Sylvan LaCue - TreaZon's Prone To Sin (Interlude) Lyrics

We hungry, please let us in
We hungry, please let us in
After about a week that song's gonna change to
We hungry we need some food
After two or three weeks it like you know
Give me all the food, or I'm breaking down the door
After a year you know it's just like you know what I'm saying
I'm picking the lock coming through the door blasting
You know what I'm saying

Yo, zero love for that other clique
Y'all don't really know who you fucking with
Its the Battousai with the hawkeye and when I aim its a bulls-eye and I got the guns equipped
And I'm killing every nigga for the fuck of it
Got 'em I'm thinking I'm a maniac because of it
Dropping record after record 'cause I'm hustlin'
Every verse on the level of a covenant
Get a team full of shooters and I does assist
No bucket but I'm scratching off the bucket list
I snap real quick, like fuck who you came with nigga, and fuck who you running with
That's the nail in the coffin
Screwed up, got the hammer and I'm ready for the hell going off like bitch ass nigga
I'm too cautious looking at y'all like mu'fuckin' targets
But I really wasn't born that way
The earth really made me out the norm that way
Now I'm insane and the format laid
Ain't nobody here that can absorb my brain
Cause I have been low, rock bottom
Got my target, and I'm ready then the shots got them
Ya' hopes looking skinnier than top models
Look at all that anger that I got bottled
And everyday I'm looking at the face of death
And truly a nigga ain't phased me yet
But really ain't no one that can raise a threat
Death notes nigga and your name is set
Got the pen right here; the page is fresh
And I don't really even want to make it that
But these lame ass niggas got to make it that
Then I gotta calm down, gotta' take it back
Like I don't want to be a lost nigga
Cause' I'm too smart and I've seen those niggas
Everytime I'm looking and I'm seeing those niggas
I know that there's really no hope for a killer
I don't want to be a lost nigga
Cause' I know there is really no hope for a killer
I know I can't be a lost nigga, even though I'm so lost nigga

Just another lost nigga
You think it's gangsta?
I'm just tryna' give him the large picture
Something to think about, the next time ya'll
Thuggin, drinking, and drugging
Hard liquor, ya'll full of killers, remember
Hol' up! I tried to give you the large picture
I'm just tryna' give him the large picture
He was just another lost nigga

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Sylvan LaCue TreaZon's Prone To Sin (Interlude) Comments
  1. W.... A....

    Success is everything fuck that waiting shit......order

  2. t.... w....

    Underachievers usto hold the title on this beat. Mac didn't even kill it like this....

  3. R.... O....

    Arteezy yo

  4. T.... A....

    This bangs too much

  5. M.... ....

    “I’m picking lock coming through the door blastin”

  6. E.... ....


  7. A.... ....

    man fuck i love this song so much, wish it was just longer

  8. j.... g....

    quest is nice but UA my boys and he copied this

    j.... g....

    sampled* and that isn't even Sylvan rapping.

    j.... g....

    Who is rapping? that song is sick

    j.... g....

    YoungLifeProd. his friend treazon

  9. y.... b....

    Did underachievers get their crysallis beat on here?

    y.... b....

    Do u know what that background song is at 2:16

    y.... b....

    +Christion Thomas a Mac Miller song ft. rick ross

    y.... b....

    +Brian`Luna` naw I meant the song in the background right when Quest says "im young strapped and I dont give a fuck"

  10. t.... ....

    dope shit bro

  11. j.... ....

    Where is all the old shit?

  12. S.... ....

    Damn bro didn't know you had a channel keep up the god work tho I love this project.

  13. A.... ....

    Is this on iTunes?

    A.... ....

    It's on QuESt's mixtape

  14. A.... O....

    Aye quest I love your music man, I can relate to it so much, don't stop man, FULL SPEED

    A.... O....

    He just took the music from the René Laloux's film: "La planète Sauvage" -_-'

    A.... O....

    Gaël Payssan This is a mixtape idiot

  15. E.... R....

    QuESt - TreaZon's Prone To Sin Interlude (Prod. By OB)