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T-Pain Be Your X Comments
  1. Nichol R Spearman

    T pain reach out to the grass roots, there's lots of talents out here. I am a song writer and I know yal will love it. Hope you see this thread. From the bottom.

  2. Roosevelt Campbell

    song been on my playlist since it dropped 💯

  3. Man with many names

    This song should have more views

  4. Pernell Mitchell

    I can’t wait

  5. Eric Crane

    This song talkn to em fo me💯

  6. Kev Matla

    aka the best you ever had 🔥

  7. Kai Lynae

    My nigga Tpain 👌🏽

  8. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Deep song good concept. Nice song

  9. ykiersia Montgomery


  10. Leonardo Koamy

    my favorite on the album 😍

  11. CurlyQueen Lareefer

    You already feel like an ex I CANT forget, been listening since I was 13 lol

  12. Joshua Harris

    Honestly biggest comeback of 2019.

  13. Seiozi

    bling bow bling bow my boys. can i get a bloop bloop

  14. Thee Greatest Ever

    Yes master! These are mega mega

  15. JMarz Productions

    Sucks this only has 70k. The whole album didn't really blow up and it seems like he really put a lot of effort into it. Keep the grind T Pain! I'm fucking with this.

  16. eL. Psycho

    Maaan this deserves more hype

  17. Joseph Rodgers



    R.I.P RASHEED !!!!

    Tacary Gaines

    Tamara Pleas long.Live.Sheed 🙏🏾💯

  19. Ray Stoopyd

    Dude...smh.....lol dope

    Camino G

    You feel me lol

  20. Leon verses Noel

    Chris Brown should have been featured

    Hurricane milli

    Leon verses Noel yeah

  21. 1stGiant


  22. 1stGiant

    Funniest and realest song on the album

  23. Billy Larkin

    Lit 🔥 fireplace

  24. Angel H

    Who else is lowkey kinda mad he's not signing without autotune after masked singer

  25. Defying The Oddz

    OOF! TPizzle with that heavy bass tho! Fire

  26. Keisha •


  27. Keith Jackson

    THE FUCKING G.O.A.T.!!!!

  28. K Johnson

    Who is the gittarist in that song?

  29. AAFX 308

    Went from “I’m sprung... dawg she got me” to “I just wanna be your ex”.

  30. AS - 06KS - Morning Star MS (1114)

    Who came here because of the masked singer?

  31. Eric Morris

    Why does he have to use he N-word? He's so talented and seems to be such a good guy, but that word is just so negative....just my opinion, not that it really means much.


    It just comes out and it goes with the words he saying.

  32. Alexander Bomboy

    I dont think ill ever forget Tpain!

  33. ImmortalEastWarren LB


  34. anjelica023

    Never get tired of tpain!

  35. Jodi Chriepto


  36. Ariana Leon

    Yesss! Go tpain

  37. Certified RAT

    Congrats man you earned it, your voice is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  38. maryjane

    Boop Boop Boop 😭

  39. Lynn

    Way to go winning The Masked Singer!

  40. Hbejean

    I knew you were the monster on "the masked singer" on fox tv


    2 seconds into his first performance!

  41. 100robisaac

    Can never go wrong with that classic pizzle. This 🔥🔥🔥

  42. Dark Kaito

    Sent to my ex real fast

  43. Zuheyry E.


  44. Mikevida28

    Here before he gets revealed on the masked singer

  45. Deepali Derbere


  46. Johanny Parra


    Camino G


  47. Sherry Ransom

    Mr. Teddypenderassdown 👑💪💯🔥

    Wicked Jay7

    I thought it was bend-her-ass-down

  48. Candice Black

    Right on Time.

  49. Derrick Mack

    don't sleep on Mr. Teddy Pinyoazzdown!!!

    Mali Valdes

    Derrick Mack,how it go, now I'd like to welcome y'all to the fabulous Carolina west I own this muthafucka now my name is teddy and we got something old and something new here for us here tonight......doggy dog world

  50. Neisha Rose


  51. Alan Calvillo

    let me Be Your X.

  52. Abraham Abuhashem

    Damm 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Ivory J

    U need a new artist on ya label holla at me i know one

  54. MrColllie

    We chillin can't believe he dropped a new album like that. Wild.

    Superior Trucking30

    Cause he won masked singer perfect time to drop it everyone looking him up right now

  55. Schneider Pierre

    I fucks with it 🤙🏾🔥

  56. Mony mon


  57. Th3jok10

    Here before it gets ALOT of views

    Demon Hunter


    Keisha •