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T-Pain 2 Fine Comments
  1. Mitchell Edwards

    Why is the full version of this song not on Apple Music 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Towela Nyirenda

    How did you know bitch how did you know? 🔥

  3. John Whitaker

    Come on they going hard on this with the vocals

  4. Nick Gatis

    a million views??? people are fucking sleeping or dead

  5. Isaac Miles Sr

    Straight Slapper Y'all 2019 DJ Really Real

  6. Ryan Monahan

    Teddy mf pain

  7. Shabaaz X

    Feel them ohhh in my throat 😒😣

  8. amine errachdi

    2019 💙✌🌍

  9. dion nuku

    Not only can he sing without auto tune. He is the epiphany and king of auto tune. No one can take that away from him cause his music will be legendary

  10. Quincis Scott


  11. dwight wilkinson


  12. Brandthe Manlee

    Today marks the day this video received 420 dislikes 👏

  13. Alex Vanalstine

    tpain the fuckin GOAT

  14. Osama bin Laughin'

    Best track in the album

  15. Bbk Business

    T-PAIN The Auto-tune King

  16. Jacob Jonas

    Bro get a better promoter. Huge fan of TY and t pain and never heard anything about this song until I did some digging. Just a heads up


    I keep stumbling on this T pain music been a fan for a min tho I am shocked ov all the stuff I’m stumbling on

  18. gaming with losky

    Got that booty bouncing on the floor.. How low can you go, it's lit

  19. Dante Mitchell

    Sounds like how garbage truck juice would smell

  20. Devin Seals

    T-pain will always be a king

  21. Paulinho Katchorro

    Yeeeeeah 💞🎵💭

  22. Caleb Stovall

    What's the name of this project?

  23. Donnie Wiseman

    Great colab with T-pain & Ty Dolla Sign......

  24. Wyatt The Wise

    Freaknick is BAAAAAACK!✊🏾🤙🏾

  25. Kenneth Villasis

    Tpain will be back for sure!

  26. Squirtle Bandit

    So many uneducated music fans tpain the best to do autotune but not the forefather or creator y'all forget the auto songs from the 80's.....

  27. Jeremy Daniel


  28. Wracquel Auzane'

    Teddy Penherassdown

  29. Chastity Cordova

    I love the whole album Yes Sir😘😘😘

  30. Betty Sanchez

    Yessss...I love it

  31. Donald Gray

    i jst need name of album

    Alonzo Turner

    Donald Gray Oblivion

  32. Dwight Fields

    whats that feeling ouuh i snuke it why u snoozed suprise something new woke up with a view and i just had too ouuh

  33. Blazze777

    By far one of my most favorite artist.🔥

  34. LosAngeles Made

    Ty dolla killed this !

  35. Amanda Z

    what a coincidence when ur fave song goes for like 6 mins wow i love tpain

  36. M-Dbs

    Still not long enough

  37. Video-game life

    waiting for buy yo drank remix..

  38. Scorp1983

    I love T PAIN, killed this shit! He’s so talented, I been a fan since his first album.

    I keep this shit on repeat. King of autotune

  39. David Roberts

    Wouldn't say i Love him but he got it like he said she did

  40. M.chino Cazals

    Oooooh it lit oooooh lit my favorite part lol #thatendingharmonytho❤️

  41. F3ndi Gucci Da Prada Jones

    it lit its lit

  42. Angelo Nelson

    Tight Work!!!

  43. HishamAC

    ty dolla flow too slow. shouldve matched t pain's

  44. ti dward marguerite

    Like ooooouh great vocals here

  45. Mistah FTM 7394

    dope song. where she at doe?🤔

  46. Richmond yeboua

    T-PAIN Angel voice😇🤘🤘🤘

  47. Khaila Thompson

    I live for the “ooooohs” 😩🙌🏽

  48. Anuisance

    if you voted dislike for this song you're an idiot... all ups for this . two thumbs and two big toes

  49. Georgia Peach

    When listening to this you just want to be with your man drinking some brown water with sexy lingere on..... 💧❤️💣... And just Dance for him, just us two foreal.... T pain whole album is so sexy I can't right now like OMGGGGGGGG 💋

  50. Teodor Jechev

    very strong song .. verse of TY I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

  51. Maycon Vitor

    t pain , fã eterno 🤘

  52. Charles Anderson

    aBout time Teddy...Dang

  53. Shardi Dunn

    well who wouldnt his voice is so adorable

  54. Ton 97

    Esse cara tem estrela ☆♡.
    Brasil •°

  55. Carlos Moody

    T-Pain back wit a banger

  56. 7rabbit82

    Glad T-Pain back at work

  57. Meechyy


  58. Reresmiles08

    Yes indeed 👍😉

  59. iGrovy


  60. Brieanna Hill

    This my new favorite song


    t pain!

  62. Ryanzão


  63. Miami Papi

    I honestly couldnt believe this when I heard it, T Pain still got it.

  64. Kelly Hryniuk

    Amazing 👑

  65. Andrea Hawkins

    TPain always delivers 💖

  66. Caine K.

    OOOOOH WOOO, OOOOH WOOOOOO, OOOH WOOOOOH, OOOOH WOOOOO, so annoying... sorry to say.

  67. Alonzo Turner

    Another one for the club grind and stripper playlist

  68. Mia Haden

    Lawwd TPain 🔥 he's bakk ooouuu. shidddd

  69. santeria elder

    yessss my ish....

  70. Vani Jay

    If you're not Zapp & Roger or T Pain and you're using the talk-box effect, just stop!

  71. Cabdirisaaq Raamsade

    Love ya T pian from africa

  72. BLAQK !

    _HOW MANY_ people *STILL* love *_T-PAIN?_*

    Actor Obrian

    BLAQK ! Me

    Brandon Norris

    reanna Johnson still got love for t pain he's an OG

    LiLc CarlJr Carl Oren

    BLAQK ! Errbody

    Jojo Rodrigous


  73. DTownGirl 313

    T Pain forever on my playlist 💋🔥🔥🔥

  74. Gonçalves Souza Vinicius

    🔰#brazil 2017

  75. Robert Cesar

    SLC music top

  76. AJ Tenorio

    S/O to NB Riders for being the first of em all to create the auto tune flow! Glad to see it making history. Stay up Tpain!

  77. la poule ou l'oeuf

    I want one feat with kendrick lamar 😚

  78. I Met You Today

    This song had me giving my wife the lion looking at prey look when she walked into the room, lol!

  79. mataozil

    Miss the 2007 T-Pain

  80. Audemar Rose .Gold Owens


  81. Tane Thomas

    Woah this shits dope asfuck

  82. Evan Thorn

    ‘Ah yeah!’ Most satisfying ad-lib ever

  83. King KY

    Tpain is the lil wayne of rnb

  84. Ravena Royal




  86. Blood Sweat & Brews

    Bruh I SWEAR!! Y’all keep telling Travis Scott to hop on this song for a remix please...

    Gabriel Valdez

    Blood Sweat & Brews you just mighta did something

  87. Tharsan J

    who the fuck said T-Pain fell off Jay?

  88. Vinicius Araújo

    Daora o som

  89. Lyrical Myracle

    The forefather of auto-tune & father of a lot of these singers now lol

    Panos Chr13

    It's 2017 and still people can't understand the difference between autotune and talkbox smh lmao


    Panos Chr13 the end result is the same if not better on the talkbox.

    Auto tune wouldn't exist if it wasn't for pioneers that needed more skill to get pitch perfect on an instrument rather than fiddling post production or preset values to make a shitty pop singer sing better.

    Smfh. Just cus blues and rock don't sound the same and an acoustic guitar is different from an electric doesn't make artists shit on historical value u dumb brat.

    Jorge Salinas



    Zap and Rogers are the forefathers t pain the foregrandson lol

    question marc

    T pain sing best without auto tune

  90. Brian Hannold

    Here before 150k 🔥

  91. Arturo Williams


  92. Saleh Buhamed


  93. João Victor Conceição

    Ty Dolla $ign sem limites

  94. LilKennyMusicOfficial

    FIRE!!!!!!! This is a certified banger and KENNY said it 1st.

  95. Arahh .k