listening 2020

  11. Harjinder Chaggar

    Yes, Dreams Are like China in your hands, easily broken, Pam! Another amazing song by Carol, the lyrics are unbelievably true! The saxophone part, takes your breath away. You're an amazing Helpful person Pam♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️!!

  12. The Pict

    T pau and Cindy Lauper . Twins seperated at birth.

  13. Marc Taylor

    Who is still listening to this awesome tune in 2020 😍

  14. Wammes Waggel

    Most things of Vevo sucks,
    It does nothing for you, but posting a musicvideo with bad quality video and audio.
    In the hope you'll going to buy something, that looks or sounds better.
    Meanwhile, the money floats for them.

  15. i just wanna leave a comment on youtube

    She's nowhere near as hot as I remember her being when I was 13

  16. Sleep Science Videos

    Remember listening to this while at University. Lovely song.

  17. Daxfahrer74

    Sorry, I say it in german "Die 80 er Jahre hatten Stil"

  18. John Oleary

    Good singer

  19. Glynis Roberts

    Love this song

  20. mcsuibhne005

    I heard she flies in helicopters with Noel Edmunds scaring local livestock in North Norfollk!

  21. Jones James

    When I was a teen I had the hots for carol decker

  22. waz 312

    I bet even the most cynical 80s gothkids were secretly listening to this song and weeping

  23. carlo gambino

    Hell yeah, 2020.

  24. Marcus Cambrand

    I really weird song....somehow I love it

  25. M.C Watts


  26. Derek Stocker

    One of the very best of the 80s songs and still so very good in 2020.

  27. Brian Silver

    I was born in 2018 and the nurse was singing this ,il never forget

  28. Easy As Business Software

    Absolute classic!

  29. Russell Phillips

    awsum 80s music .......

  30. Nigel Mikaele

    Umm who's listening to this as background music in the late 80's? and it's kinda stuck in the background of your mind somewhere since then?

  31. Alan Groom

    Great times great music need a time machine,today sucks

  32. Peter Lejewaan

    Ha!!China in your hand en dan laten ze een Volkswagen Kever zien
    nou als er iets in dit rijtje niet thuis hoort is dat het wel
    maar wel een tof nummer absoluut

  33. Cheeno Jones

    Luther brought me here. 😊

  34. Jonicus-Dextore

    Listening 2020!!

  35. Gunter Beh

    I like her songs, these are my youth

  36. john skivington

    can't say more just excellent

  37. Jay Jay

    Yep iam awesome song

  38. Andres Guzman

    Vivan por siempre los 80...

  39. M.C Watts

    (7)C:K!NG 2 Thi$
    TU🌹/3\ ❤️
    £(RM) Thu77OcK
    E$:S3X England..

  40. Olly Jeffreys

    I’m 35 and wish songs today were still as good as this and these times

    Ashley Adkins

    AMEN a fellow 35 year old wishing the same

    Joe Turner

    I'm 19 but i wish 80s music would make a comeback. my generation just listens to drill music and i hate it.

  41. Itsme Sia


  42. Henna Roivainen

    It was ERIK siren. Hi Erik.

  43. Derek StuartClark

    I played this endlessly 30 years ago, fab hearing it again

  44. sam malbon


  45. Kristian Noel

    This will forever remind of learning to ice skate in Cardiff in the late 80s as this was always playing whenever we went there, good times.

  46. Adam Ball

    So Batman hit me over the head with a vase. TPAU!!!

    I said, "Don't you mean KAPOW?!"
    He said, "no, I've got China In My Hand!"

    Budum tish :D

  47. kellibelli3200

    She looks like Sarah Ferguson

  48. kier

    I remember this song when I was at university. Great memories. I'll go back in time. See you later.

  49. Tamara Margan

    great cute song wow

  50. fozza44

    Hell yes we are still listening
    The 80s the best of the best, What an amazing time for music.
    t`pau with Carol Decker China in your hand is timeless.

  51. Roberto Lemos

    Me va al centro de mi corazon y mi alma

  52. Alan Johnston

    Who loves the 80s music

  53. Comment King

    I may be a millennial, but 80s music is amazing. I would get home from school, and watch Now 80s on the TV

  54. Leo Schoofs

    I was 15 years old and listnen to this music with my first love. Melancholie bring me back to the eighties and my younger me. Tears...

  55. apple1234iou


  56. Paul Anderson

    Anyone watching this in the 80s? Best ever decade. Been scientifically proven.

    Steve Blue

    Yep I grew up listening to this...best time for music:)

  57. Laurent Boschet

    Que de souvenirs!!!! J'adorais.... Et 30 ans après j'aime toujours!!!!!



  59. alontheone 2008

    I listen to this song for school work

  60. Spartan 117

    Un clásico, imprescindible

  61. gewinnste

    Too quiet. I mean literally - the audio is not way too quiet. (Was heißt'n ausgesteuert auf englisch?)

  62. Dean Elyjah

    Extraordinary Vocal by Carol Decker!!!

  63. Tiger Ente


  64. Warmachine

    Im here only because of ''LUTHER''

  65. louise masters

    Any one still listening 2019?

    Stuart Carragher-Hall

    Ohhh yes.

    Melanie Knobel

    Yes, I am.
    I love this song.

    Also “Heart & Soul.“


    Meganesia Shan

    no doubt what a great singer

    Simon Watson

    The 80s were the best era for music ba none

  66. EryxUK

    Carol Decker was my teenage crush back then.

  67. Ana Rodrigues

    Beautiful 💓💓

  68. Aimee Thomson

    Turn it up, full sterreeeeeeooo

  69. MonkeyHunch1


  70. Nigga Samuel

    Niggabruh . Laugh

  71. Minita Mode

    Oh oh oh the sweetest thing...🎵

  72. Enrique Odda

    Recuerdos inocentes aue marcaron mi adolecencia

  73. Taner Eynesilli


    Itsme Sia


  74. syy8

    I'm 77 and still love this

  75. Lee Myring

    What a voice !!! Gotta love the decker ❤️❤️


    Where's a
    Where's a 'DeLorean time machine' to take you back in time when you need one!

  77. Jo Jo

    Wonderful ! !! I was 14 in 1987, souvenirs souvenirs....

  78. linda heil


  79. Tudur Morgan

    This song reminds of the time I shared a hot tub with this girl then Kylie and Kim (Wild) jumped in even though there wasn't really room for four at once..happy days

  80. ginatasi chaffin

    Ooooh.. Can't beat the sound of Solo Saxophone soooo Awesome <3 x

  81. John Drover

    Great tune but she’s definitely flat!

  82. Peter Wiersma

    Memory Lane revisited 😊

  83. Alex Wirz

    Experienced the 80s.what a great time it was

  84. mo brown

    It feels like this must have been the anthem of the 80s or it must have been love

  85. Babyk

    just a brill song

  86. Darren Priestley

    Carol Decker still makes my heart flutter!!

  87. First Name

    Was born in 89 end of the 80s unfortunately :(

    Wat ching u

    You didn't miss much.

  88. idontsignin

    32 years later and still a phenomenal song.

  89. alan murphy

    Was making love to my wife to be at the time ( 18 & stupid in love )😂😂 then by 29 divorce was through but 3 beautiful children! Memories right at start with her with this song lol

  90. Mariela Q.

    It was a theme she had on a scheme he had
    Told in a foreign land
    To take life on earth to the second birth
    And the man was in command
    It was a flight on the wings of a young girl's dreams
    That flew too far away
    Don't push too far your dreams are china in your hand
    Don't wish too hard, because they may come true
    And you can't help them
    You don't know what you might have set upon yourself
    China in your hand
    Come from greed never born of the seed
    Took a life from a barren hand
    Oh, eyes wide like a child in the form of man
    A prophecy for a fantasy
    The curse of a vivid mind
    Don't push too far your dreams are china in your hand
    Don't wish too hard, because they may come true
    And you can't help them
    You don't know what you might have set upon yourself
    China in your hand
    Whoa, your hand
    Your hand
    Don't push too far your dreams are china in your hand
    Don't wish too hard, because they may come true
    And you can't help them
    You don't know what you might have set upon yourself
    But you shouldn't push too hard no, no
    Don't push too far your dreams are china in your hand
    Don't wish too hard, because they may come true
    And you can't help them
    You don't know what you might have set upon yourself
    Because they're only dreams
    And you shouldn't push too hard no no

  91. Dave Anderson

    When songs made you dance with a beautiful woman

  92. The Gambia Tourism Forum

    Brings back memories, I’d have been 6 when this came out 😮

  93. Vicky Wilson

    Dedicated to my handler I love you your little pet xx miss you so much xx

  94. PoshLifeforME

    What was the joke at 1:13 ?

  95. Angle Woden

    Even as a Skin (and skunk, lol) back in the 80's I liked this song.