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T. Mills Trouble Comments
  1. Fede Kush

    Daaaaaamn ! Argentina 2017 🔥

  2. Caleb Robinson

    i knew i done heard lil aaron before and didnt kno where

  3. maryanne towfigh

    damn Travis you are fucking amazing! all of your music goes hard af🔥keep that shit up and bringing that music♬ I love you boyyyyy❤😘💕

  4. Julieta De lellis

    🇦🇷Argentina 30 de octubre🇦🇷😍🙈👏🏻💕💫

  5. DROPP

    OMG😍 you are something unique myan 😘 you just killed it myan
    INDIA loves you ❤ keep throwing this stuffs out 👌 GOOD vibes✌

  6. YNG FVS


  7. Larissa Natalia

    come to brazillll fdp

  8. tatiana joyner

    I'm always looking for trouble
    And I ain't got no trouble finding it
    My new girl, she act like the devil
    Cause that's all I'm ever her side of it, yeah[?]
    I'm always looking for trouble
    And I ain't go not trouble finding it
    I'm 'bout to pour me a double
    Guess it's just one of them nights again
    'Cause I'm always, I'm always, I'm always looking for trouble, yeah
    I'm always, I'm always, I'm always looking for trouble, yeah
    And I ain't got no trouble finding it
    'Cause I'm always looking for trouble
    I'm always looking for trouble, yeah

    Sometimes I fee like the trouble go looking for me
    But where else you go when it's quarter to three
    And she all on your phone and she down on your knees
    Don't act like you'd do any different
    Don't act like your bitch isn't missing this
    Don't act like you getting these dividends
    I be on top and you ain't, that's the difference
    That call that perspective
    Lost a few friends, but I do not regret it
    Wrote a few hits that I play at my set list
    Ask your girl 'bout it, her name on the guest list
    I couldn't resist it, girl, that ass look just like a bubble
    I swear it's the same shit I always like get me in trouble


    I'm always looking for something new
    Might get a room at the W
    All of my bitches, they fuck with me
    All of my bitches ain't fuck with you
    Uber XL to the club just to buy a few bottles
    And fuck me a model
    Then fly out to Cabo
    Just for the tacos
    Like I won the lotto
    This shit is a problem, man
    And I ain't even try'na fix it
    I like 'em 5'6, slim thick, independent
    Whip so fast, I got a quick wrist
    She mix some vodka with the citrus
    Good kush and cologne, come and sniff this
    Girl Scout Cookies, no thin mints
    Shawty always getting into trouble
    Guess that means that we got the same interests


  9. Leonela Mills

    Argentina 😍😍😍😍

  10. Ambar Medina

    God. I love u Travis Tatum

  11. Vivian Santana

    Meuuu que música fodaa !!
    Travis maravilhosoo 💕💕

  12. Agatha

    Vem pra BR de novo

  13. Juli Mansillla

    i love you (: travis !!!!

  14. Level Company

    oh fucking cool men !

  15. luciano

    Chile loves u ♡

  16. Melisa Laval

    Gracias por la nueva música, me encantaron todos los temas. Sos un groso ídolo, te amo con toda mi alma Travis. Argentina loves you. ❤

  17. Margarita Velasco

    M E X I C O

  18. Effy

    Brazil ❤️

  19. Mariji Salazar Ceja

    Toda la música de Travis siempre es la mejor y album como este son los mejores

  20. Natalia Pimentel

    Brasil 🤘🏽

  21. wendy martinez

    Argentina wants you

  22. wendy martinez

    i love you traaaaaavis ♥

  23. Gastón Di Marco

    Damn Travis! keep it real with good music! Argentina Loves u ♥

  24. Miguel ángel arenas mendoza

    wooo :) <3

  25. Alann Gomez

    the first💪


    +Alan Gomez not really

  26. Mari Nascimento