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T-Pain Bad Side Comments
  1. DJ LYNX

    JAN 2020 IM HERE

  2. Awesome Andrew

    T. Pain forever man nappyboyy best to ever do it period oooweee #1 forever man 2000s20192020 2100. Forevermore

  3. Royal Dane

    2019 anyone??? Tpain is so unrated to me I swea #Goat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Harry Walker

    Yassss we here!!!

    Be (Studios)

    🔥🔥🔥 To this day

  4. chany0789

    Why this song isn’t on the album to stream on itunes or spotify this was my fav off the album

  5. Tree House Community

    Jan 22 2019

  6. Jess Dreads

    January 1, 2019

  7. Cjaysway34

    Still bumping this into 2019 idc. Too bad it’s not on iTunes.

  8. yourfavoriteJAZ

    Did this song disappear off the album or am I’m just looking over it???? This is my favorite song off that album!!

    Erika Ritter

    yourfavoriteJAZ same!! Can’t find it anywhere!

  9. SoraLow360

    2018 aint going no where bby

    Lili Derochefort

    Ayeee right

  10. J W

    this song sends me pack to those days

  11. B rad Grig

    January 2018!!! 🔥

  12. Harley

    Olders better than newer nowadays

  13. Samantha Keys

    this song is really good

  14. henry walker

    2017 baby ! im the sex police!

  15. OceanS

    2k16 and still on it XD

    Tom Deakin

    Will always be on this for sure!

  16. Brompton Cocktail 67


  17. franky__ocean

    I'm a big t-pain fan.!!! Love him.

  18. Monique k

    Show me yo bad side bend over and show me that back side! aye this use to be my song!

  19. jr5607

    3 rings was better than alot of albums from that year

  20. Zack X

    LOL this was the myspace days

    Arkei Shareef

    Zack X Tess I remember them days 08

  21. da boi ace

    i was haah

  22. mostafaberg

    Come to the bad side, we have weed !

  23. N'gnimbien Erwin

    you are right it was and still is a bomb

  24. PoetiK Official

    ayee err body know ya cant f wit da police haha t-painn

  25. L12

    This CD was that shyt!!! ALL THE SONGS WERE!!!! Love this sirkus feel

  26. TheDarnae


  27. Kasmir Jones

    My F'n SONG !

  28. Jason Rush

    this CD was is the bomb but ppl was not on it

  29. Vu Nguyen

    Shawttyyyyy yeahh yeahh yeahhhhhhhhhhh