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T. Mills Believe That Comments
  1. マッキントッシュ2 0 0 2 悲しい男の子

    2019 🤑💀🔥

  2. Anais D.

    So coooollllll

  3. Mike Zote

    2018 anyone

  4. Melissa Vso

    Te amo por siempreee, come to Monterrey NL Mexico mwaaaaah💞

  5. Dylan Taylor

    Literally listened to you since I was like 14. Forever my biggest crush 💜💜

  6. Jaydee B

    'I don't believe that' - gets stuck in your head for weeks! Dayuuuuum.

  7. Ele na

    She say she ain't done this before
    (I don't believe that)
    She say she don't miss me anymore 
    (I don't believe that)
    She says she ain't got nobody else 
    (I don't believe that)
    She thinks that she's leaving by herself 
    (I don't believe that)
    I don't believe that [x8]

    They say that you the one I'm waiting on 
    Make me believe that 
    Been the one they fucking with
    (That's cool run hello breathe that[?])
    I'm buzzin', buzzin', buzzin' 
    I can't keep my phone from ringing 
    I been living out all of these hooks that you've been singing 
    Say no more, bands on deck 
    Once hit the floor, Twitter's me or more [?]
    At least we're 24, you say I'm moving fast 
    Still you're coming over, asking me to pour 
    Started on the couch, moved to the bed 
    Ended on the floor, then we went some more 
    Damn, this exactly what she coming here for, but...


    While you been lying, I been getting high with my friends 
    Miss me with that drama, wondering when will all that shit end
    Now that we're older, you still all up on the same shit 
    But I guess for tonight, we can fuck and forget 
    I been thinking, I've been drinking 
    Maybe I was mistaken 
    Tell me that you're somewhere waiting 
    And you're mine for the taking 
    Give me that, just how I like it 
    Give me lip, I'ma bite it 
    Sit on top, I won't fight it 
    She a pro, she try'na hide it, cause...


    I don't believe that [x8]

    Baby I don't believe that for a bit 
    Baby I don't believe that one bit, baby, baby, baby
    Baby, baby
    Oh no, yeah 
    I don't believe that for a bit

  8. Kerry Weber

    next to come up is Kyle Lucas watch

  9. Edgar Hernandez

    Thumbs up if you still listening in 2017.

    Dawa Tashi

    Edgar Hernandez still in 2018

  10. Aben Carranco

    I don't believe that

  11. Nick B Jr.

    U should make a song with g eazy and logic could be best song ever


    century gamer say yassss!!!!

    Lucky Singh

    I agreeeeeee

    Robert Brott III

    g eazy, logic, Travis mills and lil dicky

  12. Adrian Desjardins

    Maybe tonight we can fuck and forget 😂 fucking guy lmao S/O man keep up the sick tunes ✊

  13. Erick Valencia

    dope af travis👌

  14. Anayeli Tolentino

    travis el mejor😍💕

  15. Julieta De lellis

    30 de octubre🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💕💕💕💕😍👏🏻💫

  16. Haydin Randel

    hes babe af omf😍😍😍

  17. Harsh Shahane

    yoo.....damn cool....come India once man

  18. Poni De Queso


  19. Pandha Forever

    Éste track está bien chingon! Saludos desde la Ciudad de México. ✌ 🐼

    Ivan Garcia


  20. Tisha Sims

    gimme me that, just how I like it, gimme lip and imma bite it❤

  21. Mili Tatum


  22. Anel Bahena

    I'm in love 😍

  23. Methil Rz

    sounds like the hills and often mixed

  24. ItzJak dvs

    ai ham de beast bro

  25. Ambar Medina

    Estaba esperando esto, te amo Travis.

  26. Raf a ⁀‿⁀

    I love you <3

  27. Michell Jimenéz


  28. Enrique Navarrete


  29. Zoboo


  30. Mariji Salazar Ceja


  31. Fernando Leynez


  32. Jeanp P

    Like 👌🏻👌🏻

  33. PkullionS Veins



    Fãs da America do Sul, cade voces? o/

    Pedro Vinícius

    aqui 👋✋

    Leticia Guimarães

    só cola 👽

  35. Cristobal :3

    estuve esperando tanto este momento

    Freiser Cardenas

    yo igual :v


    Amazing sound as always! Already miss your music. Right time!!! ♥

  37. Alice Alves

    I DON'T BELIEVE THAT the world don't know him ! Love it, great song

  38. Susana Martínez

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! ♥

  39. Beatriz Barbosa

    I love you ❤

  40. tyler skill

    es pagadizo, AGUANTE TMAO

  41. laiany sthefany


  42. Thai

    love you

  43. lean tremor

    geniooo travis