Syleena Johnson - Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro & Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, shorty, let me hit you with no delayin watch me do it again
I know shorty was with it the way she threw at her friends
I turned around and then gave a pound to all of my men
And peeped my mami send this through watchin me with a grin
You know it's funny the way my shorty was playin kinda hard
The way she lookin mami itchin to give it good to the God
She hit me off in the crib and hit me off in the yard
Her mind right keepin it live of the half these other broads
I'm fuckin with ya

[Syleena Johnson]
I know that I made you wait (For a very long time)
Cause I wasn't ready baby (For you to come inside)
Wanted you to know my name (And not just what's between my thighs)
I wanted you to play the game (Because I knew you get the prize)
But the game is over baby (The more you need to fantasize)
Cause I'm not letting go (So come and put your lips on mine)
I won't even hesitate (Oh no baby not this time)
I'm gonna give you all my lovin (And I'll make up for lost time)

[Chorus: Syleena Johnson]
It's the remix (Remix) dj's play it (Dj's play it)
Busta busta (Busta bust) and Syleena (And Syleena)
It's the remix (Remix) dj's play it (Dj's play it)
Busta busta (Busta bust) and Syleena (And Syleena)

[Verse 2: Syleena Johnson]
Won't you come a little closer (While I slowly dim the lights)
Put your hands up on my body (Baby you can take your time)
Ain't no need to rush baby (Because we got all night)
I just wanna scream you name (And make you wanna scream mine)
I tried to fight the feelin baby (Boy you got me hypnotized)
But I cant help that I've been feenin lately
(I think about you all the time)
Tonight I'm gonna get aggressive baby (So don't you fear put up a fight)
Tonight I'm gonna put it on you baby (Sit back relax enjoy the ride)

[Chorus: Syleena Johnson]
It's the remix (Remix) dj's play it (Dj's play it)
Busta busta (Busta bust) and Syleena (And Syleena)
It's the remix (Remix) dj's play it (Dj's play it)
Busta busta (Busta bust) and Syleena (And Syleena)

Take them clothes off leave your boots on (Yeah)
Get you in the mood throw them slow grooves on
Spread you on a futon like Grey Poupon
Eight inch nine inch maybe I'm too long

[Baby Sham]
Ok well just let me get my get right on
Watch shorty how she dip in her Vicky draws
Hot shorty when she strip and her lips is on
My neck my back and her grip is strong

[Spliff Star]
Actin naughty (Yeah come on) then my kicks is on
Me and shorty wylin out like dirty flicks is on
Late night Mister Cee mastermix is on
Holdin on the same table that the bricks was on

[Busta Rhymes]
Word is bond baby we can continue to get it on
The way we slap the skin we can make a beat to a song
Ald let me play the guitar with the string of your thong
The way you throwin it back knowin your dead wrong your dead wrong

[Syleena Johnson]
And all of me, you can have (You can have) tonight (Tonight)
And now (Boy I promise to make) you feel (Make you feel) so right
Yeah yeah

[Chorus: Syleena Johnson]
It's the remix (Remix) dj's play it (Dj's play it)
Busta busta (Busta bust) and Syleena (And Syleena)
It's the remix (Remix) dj's play it (Dj's play it)
Busta busta (Busta bust) and Syleena (And Syleena)

[Outro: Syleena Johnson (Busta Rhymes)]
It's the remix (Yeah Spliff Star) dj's play it (Yeah Busta Rhymes)
Busta busta (Yeah Baby Sham)and Syleena (Yeah Rampage come on)
It's the remix (Syleena Johnson) dj's play it (What)
Busta busta (Yeah, come on, come on, come on)
And Syleena (Yeah let it go now, let it flow now)

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Syleena Johnson Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go (Remix) Comments
  1. King kev

    Nice club anthem I love from ternet up🇯🇲

  2. Cheyenne Lanae

    Why isn't people like syleena,keke wyatt, monifah, praised but beyonce has all these fans and stuff.

  3. Sonya J.

    This Album was Amazing!

  4. Serge De lobethal

    Oooh i lovit on 2019 💚❤️🤭👍🏽

  5. olusheyi banjo

    Happy Birthday to Syleena Johnson

  6. Alex J Ravencroft III

    Vox's "Why Rappers Love Grey Poupon" brought me here. Totally forgot abt this track.

  7. HipHopHead

    the Flipmode Squad was killin everything back then

  8. Forever Queen Aquarius

    I’m on Apple Music FINALLY listening to her full album Chapter 2 The Voice (this is my song) I said let me go watch the video. She’s so underrated #LEGEND I’m here April 2019! 🔥🙌🏾

  9. Lyn Hamilton

    Syleena has a phenomenal voice 😍😍😍😍

  10. Frost Breezy

    Music so nostalgic this still hard

  11. Robert Turner

    Mann,that beat right there will never get old! It'll always be a clubbanger. Put your hands where my eyes can see.😎

  12. Audra Boyce

    i am playing this in my truck now, always in my play list in 2019


    Still 🔥 2018 4 real!


    🗣when I dj in Chicago il. I rock this joint it's 🔥 me and the rock crowd rock this track
    🔥🔥🔥 love it!!!!

  15. Christine Latchiah

    2018 still good👌

  16. jade jaftha

    This still the shit for me!!!!!!!!

  17. free 22

    Ouais ça c est du son trop trop cool

  18. CassieJazz96

    My JAM back in the day......

  19. Uthman King

    Flipmode Squad is the greatest!

  20. Jay West

    Fucking epic song, truly.

  21. Elle Nganga

    Getting your groove back? Totally there. Thanks busta and Syleena.

  22. george carter

    First time hearing her she is the bomb


    you've heard her before. she was the singer in All Falls Down by kanye

  23. Kelly Frazier

    I loved Syleena, she was always looking good but not half naked.

  24. Zach Mwas

    2016 still hot


    Zach Mwas 2018


    Zach Mwas

  25. vidhead85

    I remember this video, it was everywhere! I loved it! Everyone was dancing to this!

  26. The Brave Introvert

    Busta, Busta.....and Syleena.

  27. Janice King

    This was my song back in college.

  28. Michael Farrow

    I'm certain I once heard a version where they used the original (banging) chorus with this beat.

    Jay West

    Yeah, it was on the CD single. I liked both versions of the remix.

    Michael Farrow

    Thank you sir, I'm not crazy after all.

  29. 1974cfjl

    This is the mix i use to play when was Djing when it originally out. Can't believe this song will be 13 years this year.

  30. Larry Banks

    It kind of reminds me of the original song from Busta Rhymes-Put Your Hands For Your Eyes To See lol

    David Maine

    It's coz Eyes to See instrumentals has been sampled for the song.

    Larry Banks

    that make sense lol


    Because it's the same beat

  31. Makhosazana Makhubu


  32. BIG MON

    A decade later still a wicked hit still. Yes Miss Syleena Johnson, Busta Rhymes, & Flipmode Squad. Throwback the Summer of 2002 the good old dayz.

  33. bigmon221

    Happy 37th Birthday to the talented Syleena Johnson September 2nd, 2013. Have a good one & enjoy it to the fullest. Bless Up


    Syleena Johnson is so pretty! I love her...btw this track is hot like fire!!!!! i can ''feel the fire'' lol


    Sheree J for sure!

  35. nyomi bethune

    they shoulda had her dipping and botty popping like she did in hypnotic

  36. lovelyliz22

    All snap..... I remember this. This was my Jam. I hope Syleena blow up! Her voice is impeccable!

  37. MsHoneychile

    Yes he did. Syleena sampled his song "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See." :)

  38. I

    My Jammmm!!!!!!

  39. Julian Musson

    this song is still awesome in 2012

  40. mazzthang

    remember this from n high school years it was a jam n not only bcuz it had the busta rhymes beat the style n flavor syleena brought to the music industry was crazy sexy n kool :)

  41. AndersonPillow


  42. amancalledmikey

    I always found this remix ultimately disappointing because they cut the chorus and replace it with something lame. If some smart person could remix the remix and put the chorus back, it'd be awesome and likely would have been a big hit 10 years ago.

    Terrill Maxwell

    I know your comment is wild "old", but went back to listen to why you said it... and it makes sense. She's singing 16's they could've took 4 bars and make that the bridge - "Busta bus and Syleena" chorus part here and had her sing 12 bars. You're right - it would've been a bigger hit.

  43. Victoria Rosario

    make sure yal syleena fans check out her new stuff...

  44. KnapplyEverAfter

    i love syleena johnson

  45. Sarah Dawson

    Syleena Johnson @ FUZE in Chicago Black Friday!!!!!! Along with J. Hollins!
    10$ at the door. $40 VIP, includes valet parking and OPEN BAR!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be soooooooooo HOT!!!!! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!!!!

  46. Teisha Butler

    This was my jam....

  47. Teisha Butler

    I love you Syleena....

  48. T Wilson

    and why isn't Syleena a house hold fu**ing name????



  49. Theo Royle

    this track is hot, love da beat to this track! :D

  50. Allen Ervin

    @SyleenaJohnson I am waiting... you are 1# in my book Syleena. I can't wait to see you on the big stage.

  51. MzMindFull Jordan

    Hey fans be on the lookout for the official single "A BOSS" by Syleena coming the end of this month!! Song is fire...Subscribe to my page for more details on her fanpage and other links!!!

  52. Syleena Johnson

    I'm right here fans still making music :) The first single from 'Chapter V: Underrated' is coming soon, it's called 'A Boss' -- Get Ready Everybody!!!!!!!

  53. shaundalove1975

    syleena is MIA, they didnt like her look- clothes on, covered up, classy and can sing her a** off- not in the top 10 to sell music

  54. agentm6009

    woooo this was my jam!!!

  55. apfranc75

    This is my jam....oh I'm so lucky tonight :-)

  56. Ultimate Shining

    @chrisjhjh RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. keemy18

    omg!!! i so forgot about this!

  58. Candy Minaj

    forgot all bout this track... jamminn!!!

  59. Jonathan Tade

    2002 mem,TN. feels like just yesterday. Its amazing how time fly and things change. I played a part making this Vidio with Syleena.

  60. internetfan2005

    @ScaryJBlige hey atleast she included busta in the song rather than trying to say the beat was hers.

  61. Love1979

    This remix was cold blooded! "Spread you on the Futon like Grey Poupon" My BFF use to love that part!! RIP BENNY!

  62. nmr20067

    Love this joint!!! Thanks for posting. This was my shit!!!

  63. Natalie Kissinger

    DAMN!!! I remember this!!! where Syleena @???this beat crazy on everything...

  64. Junior Joye

    her voice is one of the most unique voices!1 ever its like anastacias, extremely powerful.

  65. jennifer h

    omgee my song from back in the days

  66. reelest

    If only I had label. I'd take care of her questiviez

  67. blacksigy

    you don't make love to this song you FUCK nuff said

  68. Golden Starling

    nice shit, 5 stars!

  69. N A

    Wow for years i heard this song wanting to know what is was called...and now i jus randomly came across it!

    Patience is a virtue...

  70. UnderWaterLily

    In my head if kelis could sing well it would sound like this. I love you kelis.

  71. christopher hinton

    This song was, is and will be the shit. Even tomorrow!

  72. photogenic305

    Jane girl me toooo

  73. photogenic305

    Man when this song first came out I was in New York and this song was hot and still hot 2 me

  74. internetfan2005

    yes, labor pains is the chapter 4 album. It's titile is for her long labor before giving birth to her first son. Her labor was almost 2 days!(44 HOURS)

  75. Castellano L

    mase had a remix-part with that beat. who can tell me the remix-name?

  76. Cindy444

    Syleena's voice and style reminds me of Angela Winbush.

  77. reelest

    I been lookin' for this for a minute and finally found it. thx for the post.

  78. beyoncewhine23

    i like this


    omg, 2002!
    you know this a real throwback when Busta was still rocking them dreads, lol

  80. PunkRockP Squire

    OMG.........yesssssssssssssss !!! I used to love this song !!!

  81. matt seoane

    I LOVE THIS..bring her back!

  82. durgadevotee

    i love this..

  83. yellaboy2617

    DAAAAAMN.....i aint seen this video since 2002...i 4got how good she can sing! Favorite it! :)

  84. Flamboyant Chicc

    this meh shit rite hurr ii usta stay singiin diisz song everytiime iit came on.....ii rememba da last tiime ii saw diisz viid it wz pouriin down raiin and a tornado hiit meh aunt's trailor down da french lane [[iin liike 2002 or somethiin liike dat]]...even though ii still liiked da song ii thought thiis song wz bad luck afta dat happend lol....ii lubb her new song "It iis true"

  85. Amor Food ❤

    No homo..but she is so I wish I knew about her sooner. Now I keep watching all of her videos.

  86. Ladylace97

    i love her voice so much saw her sing acapella on Living it up with patti Labelle she tore it up.

  87. Tunisia Williams

    sylenna johnson is very mature and vocally talented i love this song plus many others stop hating on the sis!

  88. Ebenita

    nothing wrong with Crushing on Syleena.. hell mama is sexy as hell hehe

  89. Tina Williams

    OH GOD I am not gay but she is the sexiest woman alive! and can she sing!!

  90. Tina Williams

    I would like to hear a colabo with her and Rakim!

  91. Tina Williams

    she is so flawless

  92. donnie500e

    flipmode baby...
    love this song, on of my all time favorite!

  93. zigwey

    love dis song selena johnson one of da best singers ever very beutiful and talented love it.

  94. JcanDuke

    I love this song..Have not seen it in a while, I am happy I found it!!!! Syleena is great..should have been more famous.

  95. Tameka Gilliam

    Another Club Banger.

  96. SapphireLiev


  97. hotchoccolate23

    no im the same colour as her but she aint dark skinned say like akon or flavva flav , but i stand corrected by u i guess

  98. hotchoccolate23

    she is light skinned lol

  99. hotchoccolate23

    i love syleena!!!!

  100. mrljk

    I love me some Syleena...She is so slept on. She is beautiful slim or thick.