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T-Pain You Don't Know Shit Comments
  1. Brandon Huynh

    I can’t find this on spotify

  2. LondonLouis TV

    Joe budden sleeper brought me here

  3. Elijah Ashman


  4. Patricia Jones

    Classic T=Pain! This....

  5. Jigzsaw Elsewhere

    Never sleep on T-Pain 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. dariusshah smith

    T pain back idc idc lol it’s the label fault!

  7. Denzel Stovall

    Shot out to Joe Budden for the sleeper 😂

  8. Chase Johnson

    Mix and production..Of Course you got the classic T-pain vocal layers..Smh

  9. Dill Mader

    THE OLD TPAIN IS BAAAACK!!!!!! GOD DAMN!!!!! Last two tracks give me nostalgia chills

  10. MarloweTV

    if t pain was a new artist...this would be nationwide

  11. Prince Riken[ OFFICIAL CHANEL ]

    Listen to PRINCE RIKEN- loyalty IS royalty.mp3 by Prince Riken #np on #SoundCloud

  12. Malik Mugula

    Crazy gooooood

  13. Art by Atlas


  14. DJ Smoove K

    Now This is the T-Pain i rocks with !!! #ThumbsUP !!!

  15. Twowheeledaviation

    this shit is too hard yo.

  16. Tj S

    I just thought to myself...wth happened with T-PAIN... came here to listen to his old stuff....found this new :)

  17. GLEESHY Diante

    this song is great..Joe budden brought me here😂

  18. DatBoy Slick

    Joe Budden aka "I'll name this podcast later" bought me here

  19. Brian Harris

    Them relationship songs have been corny AF lately but this T Pain tho! This is incredible I need that album beloved.

  20. Capital City Live!

    Joe Budden Podcast brought me... YOU DONT KNOW SHIT

    Ashley M

    Michael Lighty me too!

    L3!7o M!7ch

    me tooo

  21. Khalid Hamilton

    A Joe Budden put me on this

  22. The Tony

    T-Pain is a fckn goat, a pioneer, a GAWD man, fr. One of the best to ever do it. When he first came out he was unbelievable. He was something/someone that no one ever seen or heard before. I just dont know what happened after. He just disappeared :(

  23. N/ A


  24. Todd Taylor

    soooo underrated as an artist

  25. 213311319

    Joe brought me here


    Sleeper picks :)

    Myriah C

    Shout out to Flu Season!


    213311319 its December 2017 and Joe brought me here too this shit slap

  26. iG3ntl3man

    Curren$y need to hop on this fa real..

    SOS Hollywood

    Clarence Butler bruhhh

  27. Brendon J

    T-Pain still one of the greatest of aaaall time in my opinion especially when it comes to harmonies,life, story telling... basically any and everything that makes a track sound better #teamT_Pain

  28. King KY

    Issa hit

  29. Tony_Tyga

    this sounds like his traffic jam song on Spotify. wonder which came first...

  30. QB blackmoola

    Why u hating because u don't know shit!

  31. Rimon Araújo

    T pain ❤✌ Brasil. ..

  32. David Wolfson

    Where the album smh. Been waiting for 3 years

  33. Tommystarr12 _

    Here before 1 mill

  34. Chatoyer


  35. ShotbyToni

    This shit bump! I've had it on Repeat for 3 days str8!! 🔥🔥🔥

  36. mr drip89


  37. halcyon y

    Welcome back.

  38. gabriela andrade



    nostalgic frealings...yea baby

  40. Selfmade DC

    where tf is quavo ?

  41. Nika Saganelidze

    This sounds like auto tune killed T-Pain and started making albums by his name.

  42. Slick Nick

    where he been?

  43. Renaldo Maiden

    T-Pain still got it...

  44. ImBoredAsHellAtm

    I want to chop my dick off now

  45. SkywardKing

    Put Migos on the remix and this will take over.

    King KY

    Judah Lion lmao damn

    Top Dog

    Speaking of Migos. Did yall know Takeoff is only 23? The nigga looks 35. lol

    slim reaper22

    Top Dog they all young mane

    Grover Phillips

    Top Dog The streets will do that to you

  46. ykiersia Montgomery

    This shit Lit asfuuckkkkk!!!😘😘😘❤️

    Damon West

    this shit ride for real!

    Thank You

    ykiersia Montgomery you are gorgeous

    ykiersia Montgomery

    datdude Williams 👌😘

    ykiersia Montgomery

    Still listening 🤷🏽‍♀️😊💕

  47. TeRex Productions

    This is my favorite song now bro, and I'm a producer

  48. Ingrid Meek Mill Webb

    thumbs down ya ass this a hit so let the Nigga shine

  49. Ingrid Meek Mill Webb

    you have haters in my phone they turn volume down

  50. D. Gemini


  51. Lxrd Zod

    Didn't he say autotune was dead

    R Dot Dizzy

    ElmoAlliance I'm let stress yourself out cause you don't know shit

    Lxrd Zod

    R Dot Dizzy whaaat stress why would I be stressed out

    Ackim Mpofu

    I don't think this is in auto tune sounds like his natural voice does anyone else think so?


    +Ackim Mpofu that song is definitely autotuned. Slightly less than he used to back in the day but still auto tuned.

    Detrimental 313

    ElmoAlliance did you say that to future ☕️🐸

  52. D JoneZ

    lol.....ok!!! I'm up

  53. Tuhaka Kohere

    Where his hair go


    Cpt Spunkey That's an older picture of him.


    check out my music on mychannel


    check out my music on mychannel


    He cut the dreads offs a few years back

  54. Repent

    Wayyyyyyyyyyy better then "see me coming" wayyy wayyyy better


    check out my music on mychannel


    check out my music on mychannel

    Kermit the Shadow Frog

    than* dumb nigga

    David Wolfson

    Repent tht song was straight trash lol

  55. StephonST

    Okay Teddy!!! Shazam aint even pick this up yet

  56. jjulesj1234

    This is it!
    T-Pain back

  57. Joey C

    Ayeeeee my dowg makin a come back!

  58. Antonio Parker

    welcome back