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T. Mills Hangover Comments
  1. livia lima


  2. Thafairestheiress Shea


  3. SOUTH SIDE 247

    I never new he was a singer i thought he was just a podecaster ❤

  4. Ayelen Sheckler


  5. Nadita Lopez

    Argentina 🇦🇷😘

  6. Nadita Lopez


  7. Fiw Natthapon

    คนไทยนะครับ ปุ้ยๆ

  8. PunchedInTheEar


  9. Aarhon Russo

    tío, la mejor de todo el álbum. favvvvv.

  10. Juan Carlos

    Argentina te ama <3

  11. Sugar M

    Te amo boludooooooo

  12. Kayo Yuuki-sama

    I listen to it all day, so underrated 😔

  13. Julieta De lellis

    30 octubre 💕💫🙈


    Ju Mills its my Bday

    Julieta De lellis

    Hmxud xd

  14. Shawn Kurtis

    feelin' this.

  15. Carlos Ramirez

    And "T. Mills" never relase Thrillionaire 2

    Toti Vazquez

    man that would have been fcking amazing,this... its good but anything like the old t mills

  16. Nico Romero

    This song would pair well with Ariana Grande's song Focus, or at least maybe some of her video scenes with this song. The spinning circle thing from her video at 00:31 to this song 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  17. Cee Man

    'While You Wait' is his best stuff so far. This song is too damn good.

  18. Bruna Daniela

    love travis 💕

  19. Pandha Forever

    Caile a México. 👌

  20. Tisha Sims


  21. MissYahYah

    Saw Travis on SkeeTV and now I'm here! Love it.

  22. chica yngfvs

    amo este tema <3 te amoo travis eres el mejor

  23. Daniela Alatorre Diaz

    ven a mexicooooo xc te amo <3

  24. Agatha


  25. Vivi Ornitier

    Fucking boss

  26. Sofía Pérez


  27. J KROOS

    Me encanta esta cancion ^^

  28. Vito Visentini

    Anthem!! <3

  29. Bárbara Blú

    ídolo wn💘💘💘

    Cami Galleguillos

    eres Yngfvs

    Bárbara Blú

    +Cami Galleguillos sí

    Cami Galleguillos

    +Bárbara Blú yeiii somos 2

    Cami Galleguillos

    +Bárbara Blú amo a t.mills

  30. Cami Galleguillos


  31. linda vs feia

    love travis

  32. mati gutman

    tremendo wachinnnn

  33. Jean Jimenez


  34. Luisa Soto

    Love u baby

  35. Pía

    chile loves you babe😻💘

    Cami Galleguillos

    yeiii una YNG FVS chilena toma mi número de whatsapp +56973208215 como la YNG FVS que soy

  36. Alice Alves

    a feat with zayn or nick jonas would be awesome

    J M4Y

    Nissa Kosick so basically you're saying Mills should collaborate with dumbasses for fame? You're an idiot. Omg yeah lol omg T.Mills would be so famous if he did songs with 1 direction and the jonas brothers. Fuck off!

    Nissa Kosick

    Actually he would. I think his voice would fit right in with either of them. First of all when did one direction even come up? she said ZAYN, and second of all, look at yourself mate your probably a grown adult arguing with 13-year-olds. get a life

    J M4Y

    Nissa Kosick Oh so sorry I don't give a time of day to little teeny singers idgaf about and fuck Zayn. Yes you're 13 so get off the internet and stop bothering creative artists asking them to become mediocre for fame. 99% of his hits are from himself if you want to include Dev and TI you can but your argument is weak as hell.

    Nissa Kosick

    And your argument is? I never said he should collaborate with zayn did I? So don't put fucking words in my mouth, I just said that maybe he would be more widely known if he collabs with people who are extremely known. And for probably grown ass adults to pick on the person who originally posted this comment is fucking sick and disgusting. Get a life and move tf outta your moms basements and get an ACTUAL job.

    D - Mind

    Nick Jonas is like the stronger versión of Travis LMAO

  37. Nestor OG

    IDOLO. V-E-N-E-Z-U-E-L-A <3 aTT NestorMc

    Dorimar Portillo

    saaabeee *-* Venezuela!!

  38. Julian Ortiz

    ven a colombia por favor !!!

    Brandon Smith


  39. laiany sthefany


    Raf a ⁀‿⁀

    +Laiany Sthefany MUITO

  40. Estefania Ponce

    como Amo a este Wn'<3

    Cami Galleguillos

    Yo igual lo amo!! ♡♥♡♥

    cristobal galleguilllos

    Todas sus Young favorites lo amamos.PD: Uso la cuanta de youtube de mi hermano porque mi celu esta malo ajslsjdldbud OK NO XD.

  41. Luly mills

    i love youu♡♡♡♡♡
    i adore you ♡

  42. nady Zubaran

    💞💞💞 genio