Sworn In - Shit Talk Lyrics

Everyday's another conversation with myself
Bout whether or not I'm going to hell, hell, hell
I'm going to look the devil in the eyes so I can fucking tell him

You really wanna mess with me, fucker?
No you don't wanna mess with me, motherfucker
Already said it twice or did I stutter?
I hate to say it but I love to see you suffer
Damn I love to see you fucking suffer

What do you have to fucking say for yourself?
Stop fucking around
You really wanna play games motherfucker?
Well here's your playing around

Ain't got shit, ain't got shit, you ain't got shit
Ain't got shit, ain't got shit motherfucker
Ain't got shit, ain't got shit you ain't got it

You don't get it, they don't get it so
Fuck them and fuck you
Your heart hurts, mine does too
Yeah we've been through what we've been through
And I didn't do what you did do
And if your bitch ass wasn't already trying to die
Then I'd kill you
I'd come through with the heat, yeah you wouldn't know what hit you
Leave your body lying in the street fool

Curb looks perfect for your teeth
Time to see what's underneath
Come and fuck with me if you want to see
Bitch just what it's like to fucking suffer

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Sworn In Shit Talk Comments
  1. Cheo Samad

    Lyrics need work, but the sound is there, and its way better than anything since the Death Card.

  2. BeardedThicc Boi

    I miss the death card sworn in. This song ain't got shit ain't got shit.

  3. BlackwingMatt

    Instrumental is fucking sick. Vocals really don’t do the rest of the track justice.

  4. Ryan Gallagher

    Miss the old sworn in

  5. Koy Mynatt

    If you don’t like this it’s cuz ur insecure

  6. hollowheart

    Is this seriously the same band as Snake Eyes?

  7. calvaire

    This goes hard and the new vocalist is dope but I miss Tyler

  8. Qwynton Smith

    The song is literally called shit talk, stop crying lmao.

  9. Hebrews Demise

    This band went to shit. What happened to y’all?

  10. CRIMSON Official

    This is what Seth Green’s career has come to aye?

  11. ChaotixWolfe

    haha, i bet Tyler laughs at this

  12. Ben Wade

    Short but sweet

  13. Benjamin Hurley

    Lol 😆

  14. LEO420

    Man Tyler was sworn in but he had to go be a chick

  15. RamonH

    can anyone tell me why they removed some of their songs on spotify?

  16. Jesus Christ

    ummmm, wtf

  17. Cme

    Yea everything stays in line then they fucking die . yea everything eats food so what do u have to say to ur Fri ends fucker slaughtered doctored tortured I will eat at ur window on a red light while the devil dances on ur tongue. Btw twins retake spots left in rots ur all flesh with no bones feed to the dreams and Throw em to the pictures

  18. Aerophina

    Fuck the haters in these comments, I love this shit.

  19. Jamari Gurley

    I don’t think anybody appreciates genes bars enough cause my dude went off

  20. PRheadshots TV

    “Sworn In really let go” Sworn in vocals are so bland and “ No one cares. I did not ever for one second care for dudes singing. Glad his ass is gone. Bring on the snake eyes vibe 🤘🖕

    Shoto Todoroki The Frost Fire Hero

    If you're talking about Tyler,he was the vocalist for the band back when they released Snake Eyes.

  21. Просто Нрльап

    Плохой лайв ,лечите голос

  22. Просто Нрльап

    Плохой лайв ,лечите голос

  23. NARC

    The fucking music is so motherfucking good and the fucking vocals are too, honestly, but fuck, the fucking lyrics are soooo motherfucking bad I that it's not fucking worth listening to motherfucker.

  24. remain_ghost

    This band is marred by horrible vocalists

  25. Terrence Bierke

    What is this lmfao

  26. dvnii x

    this was my favorite band.... idk what y’all did to it but
    *fuck you*

  27. Anthony Rosato

    I fuck that this fuck is fucking fuck because the fucks are just fuckers

  28. Tristan Loparo

    Talking shit featuring Jack Black https://youtu.be/AyTuGdkX6qk

  29. ExpIores


  30. William Constantin

    Stop giving this band so much shit like for real lyrics don't always have to be deep and meaningful this song is just meant to sound heavy like a I don't give a fuck were here to fuck shit up song

  31. Lyric McCloud

    Rip sworn in


    been a fan for a while and I can agree that lyrics don't rly convey much
    I guess that's the whole point tho and maybe the next album will have top notch lyricism

    Unlesssss I'm completely wrong and this band has turned to shit
    Either way, good vocals and the instrumental is quite a good load.

  33. Kill Katelyn

    Idk bro

  34. No Redeemer

    I'm really gonna miss Tyler, but Eugene is fucking awesome! I'm happy of all the people, he's the new lead vocalist.

  35. Max Moss

    Maaaan where'd the other guy go?

  36. TweekerDub

    Where's Tyler when you need him

  37. Joshua Thornton

    This is the worst Sworn In song I have ever heard.

  38. C0B Productions

    Someone please make an identical instrumental for this or something i really like the instrumental but the vocals and lyrics nah 🤣

  39. Scott Swift

    Need sworn in to open for knocked loose

  40. Scott Swift

    Hope this dude can get his vocals on point for live shows.

  41. hi there

    I don't know, the instrumentals tell me that this needs some raw lyrics too. It'd be weird if Gene was describing an alien race's lore or some esoteric monster house that wants to consume my soul (and ass). Yea the lyrics might be 'juvenile' but revisiting this song a bunch, it wouldn't work any other way.

  42. Boom00721

    Rip Sworn in

  43. Mathieu Allard

    Lol fake attila

  44. Ryan B

    New vocalist......doesn’t fit the style. Might just be me, but I miss Tyler

  45. it's a big secret

    Is this a joke? Cos it’s not fucking funny. 😫 who wrote the lyrics, a 9 year old?

  46. John R. holt

    I mean, they sound the same. Just the vocalist. Imma listen to the whole album or ep before saying anything

  47. Connor McAloon

    I love Sworn In and I love Gene’s voice but we definitely need to step it up with these lyrics boyos. Not the worst I’ve heard, but oh boy. Still loving this and Gun Fight tho :3

  48. VforVendetta


  49. tcore ctroll

    What in the FUCK were they thinking releasing something this fucking stupid and cringe .... Woah

  50. Alex Morales

    Everybody saying "Tyler was a better vocalist" never heard Tyler live, and lyrically, the idea of the band aesthetically and musically was being "dark" and while yeah, they were never the best, at least they had a sound of their own, now it sound like they want to jump in to the "nu-core" wave

    Alex Morales

    Also: "Everyday's another conversation with myself
    Bout whether or not l'm going to hell, hell, hell
    I'm going to look the devil in the eyes so I can fucking
    tell him
    I hate to say it but I love to see you suffer
    Damn I love to see you fucking suffer
    What do you have to fucking say for yourself?
    You don't get it, they don't get it so
    Fuck them and fuck you
    Your heart hurts, mine does too"

    I bet this sounds more like Sworn in, who would have thought

  51. Ryan Allen

    Who is this new guy?

  52. Twilight Guitarist

    The lyrics '-'

  53. toyago oota

    where is your unsurpassed vocals... WHERE??

  54. r a i n

    This new guy kinda looks like cherdleys.....

    Afterglow Veridian

    r a i n Not a new guy.

    Bennett G

    r a i n, Yeah this guy is actually just returning as the lead vocalist since Tyler Dennen's recent departure.

  55. Happy Arnold

    I never came to Sworn In for intricate lyricism. I come to bang my head. Guess what? It's banging.


    Are you joking? Some of the best lyrics I've heard comes from these guys. Tyler does perfect vocals that sound like he's losing his mind while at the same time screams lyrics that make you know he really is losing his fucking mind.

  56. Brandon

    I want my 2 minutes and 29 seconds back

    Seth Bowden

    Fucking same 😞

  57. Shadowy

    its just not the same without tyler's beautiful face

  58. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    What happened to Tyler ? I want him back

  59. georgy singh

    Bruh, start/end was mixed better

  60. Chris Roncal

    im with it

  61. memyself&i

    I am still rinsing this song like a maniac geez

  62. David Maneti Jr

    I love his vocals. Just wish this song could be better.and the song needs to be longer.

  63. slandeR

    hello low mids

  64. Damian Bellamy

    I really wanna like the new vocals but they just sound so bland and boring

    William Constantin

    He's the original vocalist


    @William Constantin No hes not. Tyler did catharsis then gene did start/end then tyler came back for the death card.

  65. Lavish Cashmere

    I didn’t think I would say this but I miss tyler he was way better than this scrub


    For real

  66. deathcorebin

    Tyler cum back your band needs you.

  67. Urethral Distortion

    I miss good vocals and lyrics with depth but these guitars are raw

    Tiago Francisco

    my thoughts

  68. Alex Valero

    Dude wtf happened??? This is fucking horrible

  69. Impractical Toker

    Hahaha the lyrics should’ve been “fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck mother fuck fucker fuckity fuck fuck fuck a duck fucker mother fucker duck fucker”

  70. Sovereign // Gage Pfister

    These lyrics are weak as fuck bro. Lol 😂 is an edgy teenager writing your songs? Lol

  71. Jessica Stanbery

    When is this gonna be on Spotify 🙃

  72. Swarm Locust


  73. Viscaya

    Why is this not on Spotify ???

  74. Roger Pessimistic

    I love it when is it gonna be on Spotify

  75. Tristan Loparo

    Shit talking in a nutshell feat. Jack Black from Tenacious D. https://youtu.be/AyTuGdkX6qk

  76. Almondré Whiteman

    Dope song, but where TF is Tyler?😐


    He left Sworn In

  77. David Malachowski

    Wait so tyler left again? I'm so out of the loop.

    J B

    @deathcorebin and start/end is easily the best lyrical content sworn in has ever had. Tyler was just a crybaby.


    J B I’m not gonna lie I thought they always had the same vocalist. I never noticed the difference sadly. I just listened to most of the start end album last night and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty fucking heavy. Man but the emo is so good 😂

    J B

    @deathcorebin oh yea it's definitely the heaviest album they're ever released. But yeah, the og vocalist, gene, is the "new" vocalist.

    J B

    @deathcorebin and with this new song I think they wanted to separate from that emo sound and get back to being pissed off like start/end is, the way this band should be.


    @J B I suggest you look up a little thing called catharsis before you keep claiming gene is the original vocalist.

  78. red240 Red

    Damn I was really looking forward to new sworn in...they somehow regressed. The style tyler brang to the band was way better.

    I get it, mother fucker. Sooo cheeeeesey.

  79. memyself&i

    Holy fuck I get it now.

  80. PandasMilk

    The vocalist looks he should be in an 80s movie asking kids if they wanna try drugs behind a school.

    Ayane Hajinmon


  81. Jordan Sims

    Wow a frontman with average style , fuck yes! Dope song dudes , better than before :D

  82. Shein

    Нихуя не понял. Женя, чо за хуйня? Инвертор пиже, имхо

  83. Jordan Grigg

    Never thought I'd say this but we need Tyler back. Can't get with these lyrics seeing how I am an adult and they were written from the mind of a 14 year old

  84. Drmmr

    Extremely disappointed

  85. Drmmr


  86. Kody Brinkman

    Fuuuuck man I loved all smiles. Is this song an April fool's joke or something? Just comes off as really fake, maybe I just can't relate I don't know.

  87. Rydzu

    Like if i take this band without the name its a new band the sound is dope. But the lyrics are yikes

    Michael H

    Pretty sure this is the Start/End lineup, so it’s more Sworn In than the last iteration was, technically.


    Guys out here really expecting deep and dark lyrics out of a song named shit talk

  89. Kishin Beats

    Well this is bad.

  90. codeman1726

    have tyler ghost write lmao. wow

  91. Kayofkayos

    The music is sick as always!
    The lyrics and vocals.. Not so much


    Kayofkayos for me the vocals are the main draw. I love this guys vocals on Start/End and this song

  92. Mathieu Loiselle

    Why new Sworn In sounds like a Dealer cover band with lyrics written by a 12 yo

  93. Delta Cross

    i might actually like this if you wear better outfit



  95. Panda On Steroids

    Comments are way too negative. -.- I think y'all do good. Metal fans (or whatever this genre is) are way to critical and judgemental of music.. Even Kpop fans aren't this bad.

  96. Isaiah Barada

    Everything sounds right for sworn in, these lyrics on this song are shit tho tbh