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T-Pain Goal Line Comments
  1. YoungBaby Boy6


  2. daniel glover

    🤨To the next 1000 people that dislike 👇🏻 this song fuck you 🖕🏿

  3. sid tallamraju

    anybody knows the Asian chick in the beds name

  4. Kody Campbell

    Wwwhore (Blac Youngsta)

  5. Christian Mühlbauer

    So hot girls 💖😍💖💖😜💕💞❤️

  6. Brandon Kennedy

    Bruh don't stop what you doing your shit been fire since rappa ternt singer

  7. Curtis Jackson

    Nappy boy/CMG Pain gone sign with Gotti👍🌠🌠$$

  8. headhunter 5

    Ahhh tits

  9. Curtis Wilkins

    This one is catchy

  10. Deonte Spicer

    Why T-Pain sound like Sauce Walka. 😭😭

  11. Reezy_Bad

    Stay in your lane

  12. Enoch Wodaje

    blacc youngsta was spittin that fire he never disappoints when it comes to features, this song deserves more views

  13. Jovan Jovanovic


  14. Tariq Huggins

    This song Turned

  15. skywalker all day

    Good flows👻wak beat.....putting mii 2 sleep haha🙉


    Thots everywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Lucille Alexander

    This da best collaboration 2180 shout to t-pain an black yougsta an check out my music on my channel🐊💋👤💬🇺🇸💃🚶🏃💑💏👈👉👻🍣🍴☕🚐👿💓🔨💞🌊☔🍑🎇🎆🎊🎉

  18. jesus sanchez

    Blac Youngsta went in for real. I just keep rewinding to his n TPain second verse. But definitely a hit in my eyes

  19. alo me

    Women abuse

  20. woodi moddy

    t pain if you dont bring your ass back ....your sound needed bra

  21. Not Dat Guy NDG

    T-pain smacked it

  22. hahahalo777

    The girl at 1:02 hit her face so hard on that water bruh.

  23. Netty love

    Y'all just going ignore the girl on the bed nipples bout to touch her chin 🤔 she bad but something ain't Right 😂😂

  24. Nameste Lattin

    Please stop

  25. Warrick Wilson

    Louisiana business bitch Fire FLAME

  26. moneyside moolife sayhaa Moody

    Holla back ice cream tyga

  27. Harold Ambrose

    Goul line.. lol

  28. been famous


  29. Twilite ZonKe

    Blac Youngsta’s FACE ! I’m sleep

  30. Twilite ZonKe

    At the beginning why is the girl with her titties showings NIPPLE’s so high ? It’ll be weird sucking those

  31. Young King Country TV

    They did it

  32. JD Junior

    T-Pain is forever a legend! 👊

  33. jake 4rm state farm

    Tpain done feel off in music rapping in the same style as everybody why tho man smh

  34. Jimmy

    another rapper lost to this new style and dances. such a shame. RIP t-pain's talent 2018

  35. ideedit

    Sounds like this is where the "This is America" video came from!

  36. Memphis DjKash jayroe

    Tpain killed it but i stopped it as soon as black youngsta start spittin

  37. Barney Schubert

    T pain dancing look so weird 😂

  38. Mike B

    This hoe too bumpin!

  39. Ross Lewis

    They say t pain coming back shitt he never left dummies

  40. B Hood793

    Trash song ever

  41. Iconick Production

    Tpain trynna be young 😂 cringy nice song tho

  42. YoungThuff - VEVO

    If this is a colab they lost that money LMAO sucks

  43. clout chaser

    More of t pain.... Then I'll be proud he raps less ....... Next song 4 weeks watch

  44. 92 Yankee

    This shit dope

  45. Canary Yo

    song don't make sense the collaboration don't make sense

  46. Roger Limera

    zika memo vcs!!!

  47. Evan Galien

    Someone please tell me why this chicks Nipples almost touch her neck...

  48. Abraham Khaipee

    Pain kill that shit 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  49. Philadelphia Pennsylvania

    Porn movie.

  50. M.O.B FinesseDaName


  51. venky N

    Dope song😍

  52. maleka1963

    just heard this in the strip club....

  53. Vince Williams

    This sucks so much


    Pause @ 0:22 ! God damn!!

  55. Carter Cash

    T pain kill what ever he get on 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Tharsan J

    its a vibe.

  57. HoodRich Lou

    T-Pain will always be in my top 10 but this track is garbage

  58. Ashaun Walwyn

    didnt tpain cut his locks?

  59. Kieran Williams

    Why this video dnt have over 1million views..😔

  60. Heather Michelle

    I came for Blac Youngsta 🔥

  61. Red guest

    Not Bad 👌..im dancing little bit

  62. Bosstoby305

    T pain ripped this shit

  63. SHIZZLE 1337

    Dem nipples tho

  64. Gerome Purcell

    Ok i see YOU t pain

  65. Vice Versa

    Goal line 🔥🔥🔥🔥💨💨lit ⛽️💯

  66. TheMADD2013

    🔥!!!! and MADD😡 said that

  67. Jaffar James


  68. alto Visuals

    They have females in this video like Mc Hammer used to have👀👀🔥🔥🎥

  69. Ade t pain i see you Birdman

    t pain i see you

  70. Dale Craft

    Younsta dissed the female fans 😂😂😂😂

  71. Big Sexy productions

    I thought it was young thug

  72. James

    bump this shit! Sounds similar!


  73. Detroit OG

    They must be using algorithms, cause this only got 500k hits..

  74. Charles Jackson

    This a nice one ☝🏾

  75. maxter gate

    black girls are soo hot

  76. 86chucktownboi


  77. Terry Stewart

    Im only here for the gold pussy

  78. Lalo Ea

    T pain suck at dancing and rapping give him some autotune please!

  79. SmashBro 30

    Been waiting to see these 2 do a song together since T-pain wanted to be on the booty remix. This shit go hard...they should do a mixtape together 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Craig Anderson

    this hoe hard

  81. Patrick Martin

    Now here a song and video you can be entertained in two way dope an hella funny at the same time...😂😂😂😂

  82. john doe

    T pain fell off miss the empfany type music. The bartender the in the back of the lac the cuddy buddy the so hood

  83. Trap Star

    Ok okay okay...... Im at the goal line..... T pain betta slow down.... Hot 🔥 shit playa.... Blac Youngsta lets gooooo

  84. GirlThats Slim

    Here before 500K 💪🏾💪🏾

  85. Leach West




  87. Joshua Sullivan

    When that T-Youngsta album droppin?!

  88. Jason Thurman

    Garbage bullshit

  89. Cindy Fuller

    sometimes when yu see a video it can take morrrre ppl into it..as a person thts not a great fan of nasty lyrics and dnt need to see all tht butttt,i go back and forth sometimes I fstforward over some not just to get to tpain I just think I dnt need to get to all tht.i didn't feel like I had to do either and seeing it I didn't hear p one time

  90. Isiah Davis

    Young thug wrote t pain verse im convinced blac youngsta thrash af

  91. Austin Ayers

    Lol all those hoes and they probably don't wanna get with his obese ass

  92. Jonathan Williams

    Only Here 4 Pain

  93. Yung Moe

    If u don't like this ho u just h8n

  94. Ken Gacheru

    Shits fire fuck the Bull!

  95. Lakisha Graham


  96. shadowfallenable

    Goddamn... my song!!!! Thank You TPain

  97. Black Saullo Official

    T-Pan Blac 💜:"

  98. Dman Smith

    T pain with the Migos Quavo flow.