Sworn In - Puppeteer Lyrics

It's not manipulation if I let you do it
So don't feel fucking bad because I'm begging you to do it
Cause when I get like this
I really can't dismiss
I'm lifeless all around and I want to reminisce

When I try to set it straight
I fold and feel the weight
I'm digging at my ears
But I can't understand what they say
They interrupt and scream
But now I get the theme
It's all a big god damn scheme

Be my, be my puppeteer
Pull my strings
Feed me lines
And whisper in my ear

I'm off the rails
I'm on the lam
I hate who I am
I'm off the rails
I'm on the lam
Tell me what to do, that's the plan

Pose me in any fashion
Change the way I walk
I'd rather be a puppet
Than an outline in chalk

Be my, be my puppeteer
Pull my strings
Feed me lines
And whisper in my ear

Be my, be my puppeteer
Pull my strings
Feed me lines
And whisper in my ear

I am a marionette
I am a lifeless threat

I am a marionette
I am a lifeless threat
I am a marionette
I am a lifeless threat
I am a marionette
I am a lifeless threat

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Sworn In Puppeteer Comments
  1. Airospace

    this song is insanity

  2. Joseph Jones

    0:02 it sounds like my fart.

  3. Creepypasta Gal Gacha

    I really like this song
    It deserves more views!

  4. Just Be

    PERFECT rendition of tRUMP screamO'z

  5. Kenneth Milos Vukmir

    im pulling my strings while on p0rnhub listening to this song

  6. Jess W

    dang that chorus got groove, would love to hear more like that on the next release!

  7. Isabella Rodriguez

    YES Sworn In!

  8. Bakon Kianiankirkakacappelli

    This song is the best song off the album by far!

    John Lewis

    Bakon Kianiankirkakacappelli Have you heard Cross My Heart or Cry Baby?

  9. Stephen Guzman

    For some odd reason, I'm getting some heavy My Chemical Romance vibes with that catchy ass chorus.


    Stephen Guzman It'd make sense, Tyler is kinda obsessed with Mcr lol

  10. Heatmaker Beatz

    From an AP Interview with Tyler Dennen:

    This track is about what I would do when all of the thematic driving points would occur at the same time. Essentially, an overwhelming amount of feelings and thoughts that were only half audible would all try to reach my brain at the same time and it would clog and overheat my brain. This would result in me being this lifeless marionette figure, and when I’m like this I would prefer having somebody else take control of my life, with or without their consent. Basically just the abandonment of oneself and wanting somebody else to manipulate you around so that to an extent, you still feel somewhat human.

  11. Kieran Mobbs

    start of the second verse = angry times, and i am a fan of THAT

  12. Faith Baker

    #fearlessrecords #streetteam

  13. Faith Baker

    #fearlessrecords #streetteam

  14. Tiffanee Blue

    I'd rather be a puppet than an out line in chalk

  15. victoriahashope

    This is definitely one of my favorites off of the album so far!

  16. MeatyBunz

    fucking love this song

  17. rhea loves jun

    fav fav fav

  18. ToasterWaffle22


  19. Spencer Whiteout

    The mix on this album is so poor :( I wish it was more clear like the last two albums

    Brian Muehlher

    I think that raw grittiness was very intentional. It suits the music well.

    Spencer Whiteout

    Perhaps it was intentional but I disagree that it sounds good.


    >clear like last two albums

    have you even listened to The Lovers / The Devil?

    Spencer Whiteout

    Yes. Have you?

    Brian Muehlher

    +Spencer White0ut it's all personal taste. Also keep in mind you're listening on YouTube, which compresses everything to shit. Listen to a lossless version before making a final verdict. You'll be surprised by the difference.

  20. TurtlePlays RBX


    supa hotfire

    Amanda Rodriguez dang gurl you've commented on every song from this album

    Boo Radley

    mike silvester Sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

    supa hotfire

    Amanda Rodriguez it's Okay, don't mind seeing a pretty face like yours pop up every now and then

  21. Dylan LikesOAA

    Holy hell I still can't get over that outro

  22. ladam97

    best off the album

  23. vibes

    That groovy ass intro was on Chris' twitter a while back, I'm so glad it's been made into an actual song

    Dylan LikesOAA


  24. Devastate Recreate

    my absolute favorite sworn in song to date!!

  25. Fuguex

    love the chorus

  26. Lana Hack

    Fucking love the breakdown in this

  27. Jake T

    Best work to date, and so far best song on the album.
    That chorus makes my dick harder than my ex ever could

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    not even close, The Death Card will always be their best album, this is generic numetalcore for scene cancer at its finest tbh

    Jake T

    Alex Tuozzo nah, deff not

    омега битард

    @Alex Tuozzo the death card boring metalcore shit based on 1 song

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    +аутентичный синтетик the death card was their most original album, obviously you haven't even listened to it in full if you believe it was based off of one song or you think there was only one good song off of it. Tyler's lyrics have always been edgy as fuck but have progressively gotten worse over time, and this album really displays how that pattern isn't gonna change until their inevitable breakup. his cleans are overproduced, can't sing shit live at all, which makes no sense because if you can't even perform them why would you make clean vocal parts. overall, the death card was a solid technical album that bordered on metalcore/down tempo deathcore, and it push started the trend for so many other bands (darke complex, villains, barrier, etc.). all smiles is literally just worse lyrics, overproduction, horribly done clean choruses, and cringey numetal influence meets chugcore for scene kids.

    guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    +mr phukyoass ^^^

  28. Santi Gore Boy

    man that final breakdown

  29. Oli Oxen Free

    This whole album rips. It's so fucking good

  30. mpk 666

    Crossfade and Dope vibes

  31. kevinperri93

    Alesana vibes on that chorus though

    Idiot Raine

    kevinperri93 no. |:<

  32. Colby James

    Fucking wonderful growl. Dirty but yet satisfying.

  33. Daniel Woods

    What's the heaviest song in this record??

    Marco Bodt

    Matthew Woods I want to say, MIRROR FEAR or ALL SMILES

  34. Lilith Niine

    Anyone else turned on by this?


    Lilith Niine Maybe. xD

  35. Lilith Niine

    Bangs so FUCKing hard mmmm

  36. WoeisEuTu [&]

    The best

  37. Dee Frost

    Yo am I first??


    D'Angelo L Nah

  38. liz

    this song is giving me chills lmao

  39. Brian Weatherford

    Pupper tier

  40. earth scum

    I'm in love with this album & this is one of my favorite songs ❤️☠️🖤

  41. Christian

    That chorus is way to fucking catchy.

  42. Holdy

    Alesana, it's you?


    Holdy lol wtf how...I love Alesana but they are nowhere near this heavy or dark. The chorus does give me some of the same vibes as Alesana newest record.

  43. ferna2294

    I can easily masturbate to this.

  44. scene rain

    oh fuck

  45. Alfredo Huertas

    I dig it