Sworn In - Pins And Needles Lyrics

I can't think straight
So don't wait up for me
I think I'll probably be late
I'll just count to three

1, 2, 3

I couldn't care less
Past the point of distress
With a mind full of stress and a body to undress
Nothing else matters
Cause nothing's real in this mess
I digress
I want to caress your skin so I'll give it my blessing darling

I've learned a lot from my stay in hell
I've learned I don't have a story to tell
Because when things become too much
When love turns to touch
Self-destruction is my crutch

Give me pins and needles
I'm tearing myself apart
Give me pins and needles
I'm playing my part
And this pain is only the start

I promise I am romantic I swear
But I don't have to be fair
It's one sided this time
So I walk this line
Between safety and sanity
Who am I meant to be?

In love with the beauty
Of tearing myself apart
In love with the destruction
Of playing my part
And it's only the start

Still wishing I was dead

So I'll poison myself
Too much beauty I suppose
These stories in my head are all I can compose
But as my skin turns pale
My eyes just stay shut
Filled them with pins and needles all for what?
Filled them with pins and needles all for what?

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Sworn In Pins And Needles Comments
  1. Alex P


  2. ChipZ VL


  3. oliolioxin crii

    I love this one Soo much

  4. nathan's channel

    till my eyes roll back of my head put the gun to my head. AM I CRAZY.

  5. Garrett Hanley

    loving this album from fucking start to end ;)

  6. It's bloopy

    If the old MCR and BMTH had a love child, this would be that band.


    emmm literally sounds nothing like either of those bands lol

  7. J E

    People need to grow up.Talking shit to each other over the internet. Your low. Appreciate the music or simply find some other shit you like. Don't talk shit. gtfu

  8. CrazedPsychosis

    woah...the mix on this song is really weird...
    Maybe they were playing with atmosphere or whatever, and thats cool...but I don't think it came across that great...


    CrazedPsychosis you mean reverb? Lol

  9. Carlos Silva

    I don't fucking care what people say about this album or about this band.
    This album makes me so fucking happy, I hear this everyday front to back and I can't get enough.
    This will be forever in my heart
    Thank you Sworn in, keep up the awesome work!


    the hidden behind ghosts. guy

    x _ x

    fuck you deathcore kids we dont need ur kind here

    x _ x

    in america


    we don't need you here in america.

  10. luax


    Kylo Is Matt

    +luax 666 Yeah, probably shouldn't.


    So much edge

  11. mclaughlink311

    This band just sounds like noise at this point


    +written without a beat actually it doesn't take much to understand a song sucks. And this song sucks. Band went to shit after the death card


    How is the death card good? It's full on scenecore/breakdowncore/edgecore you get the point.. Maybe you should go back to hot topic and find a band that's meant for you. There's more than enough bands out there putting out 40 minute breakdown albums, go listen to them...


    +Brendon stacey scenecore? Edgecore? Didn't know we were making up genres now lol

    Marksman 5147

    The Death Card was alot more random prog/technical than this album. Not saying this doesnt have some very very good momments but this album in comparison is composed much less erratic than the Death Card so lol, if you consider this just noise Im curious what you consider some of the more over the top random beats and time sig changes that are throughout the Death Card lmao.

  12. Brandon R

    The first :40 seconds of this song are incredible. I wish the rest would've kept with that.

    Deku Butler

    same. the vocals at the beginning are catchy as fuck

  13. Jerel Eubanks

    Thought this was gonna be a deftones cover


    @Jerel Eubanks right

  14. Luciano A Trejo

    Yo Wtf!?!?!? The drummer is sick

  15. Christopher Baer

    sworn in is illuminati. fucking sell outs

  16. Stranger Dimensions band

    This is F*cking awesome!
    Love the lyrics, love the music, love this f*cking band so much!

  17. Stephen Mongiovi

    Was that a Snake Eyes reprise at 3:02?

    friends, movies, etc.

    @Stephen Mongiovi i can't believe I didn't notice that

    Arterial Void

    @Stephen Mongiovi They make quiet a few references to their other songs, it's pretty fuckin cool that they do that cause their other stuff is just as great .-.

    Peyton Weir

    Yeah in one of the songs (can't remember at the moment) the lyrics talk about things still looking bleak. Dead soul af.

    Arterial Void

    @Peyton Weir at the end of Oliolioxinfree, he says " Always knew I was a Dead Soul" and at somepoint in Sugar lips I remember hearing "Cause things still look bleak darling" .-.

    Marksman 5147

    The last lyrics on The Death Card are "We are All Alone At Heart" which is from theit ep Start//End where the first 2 songs (Start and Opportunist respectively) repeat that phrase

  18. Luis Ortega

    Amazing music c:

  19. Brandon Remigio

    Awesome shit

  20. Nick Vannatta

    I could've sworn I heard Chris Roetter from LMTF on the clean hook to this song at first lol

  21. Angela Hoover


  22. SuicidePlays

    Dem lows at the end doe

  23. Wiktoria wiktchery

    my fav song on this album :3 

  24. Liv Mc Guinness

    Um omg yes I love it💘

  25. Lex Lux

    Honestly, when I first heard this song, I had been a bit skeptical about it. As I started to listen to it more, I began to like it more and The Lovers/The Devil is a really awesome album. I bought it and I'm glad I did because this band deserves a lot of credit for their awesome music. I really like how they're going with the band and the tunes will forever be stuck in my head.


    @Lex Lux Yea it really grows on you