T-Pain - Booty Work (One Cheek At A Time) Lyrics

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T-Pain Booty Work (One Cheek At A Time) Comments
  1. Suzi Star

    Kevin Hart 😱😂🤔

    The best booty shaking song evvvaaaaa!

  2. Fetty Spice

    I love the kaki shorts

  3. john smith

    When you realize Kevin hearts comedy career carrys over to his dancing

  4. Madison Hinton

    2020 anyone

  5. FCarmela CA

    same here. I just noticed kevin hart and Im LMAO lol!!!!!!

  6. Hillary Mbotto

    Yoh T-Man is that Kevin Hart right there !! :D

  7. Crazy girl On da bloc

    So I’m guessing Kevin is the baddest in the club

  8. Marshall Ck

    2020... Summer time..😍😍What...

  9. Amanda Medley


  10. Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

    I had watched half of the video until I realized that was Kevin Hart

  11. Moeez Abdul

    Can we aleast have 100 likes for Kevin Hart ?!

  12. Alex Nemechek

    My funeral song

  13. BunnyB

    It’s 2020 and I got here somehow

  14. Ladiva SoBougie

    Kevin got me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. imkeepingitblank

    I hate Kevin so much😂


    2020 whos is thiss?? Tpain king of autotune 😊😊😊😊😊

  17. Carlos Flores

    Before anyone knew what the hell it was to twerk.....The Had Booty Wurk!!!! 10 years ago and this is till my jam in 2020!!

  18. d stinger

    Work is spelled wrong

    Jordan Bronson

    It's booty wurk not working for you? 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Alexander Dyer

    Definitely love the bass

  20. I'm a goddess you're a fool

    The girl with the I got haterz shirt on, still all these years later, leaves my jaw dropped.

  21. Jason Allen

    2020 #Muriwhenua

  22. Second Phone

    Black car, black rims, Black Tim's, that sounds just like my sister!

    Jordan Bronson


  23. TyZhan McGear

    Back in 2019 just to look at the 1st car,🔥 laugh at kev😂, and still wonder what ol girl was doing in the purple😒..

  24. Levert Fairley

    the lady in the a shirt shaking that thang

  25. lil miss mary jane

    The curly haired chick "saggin" her pants is hot

  26. lil miss mary jane

    That mini cooper tho

  27. Abraham Turaga

    Everytime i hear this song ,i can just picture the acapella guys from Pitch perfect with their face reactions and all....fucken classic 😂😂😂😂

  28. Angie Love

    Who still listens to this jam 2020 ? Me lol

  29. 433

    Back when Kevin hart used to look like deezz nuts 😂😂

  30. Precious Princess

    the editing is so meme-worthy like bruh

  31. Jonathan Edwards

    Throwback in 2020 who listening????

  32. Bobbi Helgeson

    Can you stop making songs like this

  33. Dodong Galarpe

    Sino nakikinig ngaun 2020 na

  34. Kendall Smith

    2:03 kevin running like he got a wedgie

  35. Russell Mills

    I have never seen this video in my life but this track is crazy hot and I didn't know that was Kevin Hart dancing. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017

  36. Christina George

    dog i like this song im lisin now

  37. Jay cool

    Who still listen to this in 2020

  38. Leland Gaunt

    2020 anyone?

  39. Riana Rios

    2020 BABYYYY

  40. Maddy Cum on in

    Def on my 2020 new year jam. Happy new years Yall

  41. edson kasama

    2020 bitches im here!

  42. Vi Lawier

    Black car ...v.L. ..71 . 😎😎😎boom..😎😎🎆

  43. PipeCrafter420

    bro t-pain hit a little bernie in there at 3:18 lmao

  44. Cameron Ostarly

    Kevin looks like he didn't know what to do and just went with the flow😂

  45. Trash2Treasure 2000

    100.00 music video

  46. Simone Logan

    RIP Kevin harts car

  47. Tiny Bitch

    Who wishes they would redo this video with some hardcore twerkers and shakers ? 😅

  48. Nick Tuhey

    1:06 my cuzin jaw dropped

  49. Niah Green

    kevin hart gets in a music video and dont know how to act lmaoo

  50. Niah Green

    whos listening in december 2019

  51. Sarah Lemons

    same i love the unde4 ware.

  52. Sarah Lemons

    o and it is handum.

  53. Sarah Lemons

    it is funny and i love the but.

  54. Tpobeatheater1871

    2:02 how a mom dances (watxh kevin hart)

  55. Cynthia Johnson



    So we not going to talk about the stud

  57. Ashley Rhodes

    Still jamming to this

  58. Bonnie Maynard

    Tell kevin I jumped out the back of charger and said I know you seen me see you bahaha

  59. Bonnie Maynard

    What the hell is he doing bahaha

  60. Bonnie Maynard

    He trying to look so serious bahaha

  61. Bonnie Maynard

    Look at kevin omg

  62. Bonnie Maynard

    Yep sure will better ask somebody #queen B diamond where ya at love #bonniemaynard

  63. Kevin Ericsan


  64. Артём Белоконь

    December 2019 !!! 😉👍

  65. Suga MintyFresh

    Me:*minds my own business then looks out my window* Ummm MOM!!!!!

    mom: What sweetie?


    Mom:Don't worry its normal just go back to your room and clean


  66. tyler kuhn

    Anybody else notice when he points at the rims there not black there chrome bahahahah

  67. ace andres

    Kevin hart pala un pesti

    ace andres

    December 2019

  68. DRAKE-The Rapper KING

    Did u see Kevin hart face when he put his glasses back on lololololo 🤳🤳🏼🤳🏽🤳🏾🤳🏿🤳🏻🤩🤩🤩😆😆🤣🤣😂😂😄😄😄😄😄🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂👀

  69. Aul moonbleu

    2029 anyone ?
    T-pain make a come back !🔥

  70. Leah Ross

    I love how they put the three girls in the back because all they know how to do is pop there backs😂😂😂

  71. Nana Al Shareef

    Is that Kevin Hart 😍😍😍

  72. chantelle bowerman

    Should of had his s15 LS swap drift car in the video

  73. simon makinde

    I ain’t comin’ up short Kevin Hart... 😂😂 How he didn’t punch T-Pain after this video....

  74. simon makinde

    Kevin Hart.... 😂😂😂

  75. Rajneesh Kumar

    I like the way kevin is moving... 😅😅... I think recently he came back after attending an indian wedding... 😍😍

  76. k m

    The girl in khaki breaking it down nice!

  77. Young Styles


  78. Kyler Bailey

    This video inspired Twerking

  79. Judy Rossi

    i died 😂😭😭

  80. Stephen Richardson

    Who's here right before 2020

  81. Charles Deline

    So what's wrong, these dancers can kiss my ass

  82. Jamayca Molina

    90% kevin hart ahahaha

  83. Datboidaddy 16

    Don't waste your time ok.

  84. Nayseon King

    i love theis music

  85. Tane Maru

    Wait this whole time ive been alive and this being created , i do not remember kevin hart being in this wtf ??? Mandella effect much

  86. Levert Fairley


  87. Chole Maas

    Me in my room 🍑

  88. *Kaleigh J.* ВСЩ

    Lol Kevin got no rythem whatsoever

  89. Brandon Aponte

    When he is says “black shirt” but wears a white one.

  90. Pius Muchira

    ... ...😎...✌️...

  91. Joseph Burroughs

    All of them know each other

  92. Joseph Burroughs

    Love this song and Kevin Hart was doing his thing

  93. LolaShabang


  94. Nikolai Belinski

    Thanos: “IMPOSIBLE”

  95. Enrique OB

    Back then when you didn’t have to pay Kevin hart to be in a video lol

  96. Kamarious Antonio Temple

    99.9% of the people in the comment section has their eyes glued to Kevin Hart

  97. BELHSAN Khaoula

    OMG kevin hart and his so rapid shoulders walk