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T-Pain Getcha Roll On Comments
  1. dhanabakyam groups

    Kola mass

  2. O.N.E


  3. Ajamu Hetep

    Get y'all roll on . Let's ride out .

  4. Jasmyn Falwasser

    Since a teenager I've always loved his music... ALL DA WAY FROM NEW ZEALAND ❤️😍

  5. mansor Alhammadi

    The Tory lanes part is 😊

  6. Biggie Rozay

    T pain the best gas out on folk nem grave

  7. K Ross

    No offense: I dunno why but everytime i hear him sing i keep thinking about Kenan Thompson from SNL rapping this song wearing a doo rag 🤣

  8. Phil Babineau

    Limp Bizkit remix

  9. Larry Hernandez

    hmm fast and furious 9 soundtrack?🤔

  10. Wardog 313

    I see T-Pain sample Big Tymers chorus “everybody get your roll on!” That was a classic song and the video had cars drifting and doing donuts too.😎👍🏾


    Surprised no one else commented about this. It seemed like an obvious homage to me.

  11. Isaqui Luiz

    Brazilian Aki

  12. snorewak

    tpain you smooth mother fucker, 2005 t pain just looking at 2019 t pain straight grinnin

  13. Xbox boy

    Great song T

  14. Mike Gee

    How did this NOT get more play smh !

  15. giovanni manga

    T pain il est De RETOUR ON DIRAIT my pizle

  16. Rafael França

    In my playlist in Need For Speed

  17. Melissa Kerns

    Good shit for 2019

  18. Sam Wilson

    That s13 Vert tho 👌

  19. Maddy Carter

    les twins bought me here.

  20. desingrejados aqui

    Brasil aqui love t-pain song

  21. Karen Copes

    Who GIVES AF about Auto tone or no auto tone!!! The MUTHAFUCKN song is dope AF!! Appreciate it!! #PAIN

  22. Slow_Cars Garage

    The price of my 240sx just went up

  23. jeffery price

    This my 2020 summer jam

  24. youssef erramy

    Larry brought me here #lestwins

  25. mohamed le francais nois

    Joyner Lucas: you should take all that auto tune back to T-Pain Tory Lanez: bet

    Kevin Lee


    mohamed le francais nois

    @Kevin Lee hello ?

    Kevin Lee

    @mohamed le francais nois uhm... hi

  26. Steven Seagul

    Laurent of Les Twins just *KILLEDDDDDD* this song 😊❤❤❤

    Rafa -


  27. Sheri Mclain

    This song lit af it inspires me to go hars

  28. Wizz Er

    The beat is stollen from algerian ray music

  29. O'neal Auguste

    Heeeeeeee's Bacckkk...Boss of autotune...

  30. Eric Bell

    General Audience = Don't appreciate Pains contributions... half these fans/rappers weren't even alive or in Grade school when T-Pain ft. Mike Jones - "I'm in Luv wit a Stripper...(2005)" came out... Think hard and remember Pain help spread Hip Hop EVEN FURTHER WORLD WIDE... and its now the most popular genre on the planet. No shades to the Taylor Swifts of the world but her songs arent bring spun 24/7 at bars and strip clubs the world over....

  31. Stefani Cristina


  32. TommyTarkov

    song is good but the woman squeeks are to much in the background !

  33. Wasanda

    Tory Lanez ruined the song for me.
    Something about his voice is irritating


    Chixtape 5 is heat though 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Jared Grimes

    T pizzle my nizzle since the beginning 💪💙💪

  35. Nelkon Nsamba


  36. Dungeon family

    This song has BARS

  37. Peterson Remolien

    Getcha y'all roll on. Still Poppin this jamz out loud in my car,.

  38. Hulk Amania

    Damn, I've been missing out. Why no one told me pain still had it?

  39. Zombie Gaming House

    Instantly Became a fan Absolutely Extraordinary Song 🖤💜💚💯

  40. HUMBLE


  41. Courtney A Griffin

    Bout' time!

  42. Urshie Bear

    Here after he cancelled a concert because of low ticket sales!!!!!  that would have been a lit concert!!!!! peeps are sleeping on him



  44. emily p

    This song is soooo good

  45. Ricky Tan

    Hope one day the drop a slow RnB one together 🔥

  46. ikenna kingsley

    T pain miss ya jams bro nice one 🔥🔥🔥getcha roll on loving it dang

  47. catherine stroble

    I 😍😘you

  48. catherine stroble

    I love all your songs

  49. Michelle Wright

    Ride that d**k to a slow song 🔥

  50. Bruce Seawell

    Check so cool told me about this

  51. Amy Lopez

    The real ones.. ♡

  52. Ian Barney

    I like the Nick Hakim sample. Props to Girl Talk

  53. k.h. xavi

    Larry ( les twins )..kill this song 👌🏾😅

  54. Artesian Dukes

    This is a true hit

  55. Pro Fessional

    You need to pick/back the next president. In general, black music is dying out here and you still lit across the board probably 15 years later. Don't waste all yo shine on paper chasin. You need to be/push for the next UN president or something

  56. Lexus Stokes

    He will always be one of my favorites ❤️❤️❤️🤞🏾I can’t wait till my music get off the ground so I can do a song with him

  57. Alex Gutierrez

    2:50 tell me that ain’t dope

  58. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Florida stand up. Good song

  59. Mark Sanders

    Am i the only that realizes this is the exact same song as tbe big tymers get ur roll on that came out in 2000🤔

  60. TheCourizzle OFFICIAL

    Girls be adding this song to their morning routine
    Getcha roll on
    Shits fire, swear

  61. Titty Bear

    T-pain spin thossssss wheels cool beanzzzzzzz he he he he

  62. Bowsette

    We need a Monster drift car 🤷‍♀️

  63. Quan'Trell Moore

    Omggg I love it 🥰✌️👍🔫🙈

  64. Don Quixote

    The first time I heard this on my neighbor, I thought that T pain was having a collab with a girl.

  65. Philane Mkhize

    this Video should have been the video for RIP To The Parking Lot Feat Boosie Badass

  66. Szaskia Lopez

    Best song out, he’s so talented I swear 🍒

  67. Sedrick Coleman

    It is the best

  68. Trey Bodkin

    I've always loved your music but the auto tune was just taking away from your amazing tone, now that its cut out, we all finally get the experience true talent! Fuck these other "rappers" I hate rap but something about tpain just gets me feeling great. Keep up the good work dude and keep up the skids! One day I hope to do a drifting video with you!

  69. Charles Mccaslin

    Whats the original song the beat at 1:12 to 1:22 is from?

  70. Danmark Cool New 4567


  71. Husam Saad

    who is here after The Masked Singer 👩‍🎤🎙 🎵


    Fast Furios 9👏👏👏

  73. baki suraj

    T-pain is the definition of Hip-hop . Believe like it.

  74. big tex503

    Welcome to the car community.

  75. kingston manu

    The Ac In The Mini Cooper 🤙🤙BLOWING SNOW💨💨 Cone❄️❄️🌪️ And Now I Got Like 5 Fried Chicks That Dont Want To Go Home 🌬️🤙❄️💨🌪️😲

    kingston manu


  76. Jessica Fosberg

    Best music video ever!

  77. TT’s Corner


  78. Ezekel Wilson

    Cash money was to come in at de last minute

  79. RICOTA

    Só eu de BR NESSE COROI

  80. Junior Ortiz

    T pain forever since high school 2005🙏💓✌👏


    My shittt

  82. Tsusuru //TRZ

    Damn I'm still listening to this song just for my art work in cars. Lmao I turn it on whenever I'm doing speed drifts.
    Other rappers: Flexing ferraris, Bugatti,
    Tpain: Flexing a sexy e46, silvias, onevias

  83. CJ squad

    Thanks again for the help I can I expect to see a movie or something I don't want to play with ur girl and I don't know if you are you going to be at the airport in the next few weeks and you can get it
    Don't know if I can help with

  84. kevin k

    2:27 that 12 year old ruined the song for me

  85. jeremy guillaume

    Toujour au top 2019

  86. Lloyd Makhwathana

    Day one fan of T pain

  87. Tyger The Fornite God

    T pain a legend


    Who here from cj so cool

  89. Rolando KolorEFX

    This goes

  90. Kenneth Baoleki

    T pain is the only artist i wanna hear using autotune, he knows his shit

  91. akuma shin

    Put this in nfs underground 3

  92. yassine stitou


  93. Abhisek Ashirbad

    T pain is back with a bang on, getcha roll on...!🤟

  94. Melissa Kerns

    Good song 2019 yeah hell

  95. Robert Seymour

    T-Pain ain't went no where! Living legend still reppin!!!

  96. Landon Becker

    Your the best singer ever

  97. Adp Zo

    Is it juhh me or Tory came in sounding like a girl

  98. T Pain

    Thanx for all the love

    Stavros Deriziotis


    Jay gong

    Keep the music coming miss me some T pain 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Karen Copes


    x s

    We want one new song please man