Sworn In - Sunshine Lyrics

You are not my sunshine
Not my sunshine
Not my sunshine, darling

You are not my sunshine
Not my sunshine
Not my sunshine, baby

You are not my sunshine
Not my sunshine
Not my sunshine, sweetheart

You are not my sunshine
Not my sunshine
Not my sunshine

Leave me in hell to burn
I told you it's finally my turn
Let the fire eat my skin
The depression always wins
So I'll smile and laugh
Until my mouth is burning
I just wish I knew, how to connect with somebody

You're not my sunshine
Not my sunshine
You make me lose my mind every fucking day

You'll never know dear
How much I hate you
So please just stay the fuck away

The sun burns my skin (the sun burns my skin)
It makes me realise the darkness within
I think I'm sick because everything starts to spin
And you just watch me with a grin

You're not my sunshine
You're not my sunshine
You make me lose my mind every fucking day

You'll never know dear
How much I hate you
So please just stay the fuck away

Can you see me
Can you see me right here
Begging for you, begging for you
To disappear

So fuck this life
And fuck you too
Everything I've done has let me to what I'm gonna do

Gun in my hand
I can't fucking stand, it
I'm done I'm done I'm fucking done

You're not my sunshine
You're not my sunshine
You make me lose my mind
Every fucking day

You'll never know dear
How much I hate you
So please just stay
The fuck away


So stay the fuck away

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Sworn In Sunshine Comments
  1. Trudy Allen

    I'd don't even know you....yeah I'll be away from you
    ..causes I'd don't know u....at all
    .. bye

  2. dyingstraykid

    This is giving me Dragon Ball GT vibes. Or is it just me

  3. Shadow Killer

    Middle school vibes and now im going to be a senior in high school. Time goes by so fast

  4. Hippocrates -the Father of Medicine

    So peaceful thx

  5. skylar bachorski

    damn all of these negative comments, I love this fucking song

  6. Keinaifu

    good song to use to break up with someone

  7. Dominik

    Где русские ?

  8. TIRED!

    im revisiting this years later just to put it on a mixtape

  9. JPinedo

    When you cant afford to go back to Brian Hood

  10. Emo Wolf Turtle X3

    You are My sunshine, My Only sunshine

    Just not his

  11. MeatyBunz

    Love this

  12. TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    I'm also gonna come out and say this is one of my favorite tracks from them. Fuck what anyone else says about it being uncreative or not hardcore enough.

  13. TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    Shoulda made a music video for this song.

  14. akitskii

    I listened to this song almost 5 times a day. it's my favorite o.o

  15. william hay

    What I said to my ex

  16. nathan's channel

    just found my love song

  17. Swornim

    hey my name is swornim and difference between him and my name word is only "N"

  18. Jhon Weinhofen

    This is the anthem (8

  19. Leaur4t


  20. austfraust

    i wish the audio on the guitars was raised, for me the riffs alone make this band amazing. I'd love louder guitar audio :D

  21. Blk Nic26

    They sound like BMTH 🔥

    I Am Scratcher

    Maybe lightly like count your blessings but it'd be insulting to them to say they sounded like anything by Bmth lol

    Robby Merper

    _not really... At all_

    Breathing Debris

    Elijah Nicholas um...no.

    ashlynn thomas

    Ichi 😂😂

  22. Rodrigo Medeiros

    3:39 • Bleeeegh!

  23. lambert439

    just saw them live

  24. Bubba

    You guys fucking rule, don't ever give up. I jam to this CD every time i'm feeling pissed.

  25. Jake Dangerfield

    Technically speaking, Sworn In has evolved. They substituted some of their crushing tones and breakdowns for a more interesting sound and I think it's neat.

    Sun KiNGGG

    I think its gay

  26. Matt Williams

    Bothers the shit out of me that they call themselves emo

    Jay Mazella

    If you listen very carefully, this sounds A LOT like American Football. Trust me.

  27. Fred Unangst

    soo hxc

  28. Havoc 16

    These guys are fucking horrible.

    Aeria Azurah

    three months have passed by and not a single soul agrees with you, how do you feel?

  29. Rebekah T

    great song

  30. HeadShot Gaming

    Awesome song love it sounds like my lifetime

  31. GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    This is by far my favorite band to listen to when im pissed off


    +GetScaredGaming SAMEEEEEEE

    Sun KiNGGG

    Watch out guys


    haha I see you on every sworn in vid you really like shitting on them don't you? XD

  32. John Salazar

    Jesus Christ is watching yall

  33. ADeath7BatX102

    Babes. ❤

  34. ADeath7BatX102

    Love Sworn in so much. ❤❤❤

  35. Ihatemyname

    So many people saying "they sound like Korn/old Slipknot" and a million other bands, and then saying they look like MCR. Like, these are all extremely successful bands... and if they're somehow managing to combine all the elements from these bands... well that's an amazing feat if you ask me.

    Katherine Sanchez

    +Black Nails I completely agree dude, I hate all these people trying to backlash bands when their facts are incorrect

    Metal Elitest

    thank you

    Havoc 16

    I was actually listening to them because someone mentioned them. It's trash, but when someone tried to compare it to slipknot or korn is was laughable. Let's just call anything that's heavy and has a similar time signature "like korn or slipknot" and call it good. You acted like you schooled me and didn't say a damn thing. Your opinion of fairly brutal doesn't mean much to me. Also, since we're throwing opinions around... I think their first album was a better album than the 2nd one all day. I was going to shows when you were in diapers... and this is 100% trash.

    Havoc 16

    I'm 36, and the FIRST time I saw slipknot you were probably like 2. More than likely, I listened to, saw live, and burnt slipknot out before you were in 3rd grade. Ok. so it's heavier. I said the 1st one is better. Don't worry. I wouldn't listen to this garbage more than once.. LIke I said, I only did because someone mentioned them. Also, i'm not "on their video" ... I listened to this bullshit once and I get a notification every time your silly ass replies to my comment, but I'm about to disable that.

    Metal Elitest

    thx for proving i was right by disabling notes

  36. Asiimov

    Seriously, this sounds like old slipknot.


    +Asiimov i agree. i like the new sound

    Havoc 16

    +Asiimov  No. No it doesn't. The only slipknot album that's worth a fuck is the first album, which sounds nothing like this whiney garbage.

    Meh shit

    +Andrew Darrohn the lyrics sound exactly like something from slipknots first album they're obviously an inspiration

  37. Virre Psycoskit

    This song reminds me all the good times I've had. Not just back in HS but just....any good times. I just FEEL this song and the band as a whole. Just love it. Respect.

  38. bubble s

    I love this song it's one of my favorites idk

  39. Warrior Tha Witt

    I can feel myself slowly turning Emo whenever I listen to this and I'm 18!

    Shadow Killer

    welcome to the dark side we have cookies. And I get more respect now at school

    Josh Martineau

    +Shadow Killer *cringes*


    21 bro.

    Color Me Leighzy

    +Josh Martineau "Shadow Killer" HAHAHAHAHAHA

  40. BriannaTheTurtlelovingfag Brianna Martinez

    If you are bitching about how you hate this band then why bother commenting on this video ;-; no one needs your ignorant comment v.v

    Havoc 16

    +BriannaTheTurtlelovingfag Brianna Martinez  Because most of you are fucking posers. You wouldn't know metal if it hit you in the face with a brick.

    BriannaTheTurtlelovingfag Brianna Martinez

    +Andrew Darrohn Apparently you aren't smart enough to notice that i commented that ' 4 months ago '. FAIl 😂✋

    Sun KiNGGG

    Fuckin lol that guy was right for crying out loud look at how you type and your username

  41. Dea Hjako

    he kinda sounds like if finn grew up and had something tragic happen to him, and then eventually joined a metal band

  42. Cam Davis

    Korn's Chemical Romance

  43. Ryan Gray

    my favourite song from the album, it never lets up!

  44. Brooke Marie

    To be honest I don't love the song but certain parts I can really dig.

  45. Hunter Jones

    This song is my sunshine.

  46. Drake W

    Randy Blythe still my favorite

  47. Anja Exyphia

    Nom nom nom <3

  48. Dani Wanderlust

    these comments d.a make me wanna go on a killing spree😒😒

  49. Tesus Dice

    this song is terrible just like the band loooooooooooooooolllllllllllll

  50. carp

    anyone else think this song sounds like Anthem by bmth?

  51. Home Life

    This just sucks.

  52. trentdarbyshire

    I'd rather eat poo than buy this.


    stream it


    @trentdarbyshire Go on then



  53. Melissa Hale

    3:39 doe

  54. tristananvilcaster

    I love this

  55. Wedderburn's Wish

    Is this really Djent? I don't think so. .__.

  56. Janeth Duran

    This literally needs Jesus 🙏

  57. Chase


  58. Motherfucker


  59. Layla Spencer

    doesn't it hurt their throats singing like this


    lmao no cause it comes from the gut "diaphragm", it's not just reckless screaming, there's technique to it.

    Layla Spencer

    oh okay lol

  60. jocelyn vasquez

    fucking amazing oh my god

  61. 518ashtray

    So pumped for this album

  62. Mike van der graft

    sworn in ? i'm sworn out.
    old album is wayyy better

  63. VainAttempts

    Not really related to the video but to clear things up. Tyler was the vocalist for Catharsis, No Salvation, and the first version of End. He left and was replaced by Gene for Start/End and Let Down. Then Tyler came back when Gene left and they remade Let Down and he's been around since The Death Card. Gene came back and replaced Kenny on guitar.

    A lot of you already know this but just to clear things up for those who don't.

  64. Matthew M.

    WHYYY are they not recording with Brian Hood again? He totally gave them their own sound. 

  65. Color Me Leighzy

    Print screen this then invert. you can see the drawing.

  66. A V

    You guys don't get it, "You are my sunshine" is a poem in an old Australian play. This song references it and changes the lyrics to be foul and insulting instead of Lubby dubby and cute. THIS IS BRILLIANCE.

  67. N Cybr

    I'm really fucking confused. Tyler did the vocals for Start/End, right? I mean you can tell


    Nah, their current guitarist (who tracked guitars on the first half of this album) did vocals for Start/End and the first version of Let Down.

  68. Z Roppy

    literally my favorite song.

  69. therealprincemoney

    These 3 songs you guys released have been as therapeutical for me as death card so far; fuck the pre biased and assumed image people are throwin because they think you guys will flop and abandon your heavy click,; keep it smooth

  70. Jon Rios

    This would've been great about 10 years ago when bfmv, bleeding through, it dies today, and roses are red were big... Even though those bands were waaaay better. But that's what I think 😊

  71. Nathan Ives

    Fuck this is good, keep it up :) 

  72. Harvey Baker

    sounds abit like the flinstones theme .......

  73. Kyle Kohlgraf

    Fuck Sworn OUT Fucking lame ass shit.

  74. Astro.

    fuck this shit, fuck the three singles released, fuck the death card, fuck sworn in, go back to your start/end sound.

  75. H2Joe

    That BLEGH made me shoot my load everywhere 

  76. Noah Reynolds

    this song fucking kicks ass stfu you ignorant pricks

  77. Lexi Spalding

    JAM AF 

  78. DarkGoldBK

    Sounds new. That's a good thing. That drum and bass sample was amazing too.

  79. EMMY562

    I love Sworn In but Tyler's screams aren't to good! Just my thought. When I saw them in MA and they played it, it sounded good.

  80. mrschoolside

    Cool song, but sadly ripped off Halfgain – Face Off @ 0:16

  81. icanreadsir

    Left Behind > Sworn In

  82. MrFluffypigeon

    That break down at 2:35 is fucking awesome.

  83. the_ghost_nomadic

    I don't know how this music got into my recommended videos, but I don't mind it at all.

  84. Jesse Ramos

    Lyrics suck. Keeping shit emo alive in 2015 with breakdowns \m/

  85. Anthony Flamand

    I think the song is dope af lmao

  86. Verna Garza

    I FUCKEN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! So fuck this life and fuck u too!!!!!!!

  87. andrea perez

    your not my sunshine!!

  88. TAKYON

    Trash. Stop trying to fix what isn't broken, The Death Card was fantastic

  89. Jason Oriata

    The lyrics are so fucking gay

  90. Brendan Goldman

    Sounds like my ass

  91. Jay Mazella

    Oh god, this band has gotten stale. Desperately hoping they turn this around, it's starting to sound like something my awkwardly emo 14-year-old brother would fap to.


    Lyrically maybe, but instrumentally unique. The vocals are nice too.

  92. Ahead Fury


  93. Caleb Barbosa

    I get the feeling that this album is gona be a lot like the last LMTF album where the singles were realy meh but when you start listening to the whole album it will slowely gets better each song and you'll find the singles sound better within their place in the album.

  94. amanda mendez


  95. Kyle Anderson

    awesome song, just saw them live yesterday. fucking amazing!

  96. Andrew Reynolds

    am i the only hardcore sworn in fan that thinks this is .......atrocious?