Symphony X - Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) Lyrics

Against the wall - they see you
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Heroic Mask - The cracks are showing
a Faceless God to shape the Perfect Lie

Wounds of Hate have pierced so deep
they never die - my revenge is bittersweet

Lost in the night wandering alone
Try as I might to escape the fight
It never lets me go - I've got to find a way
A way to Rise above it All

Savior or the Fool - the mystery
fades into the cruel shade of night

This broken disguise can not comprehend
what was, and will be.... until the very end

Wounds of hate have pierced so deep
they never die - my revenge is bittersweet

Lost in the night wandering alone
Try as I might to escape the fight
It never lets me go - I've got to find a way
A way to Rise above it All

...oh, where the North Wind sleeps -that is when
we'll meet again... oh, where the shadows creep
into Twilight, I'll descend
Good and Evil, it never ends
You're just a means to an end

Lost in the night wandering alone
Try as I might to escape the fight
It never lets me go - I've got to find a way
A way to Rise above it All

Lost in the night wandering alone
Try as I might to escape the fight
It never lets me go - I've got to find a way
A way to Rise above it All

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Symphony X Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia) Comments
  1. Charles Viante

    Awesome Song! 🤘❤🎶🎵🎶🎵🇧🇷🇱🇷

  2. Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτης

    the best Symphony X song ever!

  3. Miguel Barahona

    This is the classic Symphony X!. The one I love since I first bought Twilight in Olympus, 21 years ago.

  4. Charles Kent

    Good and evil, it never ends.


    2:28 This riff is so well designed that we can clearly perceive an idea of ​​duality, of opposition, obstination, followed by an persuasion atmosphere, of emerging concordance.

    Juicy Bobberino

    ...I just say its badass



  7. Paulo Maillet


  8. Ramiro Villalobos


  9. Daniel Martins


  10. smoothcode

    State Contingents


    Only I can imagine a perfect angels chorus? 8:45

  12. smoothcode

    Why did you say, Obama stalker, change, when the signal is changed already?

  13. MarieleCastán

    Glorious... 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  14. Sx IAL


  15. Andrea Sollai

    Their best, imho

  16. Daniel Aliaga

    Ok, now i have to listen Divine Wings of Tragedy

    Batman Anderson

    The eponymous song is the best, but Accolade still gives me shivers and makes me teary 12 years later.

    Batman Anderson

    @SANTA MARIA EUFRASIA Ah, I see you are a man of taste as well.

  17. maiden 666

    Gracias por tanto Romeo

    Carlos Sagaz

    God Romeo

  18. Jens Hendriks

    Why tf do you translate the name of the album? It is not called Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia. It's called Divine Wings Of Tragedy. No matter what language.

    arnold traore

    trolling or retarded my friend?

    Jens Hendriks

    @arnold traore None, the album does not have that name. How are (even spanish/portuguese) people even going to recognize this album title without seeing a thubnail? Hardly anyone because everyone, whatever language, knows it as Divine Wings of Tragedy!

    arnold traore

    album is called paradise lost, but song is called revelation (divus pennae ex tragoedia) its the song name, not album title. divine wings of tragedy is older album of symphony x and it doesn't contain this song.


    Jens Hendriks Divine Wings of Tragedy is a different album

  19. vsGoliath

    It's cool that they used the original guitar rift from the Divine Wings of Tragedy album in this song when the two are separated by over a decade.

  20. Ketzakov

    8:44, I see you 😊

  21. Yvonne Wadford

    i will honestly say that Symphony X and Dream Theater both have great musicianship and even better showmanship



  22. Yurii Kotsar


  23. Zetan G0D


  24. Yitzchak Gonzalez

    Silent hill be symphony x

  25. Nezith Dueñas

    The perfection...This song is in my tops.

  26. MkGuitar

    6:08 / 7:05

  27. MassYak85

    sneaky symphony x.....writing divine wings of tragedy in latin, I see what you did there. 


    More like "The divine, the wings out of, the tragedy."


    "Divae Pennae Tragoediarum" would be correct, I think.

    Andrea Sollai

    It should sounds more like "Divinae/divae Alae Tragoediae". "Pennae" is more like feathers, tragoedia is singular, and its genitive form is in -ae. "Ex" is a preposition translated in italian (together with noun or adjective following it) with a "complemento di materia (material complement)" or "complemento partitivo (partitive complement)", as the case may be, but not with a "complemento di specificazione (specification complement)" (actually, it's translated with several complements, but in this case the first two are more involved in this sentence, as they could confuse a translator) . The first, "material complement", indicates the substance that makes up something, the material of an object (the statue is made of bronze = la statua è fatta di bronzo = simulacrum ex aere est) ; the second one, "partitive complement", indicates an element on which the statement or concept expressed before takes effect (Lucio is the most diligent among the children = Lucio è il più diligente dei bambini = Lucius sedulissimus ex pueris est). In this particular sentence ("The divine wings of tragedy"), we have a "specification complement" (of tragedy = della tragedia), and genitive is the most appropriate case.


    Every signal can be changed, Amaury

  28. Covers4you

    these guys are like Dream Theater 2 !!!! 

    Allen Hildred

    +Covers4you I am fan to dream theather and Symphony X, 2 bands so amazing !!! ♥♥ I hear them all day, every day until the end of times.. i think the same dude :))


    fuck DT


    @ANIBAL HERNANDEZ fuck you too then.
    Dont create unnecesarry hate. Both bands are great. They represent diffenrent sound and tehy should not be compared. Saying one is better than the other is simply ignorant.


    better noob

  29. Dima Demerzel

    oh my, i knew i recognized that ending riff from somewhere! such a fantastic band. ♥



  31. aydin yilmaz

    @Alacress I guess that is Russell singing at 8:00, it seems he just changes his tone of voice to a lower pitch.

    Alexander Adrian Vargas

    It is Russell singing, I couldn't find guest credits anywhere. He's really versatile. Besides, the song's ending is played a step and a half lower than the rest of it.


    Of course it is, haven't you heard his highs in Divine Wings of Tragedy?

  32. jono5428

    fuck off

  33. Alacress

    Is that actually Russell singing that part at 8.00? I was thinking it didn't really sound like him. Was it perhaps Michael singing it? Whoever it was, it was fucking awesome.

  34. Leonardo Luz

    porra,na moral!!
    mmuuiittooo fffooodaaaa!!!



  35. yordan rodriguez

    Excelente tema

  36. Slowy

    it seems the song have found a way to rise above them all.

  37. PentaMaster

    That final make me cry.

    Charles Viante

    Epic final! 🤘❤

  38. Metalhead121396

    Terrible grammar, though (the Latin). It should be Divae Pennae Tragoediae.

  39. Alexis Wynter

    Well, Yeah. The title, while using incorrect tenses and such, is roughly translated from latin AS "Divine Wings of Tragedy"

  40. Jared Lancaster

    Skyrim anyone?

  41. Jared Lancaster

    the songs full name is latin it roughly translates to Divine Feather Devoid of Tragedy

  42. Cayque Sales

    Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia = Divine Wings of Tragedy

  43. Weenie the Hutt

    I remember I listened to this song over and over and again when I was younger, even before I was a die hard dream theater fan. I could never remember the band name or song name, and after 2 days of tireless searching.... I am here!!! :D

  44. Thiago Silva

    now that you say this, I agree with this too

  45. kaldethyst

    Good point. That explains the instrumental theme from their epic song Divine Wings of Tragedy at the end of this song, around 8:40

  46. Johnny Fila Bassist


  47. Claymore

    hmmm i hear a Edday3 Sountrack from earth 2150

  48. Krowsnest

    I get choked up a bit every time I hear that angel's chorus at the end

  49. Thiago Silva

    yeah you're right

  50. Thiago Silva

    I think DIVUS PENNAE EX TRAGOEDIA means divine wings of tragedy

  51. Femto

    Paradise Lost is the best album of SX.

    julio macias

    is not even the tree better.

  52. Chris the Chris

    That would make sense, as the secondary title is "Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia", which means "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy" ;) anyways, both songs are amazing. like the whole Symphony X.

  53. Akhamesh

    @TheIAFV oh get out of here you delusional fuck. im tired of seeing obssesed religious nuts like you all over youtube. get fucked.

  54. Iván Zamora

    This is considered the "Epic" song from Paradise lost right? Like TDWOFT with the title track and Olympus with through the looking glass, etc.

  55. Samiam22ify

    @mikebagel27 Interesting

  56. Nevadatyler13

    Great song\m/ And I believe since the album is based off Paradise Lost (Poem through satan's eyes) sounds like in this song hes making God sound like the villain, very well written \m/

  57. Isiah Fletcher

    @legendarymanic39 but it is badass

  58. Isiah Fletcher

    @legendarymanic39 its not a long song...

  59. Nick Siepmann

    @Zyborggian It's pretty bad Latin, to be fair. Doesn't detract from an absolute beast of an album.

  60. Steve Johnson

    Best song on a fantastic album!

  61. Milan Dinga

    love Romeo's solos

  62. Marcus Vinicius


  63. Zyborggian

    lol I wonder how many of you even know that Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia means The Divine Wings of Tragedy in Latin.

    Miguel Barahona

    Everyone of us!

  64. Badalabandabad

    For me, A7X In the suggestions is pretty offsensive...

  65. ShaBroBro

    You gotta love the riff right before Russel starts singing. That's one of the coolest guitar riffs I've ever heard.

  66. goodygoody23

    I think there's actually a negative number of dislikes for this song, but YouTube can't describe it in material form

  67. Yonatan Ben Haim

    @legendarymanic39 You got that right!

  68. Sinister Crew

    Long song.....and i loved every God dang second of it...Sympthony X FOR THE WIN!

  69. dominko svilan

    oh, where the North Wind sleeps -that is when
    we'll meet again... oh, where the shadows creep
    into Twilight, I'll descend

    im quite sure i saw it somewhere, in some kind of Biblical movie
    but i cant find it =(

  70. Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen

    Where has this band been all my life

  71. lo gi

    Like : 100%
    Dislike : 0%


    This is the greatest song ever.
    I'm serious.
    This is the best song ever recorded.

  73. lo gi

    It's as epic as awesome !

  74. Michael Daigle Fun Channel

    im so glad to hear that someone finds my sexual confusion amusing
    good day to you

  75. Yonatan Ben Haim

    @mikebagel27 ... Lol?

  76. Michael Daigle Fun Channel

    who else finds his voice pure gold at 8:00
    its just
    the hairs on my arms and my penis are straight up
    i thought i wasent gay

  77. Yonatan Ben Haim

    @Delpifo You got that right!

  78. Delpifo

    This is like the divine wings of tragedy part ll

    Listen to the ending... Wow, another symphony x epic masterpiece!

  79. Yonatan Ben Haim

    @SMART3163 Progressive Metal and Alternative Metal.
    No, there isn't any satanic music releated to this.