Sworn In - Oliolioxinfree Lyrics

I've begged for death one too many times
Singing and screaming these useless rhymes
But this time I'll take control
I'll lay down and accept my role

My heart is turning fucking black

You had your fingers crossed behind your back
My heart is turning fucking black

I'm screaming oliolioxinfree
Cause I can't find my sanity
Where could it be?
Is this even me? Is this even me?

I'm not suicidal I swear
Oops I forgot that I don't care
To appease your standards
To be the better man
Withering dry doing everything I can

I don't get shit back
And I'm tired of that
Because everything you hate in me is everything you lack

Get up
Get out

Fuck me till I can think again
Fuck me till I can feel again

Fuck me until I can feel

My world's collapsed
So it's time to relapse
Where I shut myself down
And pull apart the scraps

So long to who you knew
Cause I changed before you withdrew
It's true, I'm through, I have no clue who I am
Just a useless fucking shell of a bitter broken man

I hate my own head
I wish I was dead
I dream of knives and blood dripping red (dripping red)

This isn't a scene from a silver screen
And there's no fucking way to wipe myself clean
The pieces I stole just turned into coal
Always knew it was my role
Always knew I was a dead soul

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