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T. Mills Buzzin' Comments
  1. Emily Rose

    my fave song to this DAY

  2. nicolas galoppa

    sos hermoso travissss te amo

  3. Dexter Ramsdell

    Love this album

  4. Cams Frade

    2019 e eu estou aqui firme e fiel sendo uma Young Favorite ❤️🇧🇷

  5. King John

    https://youtu.be/nlsHFlylTdY 2019?

  6. マッキントッシュ2 0 0 2 悲しい男の子

    M É X I C O 🇲🇽🔥

  7. OneScene

    yf forever<3

  8. Pedro Vinicius

    Buzzin 2018

  9. Alan mills

    travis 😍

  10. Matthew Simonson

    might just Fuck it

  11. Dustin C

    We getting anything new Trav? time to come back to us

  12. Fiw Natthapon

    คนไทยนะครับ ปู้นๆ

  13. Ciarra Shea

    BUzzzzin BUzzzin Buzzzinnn <3
    if you dont think this song is catchy, your taste in music needs some fixin.
    lol #tmillsistheshit

  14. likes_blood Hazelton

    hudge fsn wish i could come see u but cant afford ticket maybe u can send me ticket im 21 but on disablity and dont drive so my gfs dad need gas id give it to him but then i need pay for hotel room he dont work but i really like ur music

  15. ヒカル

    thought my phone was buzzing, it was just coming from the tv listening to this SMH

  16. likes_blood Hazelton

    love ur music

  17. Disklock

    Si haria musica asi estaria en la cima pero es muy irregular.

  18. James Fetch

    yo trav love this track, you inspired me to push my music since we met in Fort Lauderdale

  19. Afro Negresca

    i loved this song. #BRA

  20. MrGD Dash

    the peach buzzin fuck! riot!

  21. vladimir kozlov

    I like this song! Thank you Travis!

  22. Zoe Gainza

    donde puedo comprar la entrada para el 30 en argentina??&?$%?$?7

    Zoe Gainza

    agregame a wssp ahre flashaba confianza

    Sugar M

    Al final fuiste? Yo si 💜 Buscame en fb Agustin Gallagher o en ig snegill_m

    Zoe Gainza

    +agus gallagher no, no fui, no llegue a comprar la entrada, sad,
    no me apareces agregame vos a fb Zoe Gainza o seguime en ig y te sigo @zoegainza

    Sugar M


    Sugar M


  23. MiistyK

    Esta mierda me ase sangrar los oidos Lpm

    Sugar M

    Loro, anda a tu jaula


    Chupame la pija amigo Saludos desde la concha de tu madre

  24. Riley Bowe

    Damn Mills, this is probably one of your hardest songs yet. Good job.

  25. Avila 23

    t.mills e foda de mais kkk

  26. Francisco Martin

    Your music is really great bro, RESPECT!

  27. Douglas Magno


    Pedro Vinícius

    concordo mano

    Jaime Do Peru

    né nom

  28. katarina dickinson

    its been like two years since the last tour :( I've been "waiting" foreverrrr travis ! come to florida !

    James Fetch

    katarina dickinson he was dope in Laudy

  29. Eva Mg


  30. Renee Smith

    Wow travis, this song is hard as fuck, im so addicted to it and your song beleive that.

  31. Henrique Tavares

    i love it, i might say, fuck it

  32. Jah Blim

    This song is hated by drug dealers.


    travis mills <3 ps idoloooooo :___ saludos desde chile travis

  34. MINT_ Style


  35. Alan Fernando Olivera

    travis ❤

  36. Simply Shae



    The best 👑

  38. Young Mariner

    Only 7225 views??? People should know about that...

  39. Coletivo Reggae Action

    Porra hein ❤️

  40. Gina González


  41. Mariji Salazar Ceja


  42. Jean Salles

    ficou braba

  43. Letícia Nacimento

    the best song

  44. Marianx

    Te amo😍

  45. Andreita483


  46. Andreita483


  47. Gastón Di Marco

    Travis ft G-Eazy? idk but this dope! ARGENTINA in DA HOUSE!!


    Ive thought of this since last year, and I came to the conclusion that they don't like each other. Think about it they both know blackbear for years now meaning they have obviously met but they don't have a single song

    Gastón Di Marco

    Yoo that's true...

  48. Nestor OG

    Oh Shit men, IDOLO. V-E-N-E-Z-U-E-L-A

  49. Vice-Versa Beats

    drakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee style

  50. Pandha Forever

    Buena la rola. 👊😎

  51. Susana Martínez


  52. laiany sthefany

    HOLY SHIT 👌👏💘

  53. Estefania Ponce

    me encanto este tema💕