Sworn In - Return (Heartless) Lyrics

I've died and I've been dead for some time
Built my own cage and left here to cry
Cry for help but nobody can hear
Fallen on deaf ears
Withering away with no soul to sell
I'll burn in hell
I'll burn in hell
I'll burn in hell
This is the end of me
And all I've fucking learned is
We are all alone at heart
And we are meant to be this way from the start
Well here I am alone at heart
A man who sold his fucking life to the dark

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Sworn In Return (Heartless) Comments
  1. Mitten

    Ugh I always look in the comments for those comment that post lyrics
    But they have failed me lol


    That ending breakdown tho. 2:08

  3. Sam Core

    Words are so good.

  4. Rachel amber

    wow this is pure sick but good song anyways

  5. Damian Manigat

    It ends where it began

  6. vapeislove vapeislife

    Fucking sick

  7. Christian Benavidez

    Fucking wrecked this album guys \m/

  8. Tommy Habros

    They should have thrown in a huge bass drop at the end as a throwback to Start/End.

  9. Tommy Habros

    They should have thrown in a huge bass drop at the end as a throwback to Start/End.

  10. Brandon Kennedy

    "So here I am, alone at heart.
    A man who sold his fucking life to the dark!"

  11. Jesse Lakerveld

    I fucking love this band

  12. Eli Ames

    Start/ lyrics <3

  13. Curfew Walks

    No big record company has signed them?

    Keyword: Yet...

    zach moyer

    Curfew Walks I just wish someone would sign these guys

    Marco Bodt

    Curfew Walks Fearless Records signed emmmm

  14. btregister

    Best song on the album.

  15. j c

    When i say craziest mosh pit. I mean it.

  16. Alexandre Klein

    the more you know

  17. Alexandre Klein

    you don't. that's being closed minded

  18. mmessiahbolicall

    Sarcasm is indeed creative, whereas the word "butthurt" is not.

  19. Gregory Wayne

    Damn. the ending is fantastic o.o

  20. luke thomas

    I've been sworn in to pit!!!! Watch out

  21. Alexandre Klein

    sarcasm is always creative

  22. shayrages

    YouTubers are so cliche these days. Funny really. You guys used to be so creative.

  23. Alexandre Klein

    butthurt, butthurt everywhere !

  24. shayrages

    hahaha. fuck off

  25. Fernando Sanchez

    no its just a stupid comment.

  26. EraOfHeroes

    The ending of this album is nostalgic as fuck.

  27. Alexandre Klein

    oh wow, i really hurt your feelings with this comment right ?


    I couldn't agree more

  29. Fernando Sanchez

    Shut the fuck up.

  30. idlesofmarch

    is this a meshuggah cover?

  31. Alexandre Klein

    guitar licks*

  32. Alexandre Klein

    meshuggah called, they want their riffs/guitar leads back

  33. toiletseatfaceman


  34. Bobak Rafiee

    Damn, dat lyric re-cap.

  35. Christopher Chambers

    HOLY SHIT WAY TO BRING IT FULL CIRCLE. that repeating lyrical theme tho

  36. Colby Hemingway

    This whole song is ridiculous

  37. Colby Hemingway

    That intro is ridiculous

  38. DethronedNJ


  39. AfA DSNOP

    Fuck yeah