Symphony X - Iconoclast Lyrics

Rise of the one -
The dark iconoclast
Forging a cult of fear,
With legions unsurpassed
Shouting the word -
With vicious tongues of fire
Born of illusion and deceit
Fiendish soul of a liar.

The chaos unseen rips
The midnight sky
Infernal machines arise
Flesh and steel collide

We are strong
We will stand and fight
We are strong
We will stand and fight

With rage we ride into the flames
Striking with spears of hate,
At the heart where evil reigns
Holding the line from the charge
Of armored steeds
Gather around this deadly ground,
Come watch the war god bleed.

The chaos unseen rips
The midnight sky
Infernal machines arise
Flesh and steel collide

We are strong
We will stand and fight
We are strong
We will stand and fight

Victory or death, only time will tell
Synthetic resurrection,
From the heart of hell
Slowly they fall, as we watch
The daylight die
We spit and curse this hallowed earth
With our final battle cry,

The chaos unseen rips
The midnight sky
Infernal machines arise -
Flesh and steel collide

We are strong
We will stand and fight
We are strong
We will stand and fight

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Symphony X Iconoclast Comments


  2. John Kangas

    I only found out about Symphony X about 4 years ago and I've been addicted ever since. Dammit, these guys have got to be the world's most perfect band, and I consider this to be the perfect metal song! If ever I meet someone who is unfamiliar with metal, Iconoclast would be the first song I would put on for them.

  3. UU DPA

    5:23 fucking epic

  4. jason marler

    These riffs are vein tapping gold!

  5. M.M. Valduga

    Are there any lyrics for the choir at 1:32 ?

  6. Alejo Cruz Vallejos

    6:03 The speed of that scale man! unbelievable, love these guys!


    Yeah, its like John Petrucci with alternate picking

  7. Gaia 74


  8. Chambaz Film Music Composer


  9. GemmyD on Cars

    This song fucking rocks! 🤘🤘🤘

  10. MSB

    Amazing song, but disappointing album in general, Symphony X’s weakest IMO.

  11. MrFirst2536

    8:40 Victory or death !!!?

  12. venom hell

    insane riffs!!

  13. Franco Tomasi

    Killer riff. Best SX solo. Thanks all gods!

  14. Mário Jacinto

    love this music

  15. Sam Dobrowolski

    Song of the legion: The wrath of the lambs comes for the false definition of man and woman. All of creation is with us. Use only words to preach and nature will take its course with the war pigs.

  16. Chest Nut

    Still waiting and hoping for the TESD interview.

  17. smoothcode onyx

    Paradise and garden edens are two different themes pls be against them.

  18. smoothcode onyx

    Don't ask them.

  19. John Kangas

    In my opinion this is the perfect metal song! It has symphonic elements, power metal elements, progressive elements...I could just go on and on. These guys all absolutely shred their asses off on this song!

  20. SicTA

    I tried to do the drum part i could not do it.

  21. Soemardjie Mudjani

    The Amazing this music

  22. mdmyer

    5:36 my favorite riff in the song. So badass.


    Bad ass this is a perfect album

  23. CharlieGoesAmblin'

    Does anyone know what is the choir chanting throughout the song?

  24. Oswaldo Ortega

    I like the part from 0:01 to 10:51

  25. Skorp Saiyan

    I like how the side recommendations are Dream Theater. Definitely true, which is a good thing!!

  26. Marco Philipp

    I keep coming back to this song, it's just so captivating. The epic atmosphere, the incredible singing and the absolutely stellar guitar playing. I'm so glad I stumbled upon those guys some years ago, it all just fits so well together. I wish them all the success in the world, they truly deserve it!

  27. Progbassist

    Even though this could be my least favorite Symphony X album, this song is definately impressive.

  28. Luke Germanakos

    Hell YEAAA

  29. Luca Schmid

    song is so badass it turned my laptop into optimus prime

  30. João Piedade

    Can't stop picturing Space Marines when I play this song.

  31. Aloyman Davila

    Inhales: Victory or death... ooohhhh!!!

  32. Darcy Rainey

    CONSCIOUS THOUGHT YOU AIN'T TRIED DIS B REALITY IS... I dunno it has it's perks. God bless Latuda.

  33. Alex R

    2:12 windmill in 3,2,1

  34. Emmanuel Camilo Rojas Rodriguez

    ¡Ahhh, I love the drums on this song!!!!! ❤❤❤

  35. Ronin Enlightened

    Played this song in my car with a friend one day, felt as if we rode a flaming chariot trailblazing into a battlefield!


    michael romeo has that effect on mere mortals

  36. Cyprian Montague

    I saw these guys live. There were major monitor problems and couldn't hear their parts properly...
    Still powered through and played and sang like real pros. It a great performance and it was even more impressive seeing them in adverse conditions. I wish more bands today sounded as good as these guys do live.

  37. Cyprian Montague


  38. Axel Müller

    VICTORY OR DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HYPE!

  39. Wayne White

    Wow, people didn't like this...?

  40. Nicola Righetto

    2:00 so fucking good and satisfying to listen

  41. Magdiel da Luz


  42. JoJo's Woodshed

    Final Boss fight in a video game where the badguys are machines or robots wiping out humanity.

  43. Ronald Bernovich

    You don't get it any better than Symphony X.
    Been listening every day for two years and some Pagans Mind.
    As a guitarist my playing has gone through the roof as a direct result of listening to the great Symphony X.
    The Riffs...the fucking glorious riffs.

  44. MrJjlee

    Fucking awesome song that gives off some heavy System Shock vibes. Rock the fuck on!!!

  45. Stephanie Ozz

    This song just came out when I left the hospital for one reason I WIN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

    Pd: thanks symphony x for bring me back to life

  46. D.O.C.

    Dream who?


    I like SX a lil more than DT but this comment is as old and petty as the meatheads perpetuating the Metallica/Megadeth debate.

  47. TheMetalAndPunkA,B,C's

  48. Jens Hendriks

    the intro makes me heavily think of 'Dance of Eternity' by Dream Theater.

  49. Cthulhu Johnson

    Once again, I congratulate you gentlemen on your coming-up-band ditty. I STILL HAVE NO COCAINE!

  50. cheez

    from 5:22 to 7:00 amazing!

  51. patricio morales

    8:40, thats a victory! thanks russell!


    I could loop that and listen to it all the way to work.

  52. Cardinal Copia drinks coffee near Eiffel Tower

    Woah incredible this is epic

    TC Lethbridge

    Everyone figures that out sooner or later.

  53. Rob Palmer

    10:14-10:51 is just amazing


    Rob Palmer Yeah, reminds me of Blackened intro by of course Metallica.

  54. dreapard extroes

    no words for this band. pure gold!!!!

  55. Kiko C

    One of my favorite songs by SX and that riff, oh that riff, the best ever...

    Kiko C

    This song?

    What the Fuck Did you Say ?

    +Kiko C no man, which riff

    Kiko C

    ah thought so. The one that always comes after the chorus. Very groovy and technical...


    a riff - what riff

    Ronin Enlightened

    What the Fuck Did you Say ?
    I think he means the one at the 2nd minute.

  56. MattSD Pell

    Triplets' part is way sick. The rest of the song is really good, but (except for the intro) it's a copy - paste of various Symphony X' seconds songs (Evolution, Set the World on fire, and now Nevermore too for the very intro, and Domination stop at the same position of that song). Anyway, I like it very much: I guess we can save this track and Reign in Madness of Iconoclast. Oh, and When all is lost too, even if it seems something built on purpose, not moving as Sacrifice or Candlelight Fantasia (or Whispers)


    Who cares if this is a copy of other SX songs? The song is too epic.

  57. Nick Filipoff

    the beginning of this song makes me go "oh shit, I need to get going!" whatever that means lol it makes me anxious


    i had the exact same feeling lol


    That's what's great! I always start out the day with a hefty dose of stress hormones, makes me feel alive.

  58. Petr Janda

    haven't listened to Symphony x for many years but this sounds like Evolution (Grand Design) from their previous album V. Just listen to the verse rythm of each song.

  59. Diego Hiroshi y sus Videos

    Rome es mi heroe desde el 2004 desde q era un bebe :3 el es compositor siempre lo fue.

  60. lane welsh

    Whoever thimb down this shouldn't even be listening to it. F*** off



  61. blackmoore

    super banda, de mis favoritos.

  62. Carl Lindquist

    Loved this video! All the best!!

  63. Enrico Salari

    please rate uss!!! thanks!!! HELLOWEEN - I Want Out (Everbound Cover)

  64. Dwiref Oza

    Kinda pumps you up. Hell yeah!

  65. andfvs

    I am addicted to Symphony X

    Siavash dty ford

    Same here x

  66. MrCaralho99

    Why would you even compare that fat dog to this awsome band?

  67. Myrk-o

    who the fuck is snooki?

    Chris Adams

    Myrk-o a terrible disease?

  68. jono5428

    snooki is the ugliest thing ive laid eyes on....

  69. Cole Masiuk

    awesome song!

  70. voidaz

    Overkill came out of NJ in the early 80s too - let's not lump us all in with Snooki (who isn't even FROM NJ)...


    wtf is NJ, must be a real shithole of a country to house such a depraved individual.

    Jacob Sarvathayaparan

    blasphemytard New Jersey

  71. Hertsman50

    Romeo is a god for sure.

  72. Manderz Kawus

    TheBest Song

  73. Meridiu5

    How dare you even compare them. Snooki doesn't even exist compared to this

  74. Meridiu5

    Fixed. I think

  75. Efische2000

    Your lyrics are wayyyyy off

  76. Robert Pater

    Thanks for formulating my opinion.

    I want to add, 'that voice', very powerfull

  77. Gabru Ferrari

    Michael Romeo = Genius.

  78. Laurent CM

    fucking awesome lyrics


    Laurent CM

    Fucking awesome band

  79. Ivan Velichkov

    best singer ever!!!!!!

  80. wayne monaghan

    Just brill all got to say on the matter

  81. wolffe93

    whoa dude, you'd need several km² of paper to write down a number this high

  82. SeriousQC

    The Spirit Carries On <3

  83. Meridiu5

    Strange Deja Vu <3

  84. SeriousQC

    Finally Free <3 :D

  85. drumboarder1

    Home <3

  86. Francesco Pacelli

    6:24 ..... fap fap fap fap

  87. SeriousQC

    Scenes From A Memory is still the best album of all time, along with SX's The New Mythology Suite.. :P (DreamTheater1985QL)

  88. drumboarder1

    DT hasn't been the same since the 90's sadly and now without portnoy there's just no chance. This album however has strong points mixed in with extremely weak ones that ruin every song for me. I love some riffs and vocals but others just seem thrown in at the last second without any thought


    lol dis isnt dt

  89. wolfgange63

    Well it's not as harsh as death metal. However SX are still evolvolving. I think it helps too when prog bands can venture out and come back together. Brings other things together.
    Damn if only I can convince my wife about that theory. LOL

    Chris Adams

    wolfgange63 learn to sing like that and I'm pretty sure she'll go for it

  90. wolfgange63

    Yes it is since the mainstream will tell ya Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi is the best out of NJ

  91. SilverShadow

    Yeah, it's kind of like multiplying by zero.

  92. Luke S

    Dude that's not saying much.

  93. CataclysmSolace

    Love this song.

  94. Luiz Matte

    I think new stuff better

  95. 0Erazoender0

    I find the straight metal feel refreshing coming from their perspective, though I agree if they keep up in this manner it would get a tad boring.

  96. Felipe de Souza

    I see. There's a great demand from metalheads for this kind of stuff.
    Nevertheless, I still believe that they can still do some metal-progressive tune and still sound totally different from this usual straight-metal feel.

  97. 0Erazoender0

    I completely agree... A Dramatic Turn of Events is one of my favourite Dream Theater albums without a doubt.

  98. 0Erazoender0

    I think this song is fantastic. Greatly prefer Paradise Lost and Iconoclast to their older material, though by no means am I saying that their old material was bad. I'm just very content with the sound they have achieved with the last two albums.

  99. comet1337

    stupid question:

    wjy are you even comparing symphony x to snooki and the rest of jersey shore?