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T'Pau Bridge Of Spies Comments
  1. faye rowan

    My mam suddenly passed away on. 19th Nov 2019 n she loved. Tpau so I now listen to this every morning

  2. Nicole Rmeiti

    Ich mag normalerweise keine rothaarigen...... Aber diese wunderschöne Frau habe ich schon als Jugendliche super hübsch gefunden. Die Stimme und die Lieder fand ich klasse. 🤗🤗😍💖💖😍🤗🤗

  3. tobebius

    still listening in 2019..

  4. Ivan Pedley

    I love this song, Carols vocals ( as always) are amazing

  5. Retrogirl291

    I had this album on cassette, and used to play it constantly. Still love it! Thanks Carol, love from Carol x

  6. Final Solution

    Underestimated band, great guitar and singing

  7. Sharon Curtis

    I remember playing the entire cassette over and over when I was a kid. One of my favorite songs @Carol Decker

  8. paul elliott

    Wonderful song from a great band
    Saw them live a couple of times and damn fine - Carol was (and is) an awesome singer

  9. Fred Ross

    An absolute great record. I listen to it all the time.. LOVE that guitar work

  10. Charles Ward

    She sang through my PA system in some of gigs she done round Monmouth when she was at Rockfield Studio

  11. Dirk Göhmann

    What a hidden gem from the decade with the best music ever

  12. Mark

    Love this song! Had been enjoying "Heart and Soul" all over MTV, and then one day they played this. The first line Carol sang just grabbed me so much that I ran out and bought the album that same day. I still play it.

  13. John Rizzo

    Wonderful song, and that guitar solo! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Isobel Simpson


  15. snazinhouston

    When this albumn came out I was soo in love with a blue eyed girl, who wait, I'm still in love with her. China in your hand
    I love you miss blue eyes ,, this ones for you.

  16. Isobel Simpson

    ♡♡♡ takes me back to my youth.. listening to it in my car just now ... awesome ♡

  17. Julie Toomey

    Love Carol decker she's brilliant

  18. Arthur Phillips

    carol you are the scariest monster ever! how come no-one ever thinks outside the fucking box!!!!

  19. barry moore

    love her to bits fantastic voice please come back x x x x x..........barry

  20. livelylad

    How brilliant that the legend and seriously stunning Carol has posted on here. My all time biggest crush, and a voice to die for to boot. Brilliant.

  21. gingerjessy

    I revisited my T Pau album recently. I half woke from a sleep this weekend with that guitar solo playing in my head. Now that's being touched. There is no mainstream music now that can touch the likes of this. Sad. But we can always have the past! Thanks TPau.

  22. rutger steinhart


  23. Welsh Simon

    I Love Carol Decker..

  24. Dolly Flood

    This woman can sing

  25. gadger123

    I love carol ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Jonathan W

    Reminds me of all the 80’s and what a brilliant time I had .
    Wish I could do it all again 😔
    Great song , great band 👍🏻

  27. Rodger Curtis

    T'pau we're one of the UK's greatest bands of the time with all of the key components of success ... catchy songs great image and Carol Deckers awesome ability to perform live on stage.
    I feel privileged to have been fully aware of such great music and entertainment at the height of there career.


    i feel the same. i was lucky to see her performing live. just great.

  28. MrFragglerock75

    “I don’t know if I could go through it once again
    For what’s the point if you are never free to say
    This is what I believe
    This is a part of me
    No hero no regrets
    But only meant to be”

    That line always stuck with me for some reason

  29. Darren Attenborough

    I love this song actually like it more than the big hits china in your hand and heart and soul.Its got more feeling and soul just love it :)

  30. Carol Decker

    So who noticed Dean's vest change colour in the lead break just like Bruce Willis's in Die Hard!!


    The mullet didn't change though, did it? 😉


    I was too busy wondering why I couldn't have a backside like the bloke a 1:47 myself. On top of listening to one of my favourite T'Pau songs.

    Paula B

    I adore this song, you wont remember but I was near the front when you played Fairfield halls in 99(?) & I sang along to every word with passion, x


    Paula how many people were near the front in that concert?

    Unless you are an expert at making a fool of yourself, like I have on more than one occassion at a concert you are not going to standout. Thank god smart phones, let alone youtube, didn't exist back then :-D

  31. Barbara E

    beautiful yet sad memories of my 1st love in the late 80s

  32. Gila Spaceleigh

    i've listened to this song about 2 million times, yet i just noticed that little bass roll during the chord change in the chorus.

  33. John Radcliffe

    top band 80 s rule john rad

  34. Irish11

    Bridge Of Spies & Whenever You Need Me are my two favourite T'Pau tracks
    Carol has a voice that to this day sends shivers through me, what a fabulous singing voice this stunning girl has
    It's an over used saying but " they really don't make them this good anymore"
    God!!! i miss the 80s

  35. Dermacrosis

    This, "Sex Talk" and "Secret Garden" are my favourite T'Pau songs. Even at the time I didn't really like the one most knew.

  36. tusheschannel

    I love the way they blow the air through her fiery red hair to give her that fey, ethereal look (and it works!), but then you see her in interviews and she's about as earthy as it gets, a typical mum down the pub :-)

  37. darrell sturrock

    This song should have gotten more airplay than it did, the record company should be ashamed of itself....I remember the album so well...this became my fav off the album

  38. Greg Mardell

    I got the Bridge Of Spies album when it came out every track was brilliant and still is.

  39. Zico Medze

    Memories,first girlfriend,still miss her........

  40. Jason Scotcher

    Beautiful song. The demo of this is stunning, dare I say it, better than this version. Seems such a long time ago the 80's, but T'Pau kicked ass, Rock on👍

  41. Terence Drabble

    my 80s Dream Grill the wings are fab ^_^

  42. Greg McFarlane

    he he . Freshman year in college. Hi Carol! "Thank you for goodbye" , still love that song as well.

  43. Lynne Gilmour

    Absolute beautiful song and singer ♥

  44. Ian Doyle

    Oh brings back so many memories tho prefer lp version ..

  45. Carol Decker

    Aww happy memories , we shot this in San Francisco,watch guitarist Dean Howard's vest change colouring the lead break just like Bruce Willis's in Die Hard 😂

    Isobel Simpson

    One of my favs ♡

    Mark Wood

    I had never heard of her, episode of Sally4ever this week....I'm 56 lol. This is really good.

    monkey 70

    @Corrina Pett Heart 's Brigade and T'pau the two of the best albums in the '90es...bye from italy


    Carol Decker This is such a great album, even in 2019 I listen to it every week...

    Rumpled Foreskin

    Carol ,any chance of a signed photo please?

  46. Rodrigo Soares

    Carol Decker ♥

  47. 80s beginner

    this video DOES NOT do a justice to the song.
    it's EXTREMELY INFERIOR compared with the album version, one of the greatest masterpieces in AOR history.


    +80s beginner Yes, they cut a lot out and they ended it very poorly.

    Carol Decker

    record company did it not us xxx

    80s beginner

    they should be ashamed, destroying the masterpiece in such a shocking way :-(((((
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 3 <3 <3 <3 <3 3 <3 <3 <3 <3 3 <3 <3 <3

  48. Antonio Fernández Parga

    Maybe the best T´Pau Song

  49. Christopher ransley

    oh love the voice, brings back my childhood 😂

  50. Jul

    Hello? My adolescence in 4:01.