Sworn In - Weeping Willow Lyrics

I don't feel a thing anymore
Buried my heart beneath the boards of the floor
I don't feel a thing anymore
When it rains it pours
Baby when it rains it pours
I don't feel a thing anymore
I don't feel a thing anymore

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Sworn In Weeping Willow Comments
  1. TheLostAndNotFound

    I don't feel a thing anymore...

  2. xiTzTHATGaMeRx

    Hope they mean it when they say their new album is gonna be heavy cause this entire album was a letdown and fuck all the emo bitches that came running to this band that think other wise I bet you weren't here for their catharsis ep

    written without a beat

    +xiTzTHATGaMeRx eww

    written without a beat

    +xiTzTHATGaMeRx sworn in rullles if you don't ilke em then you were never a fan skut

    Marco Bodt

    xiTzTHATGaMeRx Honestly, ALL SMILES is pretty heavy

    Marco Bodt

    xiTzTHATGaMeRx also why does everyone say that, I was there from Catharsis and Start/End and I'm here for ALL SMILES and my thoughts on the band haven't changed. I guess it takes a real Sworn In fan to like and support ALL music, and not just the heavy stuff.

  3. deanna

    this song gives me chills


    @nana carter Every song in the album gave me serious chills


    @Matt Sykes tru lol

  4. Collin Chiappetta

    They should have titled this whole album letdown because it really fucking is.

    Jarod Valverde

    Fuck you.

    Shawn Fleenor

    Collin Chiappetta let down would literally describe your life

  5. CrackIsNotWack13.666

    The one semi heavy song was less than two minutes lol

    Nial Rogers

    @WTFTheLeftIsBigger no shit

  6. Wiktoria wiktchery

    this album is soooo great ! (cries)