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T-Pain She Wanna Go Comments
  1. Mehvin

    I can imagine this charting if it was released with the right promotion and in a solid album



  3. Andre Lucas

    We need a good album hope oblivion is good!!Gonna here it today heard a few songs

  4. KennY Fuller

    Hard to believe this song was recorded nearly 8 yrs ago

  5. Sam Fischer

    Bedroom music!

  6. Mr FL!ppY

    Can't stop listenning to this damn song!!!! On repeat since its release!!! Bless us like that again Pain ;)

  7. quan meadows

    i love this t-pain

  8. Nana Baffoe Biney

    T-Pain 😩😩😩😩⭐️⭐️💯💯💯💯

  9. JDawg 716

    Bro these songs need to be on Spotify, Apple Music AND ANY MUSIC COMPANY

  10. Nzamurambaho Jules


  11. showtimeismagic


  12. felipandre costa

    All the brothers are incredibly handsome and of another dimension. For me it is one of the best of the season. I'm very fan and I have an incredible collection of this singer. Thank you T-PAIN

  13. Angel Star 11900

    R. Kelly would've been a good feature

  14. youngal9325

    Yo this 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Abdi Alshakuur

    Girl we gon wake the neighbor
    She is screaming telling me she want that icin icin icin 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. teddy paincore

    this song really good

  17. SheIsLorena _

    he brought back the top hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aweeee my faveeee


    We love T weezy

  19. Lamar Toomer

    This shit go hard

  20. CBKYoung1

    Can we please get the whole Volume 1 on Tidal?

  21. Kimchi

    only nigga that can rock auto tune 🚫🧢

  22. meebmusicbeats


  23. D. WRIGHT

    This is a Classic Teddy PinHerAss Down mix!! Much needed!! 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Jose Lino

    T Pain is this generation's Bootsy Collins!

  25. Carreira Media Productions

    I love t-pain's i dont give a fuck attitude

  26. Malachi Threadgill

    Pain u was tweaking keeping all this music WTH

  27. Marvin's Reviews ETC.

    It’s a damn shame this song is not on the radio. This shit is amazing

  28. Leandro Moisés


  29. Omo Den'ji

    Goosebumps every time I hear this song!



  31. Wesley Bynum

    Pain bro plz put this project on Apple Music!!!

  32. Mr. WRIGHT

    Pain the 🐐

  33. Savio Martin

    lil wayne as a feature would have been even better🔥🔥🔥

  34. Trezzy 420

    T- pain still got it☝️🎵🎶

  35. Sylvester A-shun


  36. Nkanyiso Hlophe

    t pain plz do collabo with d migos jst 1 song

  37. Alchemist

    This song got me feeling some kinda way........after going hard its the perfect anthem!

  38. M H

    im so happy to listen to some good music again. thank you tpain.

  39. Ronald Somerville

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Astherie Iribagiza

    I LOVE THIS COLLECTION OF these songs !!! LOVE FROM Kigali !!!

  41. Robo Jacko


  42. Bianca Gawne

    I'm so Devastated that I can't get Tickets to go see him at the Rnb Party in November :'( I'm praying n hoping that I can get tickets

  43. Archie Archie

    T-Pain Killing it as always 💯😌

  44. aiRyEEzy12


  45. blckcrown3138

    Cant nobody fuk wit dis yung nigga. Autotune GOD😎😎😁😁.
    He will forever hold the CROWN🤴🤴

  46. Diego Ramalho


  47. Tara Mozdzierz

    Back breaker 😂 under taker 🤔 money maker😍😍😍 love me some pain. Making me wanna go make love ✌✌✌

  48. bTh JoUrney

    T-pain not playing with nobody.....yes

  49. Camille Smith

    THANK YOU TPAIN FOr GIVING US “EVERYTHING MUST GO” if I’m honesty r&b is missing you this I already know is going to fire all the way through!!! Big ups to you tpain

  50. Doua Philippe Gue


  51. Mack Mett

    Yeah that’s a banger

  52. Marvin Cabanlit

    Nappyboy i fucking love you since 2008

  53. Baker Sarge

    This shit hard af

  54. beaudion smith

    so would that mean that all of his sound-cloud go+ music will be free to listen to?

  55. Sylvester Scott JR


  56. Flipchampion

    Real T-pain is back 🔥🎶❤

  57. Shawn Paradox

    Been listening this hard for days now


    Slept on

  59. Letrell Hardin

    Real Tallahassee Musiq.....💯💯💯💯 Tpain back bih!!!!

  60. Alonzo Turner

    T-Pain!!!!! My dude ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  61. New LifeStyle

    No one dislike this video🔥🔥🔥

    Ant Man

    Everytime I read a comment like this, i'm late and somebody's disliked the video, sadly

  62. Tone D

    GOAT of Autotune just too good

  63. Demoune Kidsan

    Nappy Boy!

  64. Salebam OMAR

    Apple music ?

  65. Donovan Savio

    I want to see a collaboration with Justin Bieber! 😍🤩♥️🔥✌️

  66. Kenyae Kofi The Hardcore Atheist

    Yo TPAIN!

  67. Kauan Streetball


  68. Andile Tshuma

    This was needed! Teddy🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Nancy Paola Chavez

    Me asombro cuando volvi aver que subieron cansiones nuevas de t pain me gustan todas sus canciones

  70. Marcus Reeves

    The ring leader is back at it again.

  71. Chaotic Chris

    TPain we need this on spotify 🔥🔥


    Chaotic Chris (


    It is! If you have premuim

  72. Madden Gold


  73. Jose Luis Medina Morelos

    The real King of autotune, the other ones are just karaoke.....

    Jose Luis Medina Morelos

    @Bunjamin Betton next we're heading to DOA...?

    Jose Luis Medina Morelos

    @H4L Productions the meaning of my coment is, nobody uses autotune like pain.

    Eddy Anrsm

    Jose Luis Medina Morelos true %100

    chaboi qroox

    wut that doesnt make sense

  74. Jose Luis Medina Morelos

    The real King of autotune, the other ones are just karaoke.....

  75. DylanFlores281

    #850 #Faheem #PerryFl

  76. Sir. Proctor

    This is greatness

  77. EastwickBeatz

    killed it

  78. Jaxx Pri

    This def deserves a music video!

  79. Peror Igna

    Oh!! Nappyboy again. I love when turns up the autotune with the emotions.just me.


    Peror yit samee

  80. Walter Ramsey III

    @Tpain you've always been the great you are just underrated you and Wayne was neck and neck at one point. This is going to get you back on top and you are the first to do it and there hits

    Jeremy Anderson


  81. sergio martinez

    😎 classic

  82. Why So Serious

    Damn T- Pain wasn't lying on the pull up

    ♫Lyfe Rodgers♫

    Didn't he say he had like 200+ plus songs? Getting my playlist ready

  83. STEWSANE Music

    This hard asf no capp

  84. Bds Montay


  85. arixto.

    TPain dropping music, Janet Just dropped her music video!! It’s a Good Friday

  86. Felipe Tunechi

    Da um salve aqui T-PAIN 👍👍🙏

  87. Júlio Abrantes

    T-Pain reinventou o auto tune #Brazilaroundtheworld

  88. Xx MaGMa xX

    مولع خيووو🔥🔥🔥

    Osama EEE


    Azooz Brrak

    Xx MaGMa xX لا يخويي تي باين موب معهم😂😂

  89. Mental Hack

    Auto-tune goat!

  90. charliejoppart

    So why is this not available on Apple Music 😩

    Emanuel Scott

    cuz my bruh aint tied to a label.

    Teresa Green

    He is giving away 300 songs for free. Listen to him on The Pull Up with Joe Budden.


    Xmas-Jackson-Flaxon-Waxon bro stop and just get a job lol

    Jose Lino

    You fucking dumbass LMAO

    Damien Irons

    @Guap Team Alumni Music Page fuck yo i phone katt

  91. Treasur Moore

    This song GO HARD💖👌🏼💯

  92. C2W


  93. C2W

    That Balloons from google images

  94. Meexi

    This is fye


    Aí sim seu porra,tá escondido e

  96. Bruno Planiscig

    Dou, comentario número 7

  97. Saracha.Says

    Love tpain

  98. DomDroid

    Cadê os brasileiros ?? T-pain 😍😍

    Kauan Streetball

    DomDroid é nois man

    Repliroid do Futuro

    é nóis u.u

    Marcelo Faustino

    Rei do auto tune pena q esse cara não alcança muito sucesso mais , mais ele e foda namoral

    felipandre costa

    Para mim sem dúvida é o melhor cantor digital sound desde de 2005 . E espero q a Napyyboy fique tb. pq hj só lixo no cenário industrial .impressionante como hip hop caiu mttttttt aff

  99. Les Ruru