Syd Barrett - Opel Lyrics

On a distant shore, miles from land
Stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
A dream in a mist of grey...
On a far distant shore...

The pebble that stood alone
And driftwood lies half buried
Warm shallow waters sweep shells
So the cockles shine...

A bare winding carcase, stark
Shimmers as flies scoop up meat, an empty way...
Dry tears...
Crisp flax squeaks tall reeds
Make a circle of grey in a summer way, around man
Stood on ground...

I'm trying
I'm trying to find you!
To find you
I'm living, I'm giving,
To find you, To find you,
I'm living, I'm living,
I'm trying, I'm giving

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Syd Barrett Opel Comments
  1. Starseed IamI

    Psychedelic grunge..Syd was before his time

  2. MsVanorak

    It bothers me that the number plate on his car is broken and that a lot of the panels aren't aligned.  lol.  I wonder what colour it was.

  3. grandeinterFC

    closest thing to the one

  4. john allore

    The 46 who hate this can't see that that's Syd in front of that car.

  5. Marvin B Naylor

    An incredibly beautiful song and, as we all agree, no one but Syd could have written it. Inexplicably left off The Madcap Laughs and had to wait 18 years to see the light of day.

  6. Richard Bexborn

    This is REAL, unlike Pink Floyd post Syd

  7. Richard Bexborn

    This is so awesome! This is not the song of a madman. This is the song of a person looking for somewhere to attach onto, since nobody would help him. He was all alone. Eskimo Girl was good for fucks, but dammit nobody cared. Wouldn't you miss me at all? I tatooed my brain all the way!!!! Wouldn't you miss me at all? He went into the entirety and found God and when he came back nobody was there to understand him at all. So he said , "Fuck you guys!"

  8. Tim Nicktion

    the most heartbreakingly beautiful, sad, and pure refrain i've ever heard. I'm trying, living, and giving, too, Syd.

  9. Tim Nicktion

    it may be understated, it may be overstated, but it remains in my opinion that Syd is the father of all modern music that isnt the kind of pop bs derived from the beatles.

  10. Mark Orendas


  11. Bobby Arp

    Learned this one for you, Josh, I just didn't know it! 😂 Rest well at last, Terry.. I do now, knowing you can watch all of us and not be so worried anymore! Love ya, man ❤

  12. rufoscar3

    Maybe selfish on my part but in some ways I'm glad Syd and Floyd parted company as had it not happened Madcap laughs and Barrett may have not happened and the other band members may have stayed in the shadows and not become the stellar artists we all had the gift of later enjoying.

  13. Coyote Alistock

    I really like this but I do wish that there were a backing track to it. Over dubbed or something just a simple bass line and drums beat would be fine nothing too much.

  14. Grace Antonio

    The last part is so hauntingly achingly beautifuly touching...sigh...oh Syd

  15. Apollo Belvidere

    I'm trying to find you

  16. DR Evil

    Sounds shit to me mentalist or not

  17. Douglas Silva

    Jupiter Apple and Rogério Skylab

  18. Esa Al-hanooti

    Possibly the most genuine and raw song ever made... RIP Syd

  19. Alexander Zauner

    This is madness - no T H I S. I S S Y D !

  20. Thomas H H

    great chord progression.

  21. Maria White

    A humble and very raw piece of work. By a beautiful youth

  22. Геннадий Владимиров

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  23. sportster88

    Someone commented that the The Crying Song from the More Soundtrack album sounds like this. I don't hear any similarity whatsoever.

  24. div ine

    im trying too

  25. Øffline RØØT

    Vim pelo Rogério Skylab/Júpiter Apple

  26. Si Tambien

    lloré raja no sé por qué.

  27. Shareholder

    The greatest song ever written

  28. Hootiebird61

    I cannot believe DG left it off Madcap.....

  29. Hootiebird61

    Perhaps his very best.....

  30. Harrsh Mishra

    Main besahara nahi ye Maine chuna hai

  31. Harrsh Mishra

    For every turn of the earth face a different sun crippled by expectation

    Harrsh Mishra

    ew really so forced *purges out intestinal tracts*

  32. Harrsh Mishra

    Syd Barrett, Arthur Rimbaud, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Thom Yorke, John Frusciante, Majaz Lukhnawi, Oliver Sykes, Tyler Joseph, Ian Curtis, James Mercer, Jesse Rutherford, Patti Smith, Alexander Supertramp.

  33. Harrsh Mishra

    Here I stand in a box of black choked by nothing

    On a distant shore, miles from land
    Stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
    A dream in a mist of grey...
    On a far distant shore...

    The pebble that stood alone
    And driftwood lies half buried
    Warm shallow waters sweep shells
    So the cockles shine...

    A bare winding carcase, stark
    Shimmers as flies scoop up meat, an empty way...
    Dry tears...

    Crisp flax squeaks tall reeds
    Make a circle of grey in a summer way, around man
    Stood on ground...

    I'm trying
    I'm trying to find you!
    To find you
    I'm living, I'm giving
    To find you, To find you
    I'm living, I'm living
    I'm trying, I'm giving

  34. Μπλε Φεγγάρι

    A dream in a mist of gray ...

  35. Ninja dddaaa

    What kind of guitar?

  36. Asteróide Live

    one of best music when i listened in my life

  37. SepticSceptic

    I dont think ive ever heard such a loud plectrum, but it works.


    The "washboard" sound (the loud plectrum/pick) is done on purpose, by putting a microphone on it.
    It's also in 'Terrapin'.

    Harrsh Mishra

    Look here future self!

  38. mcbillygoat !

    I have to remind myself quite often that this recording is just one man and a guitar. Unreal. Arguably his best recording.

  39. Anxiety Entertainment

    Love how you can actually hear the pick strumming against the slightly out-of-tune strings! This is all ONE in its purist form!


    The "washboard" sound (the loud pick) is done on purpose, by putting a microphone on it.
    It's also in 'Terrapin'.

  40. Do you mind

    To say this isn't polished is an understatement. Some music is best left rough. "Demo version was best we ever did".

  41. cainã chiarini pena motter

    é uma glória a minha existência ouvir tua musica!

  42. Eren Nova


  43. Raymond Dickson

    Syd was friggin genius, this is Dylan,Lou Reed,The Beatles&Bowie all rolled in2 1,awesome,brilliant,hauntung&very sad,I'm trying 2find u as well Syd,thank u so much 4what u gave all of us,pure raw talent!!!RIP Syd!!!😢♥️💥

  44. Hootiebird61

    On a distant shore, miles from land
    Stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
    A dream in a mist of gray....
    On a far distant shore....

    RIP Madcap
    You tower above the rest.

  45. Hootiebird61

    My god how could Waters and Gilmour hear this brilliant gem coming out of the sound room and not bow very low to the man making it?!!!???

    marina m

    Yet,they used it,writing "crying song..."

  46. DalekWindmill

    really love this song, Barrett was so good.

  47. Benjamin .Heneberry

    I can't for the life of me understand why some people feel the only way they can praise Syd is to crap on Roger or the rest of Floyd. They were ALL great.

  48. damien suil

    This track is an outstanding piece of work by a world weary genius artist...I find nothing mad here at all.

  49. Stephen Dlj

    This is what a complete mental breakdown sounds like, by this point the world had sunk into Syds brain and he was a nervous wreck, paranoid, unable to hold a plectrum at times. The strumming, words and authentic heartbreaking melody/cry for help from 3.50 are the sounds of a man who knows he is drifting out to sea and who knows he won't be returning to reality or normality again. An astonishing piece of work.

  50. Beth Collings

    Syd Barret forever

  51. Hootiebird61


  52. thiago duarte

    skaylab e jupter apple me trouxe aqui

  53. Hootiebird61

    A brilliant but troubled man searches for his soul

  54. Hootiebird61

    Ok when was the material for Madcap and Barrett written? Was it going to be PF stuff?

  55. damien suil

    majestic,truly his finest and most intimate,moving recording.

  56. John Ford

    Not so strange that you can listen to Pink Floyd from their beginnings and see Syd gradually fading and he knew it. You could take away every word to every song and realize in the music that he's gone from day 1.

  57. Bobby Arp

    Pure genius

  58. Albano Piacquadio

    WOW Just wow

  59. Sheriff Lophophora

    Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett is just like The Experience without Jimi Hendrix. I would exchange the entire Post-Piper's Pink Floyd discography for just one more album of Syd Barrett, I would not even think twice about it. The Barrett album (the second solo album) is much better than DSOTM, Animals, The Wall, Meddle, WYWH and Ummagumma together. Too often dismissed as a fantasist who collated drug driven word salad imagery, Barrett in time will assume his rightful place in the canon of English poetics, to which he made vital contributions.

    Emiliano Monti

    Sheriff Lophophora I really love Syd, but Animals is a masterpiece,Syd still remain one of my favourite musicists(together with Dave, Roger, Rick and Nick) and i like all his albums

    Raunaq Bedi

    Sheriff Lophophora i too think
    Listen to this song opel
    Yeah it is sad telling about his state ofmind which is not playful like in piper bike gnome nd all those songs were so playful coz his state of mind was such
    But then it was his honesty that comes outin his songs
    Any day madcap laugh nd barret thanpink floydpost syd that genius stillcould do wonders when he was not playful coz at heart he was child just didn't understand the ways of the world nd on top of that negative propaganda by pf cozthey knew hif he would continue he would make a space for himself
    Onlythebugger gaveup
    Well his decision
    Rip syd

  60. Diogo Paiva

    Sounds like crying song

    Echoes of The Times

    Diogo Paiva Crying song is probably a copy of Opel.

  61. Carola Molina

    such great lyrics, loved them totally!

  62. james

    Still better than anything in the top 40 today. May sound crappy to some, but when you realise that part of the art was to do it in one take, no matter the outcome, you gain a better understanding of the musical genius of the legend.

    Raunaq Bedi

    james i agree u get to understand that genuis slowly

    Raunaq Bedi

    james oh yeah what an artist

    Missed terribly

    Ri syd

  63. Andy Witmyer

    On the day he died, I played this on a car ride out into the woods with my mom (who was also a fan) and we literally cried

    James Hetfield

    It's funny, because he never understood why he had fans. He didn't think of himself as a musician, let alone a genius. I did get blue, too, but Syd wouldn't have cared.


    Couldn't agree with you more @@James Hetfield

    Tim Nicktion

    @James Hetfield how the fuck would you know? no offense but anyone saying they know what syd did or didnt feel/think is complete bullshit

    Tim Nicktion

    it's a tear jerking song..

  64. Harmono

    I'm not sure if that's an Opel depicted in the picture here. That looks more like a Pontiac a U.S. car. My Grandma had one that looked like that. With the fins in the back. Gas guzzler.

  65. Cynthia Marston

    Clicky thin plectrum. That’s a Syd thing at these times. I think he was special for sure. Hate how it went down.

    Johnny Guitar

    i like you becuase you try to rationalize the sounds and put attention to the Sounds, texxture, as well as structure, obv... this is a very great song,,, the chord changes are very intruiguing,,, cheers

  66. Tyke Pereira

    Who is the idiot that called Syd crazy? Crazy are you fool!

    Raunaq Bedi

    Crazy he was but that crazy guy gave us interstellar overdrive wow I think crazier he was better he was such beautiful guitar riffs
    That can only come out of crazy mind


  67. Carp Ademen

    Probably Syds best song. Beautiful Heartfelt Emotional.

  68. Nathália Ramos

    Crazy diamond

  69. gigisdad

    Damn that ending is sad...ughhh. I had to immediately listen to Octopus to cheer myself up.

  70. Drew Ciccotelli

    where will music lead you, it may just lead you here.

  71. damien suil

    hauntingly beautiful-I love it stark and bare with his brutally honest vocal coda...and yet whenever I listen somehow an imaginary orchestra joins in.

    kenny sutera

    damien suil true the chords sound like horn sections

  72. DanOfTheNorthEast

    As I have listened to Barrett's work and lyrics pre and post Floyd I have realized the value of a recording artists. My opinion is Syd was a recording artist at heart and he just wanted to make great music once in the studio and move on to other concepts. Gig/tour/fame was too much mentally. Dealing with depression, I get this as depression and schizophrenia have been linked . I play the drums, not in a band, but as a hobby, it's my way of unwinding after I do my professional work and I don't think I have the mental fortitude required (or youth) to perform on that level. So now that I think about this, I get how people say the the demands of the recording industry broke him down and exasperated his mental illness. I wish we lived in a world that more accepting of the Syds of the world. But I guess we must all have our Have a Cigar realizations.

  73. Captpicard

    Syd Barrett really was the first great tragedy of the 60’s. He had everything, great looks, Charisma, genuine songwriting talent, and totally picked his Brain on LSD trips, so so sad😥😥

  74. Joeskint

    Hmm - I remember the Opel album coming out and thinking "Yay, new Syd material!", but now I realise that was 29 years ago and I'm no longer nineteen

  75. peanut with a cashew

    i just realise by listening to his strumming that each guitarist has his own rhythmic clock and its like a signature or a footprint its very singular and personal and that's what makes us drawn to specific player some of them has a universal clock or the quartz stone in them so the rest of us calibrate our time and life according to their call
    "im living im tryyying im giving"

  76. bzfgt bzfgt


  77. Dee Anderton

    No Pink Floyd with out Syd Barrett contribution. I think I will listen only to his music with Pink Floyd ....greed ..

  78. Brian Pfaff

    Syd can't talk to you now

  79. phosda

    hey, baby.

  80. Jeff Stewart

    his brilliance lies in his simplance, is that a word? idk, Syd Barrett is brilliant.

  81. Bleikr Sound

    Shine on you crazy diamond.

  82. Jordi Viadas

    I specially like how the song starts in a way and you can't predict how much different is going to be, and how much different the song becomes by the end. I suppose that's Syd's signature

  83. Random Username

    Is Syd texting in a cellphone in the picture? Time travel confirmed?

    ray wt

    Random Username I thought the same thing!

    mcbillygoat !

    Yeah, but he only had the iPhone 4 at the time.

  84. eyraudpa

    this is the true Pink Floyd !! not the crap written like DSOTM


    eyraudpa shut up...

  85. Henry Krinkle

    Is it just me, or is this literally one of the greatest songs ever made?

    damien suil

    No henry-it's not just you,for me this is, and will always be his greatest and most compassionate song.

    kenny sutera

    It’s the latter Travis... ⚡️

    Dan Curtis

    Hyperbole = Absolute truth

    Thomas H H

    not just you.

    Jack Paul

    Just you

  86. Robin Hood

    Syd cosa avresti fatto con i tempi di  adesso ?  Sembra una Maledizione  scesa su di noi , inconsapevoli di quello che sta succedendo.

  87. Francesco Rossi

    barret the song fantastic by claudio

  88. Chloe Lin

    I'm trying
    I'm trying to find you!
    To find you
    I'm living, I'm giving,
    To find you, To find you,
    I'm living, I'm living,
    I'm trying, I'm giving...

    Syd. :_

  89. Elpcio duz Szantos

    Caótico. Mas no fundo é genial.

  90. Celestial Teapot

    Great song for people like me, who can't sing a note to learn

  91. HungerCrafteur IYC

    3:47 This is the same melody of crying song (pink floyd, more, 1969) but i can't know who is the writer : In fact pink floyd had recorded crying song in march 1969, syd barret in april. Still, I think that Syd has a mind of creator and crying song is the first david gilmour, so syd could have wrote it way sooner before he recorded it. Does anybody knows who is the creator of this melody ? (sorry for my bad english)

  92. Henry Krinkle

    I love this song.

  93. David Luraghi

    Syd Barrett + Kurt Cobain.

    Owen Gamer OMG

    David Luraghi Cool :D

    Lady Stardust

    That would be a super human.

    Felipe Highnarok

    = death

  94. Sam Sam

    Syd and just a guitar..beautiful


    Luv me some of Syd's crunchy, quirky Telecaster strumming.

  95. Rolfis Dreamworld

    I like this song, but how will it soundet with more instruments, Vibes, organ and cymbals? I think phantastic.

    Ignacio Mondaca Garcia

    Sea Bell I think that there is some sort of artistic genius lacking in the later Pink Floyd (the post-Barrett era), though.

    Rolfis Dreamworld

    For me the history of pink Floyd and Syd Barrett is perfect. Much miraculous music has originated. Syd went his way, the band another. Everything is good like it is.

    mcbillygoat !

    This song is perfect as it stands. I honestly would think it loses its impact with just one other instrument.

    Raunaq Bedi

    Rolfis Dreamworld its better like this syd nd his guitay nd his ideas nd progression with his guitar
    No point in messing it by adding more instruments

    Raunaq Bedi

    Sea Bell i agree

  96. ivan kovacevic

    That chords, beautiful...

  97. christina wilson

    syd is home on the track. something we all can relate to. he returned home on this album after a hefty time of public attention, drugs, more drugs and more drugs. we all want to b in pink floyd but in all truth I agree with Dorothy and Syd. there is no place as beautiful as the home sweet and innocent home

    Sea Bell

    I believe he actually recorded it early in being solo, and home is his room in London rather than Cambridge so he was still in the thick of it. And what happened had nothing to do with drugs. The problem is people try and frame his experience within their own and they're not comparable, they don't understand, people try and use this to prove something that simply isn't true, at the expense of something much more important that is.

  98. Captpicard

    Syd Barrett and Peter Green the two most high profile victims of the acid scene in 60's London. Syd is probably the worst one, because he was clearly so talented, so unique, and so distinctive, but LSD literally fried his Brain cells until he eventually became the Paranoid, depressed, schizophrenic, psychotic Mental Patient he ended up being. Very very sad😥

    Admodum Rara

    Captpicard you have no idea what you're talking about


    You actually cannot fry your brain on LSD. You can however, take too much for your own brain and continuously have bad trip after bad trip. And that can change people forever. LSD can though, worsen the condition of Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses where you could live your entire life without knowing of them existing. So for Syd's case, he A. was fed up with the band and stopped caring. B. Had bad trips that messed him up badly. C. Had a pre-exsisting mental illness that became a problem because of LSD use.

    Ninja dddaaa

    Cynthia Marston it's just so he could get gr


    LSD doesn't harm brain cells (or any other cells for that matter). It can cause psychological changes.


    @Beckito sounds the most feasible explanation that I have read about Syd...... Such a shame...... I find Opel too distressing to listen to all the way much as I love many other songs of his..... LSD is dangerous for fragile psyche!!!!