Sworn In - Make It Hurt Lyrics

I don't feel shit unless it's pain
Nothing registers no not even my name
If you decide to get close
What I need the most
Is my face in the dirt
Make it hurt

Pupils dilate
Salivating don't make me wait
Break my ribs
Rip out my nails
I feel alive, it never fails

Make it hurt
Make it hurt
I can't feel you if you don't
Make it hurt
Make it hurt
I can't feel you if you won't
Make it hurt
I can't feel you if you don't
Make it hurt

I'm pulling out my jagged teeth, I need to know what's underneath
I'm pulling out my jagged teeth, I need to know what's underneath

Can't take one more second
Hearing the voices disagree
They're not speaking words so dig your nails into my throat
And listen to my plea


Make it stop
Make it quiet for a bit
I'm fucked in the head
That much I'll admit
So do me a favor
I know the cure
Make it hurt for me
Don't ask cause I'm sure

Help me out
Make it quiet for tonight
I know it's not safe
But I'll be alright
Make it stop
Make it quiet for a bit
I'm fucked in the head
That much I'll admit

Make it hurt
Make it hurt
I can't feel you if you don't
Make it hurt
Make it hurt
I can't feel you if you won't
Make it hurt
I can't feel you if you don't
Make it hurt

I just want to bleed out
Bleed out
I want to suffocate in plain site
What a delight, what a delight
I want to suffocate in plain plain site

I wanna watch you let me die
I wanna watch you let me die
I wanna watch you let me die
I wanna watch you let me die

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Sworn In Make It Hurt Comments
  1. Игорь Федотов

    Весь трек на связках орет, но припев зашел как дети в школу)

  2. ViiCE VERZA

    daammnnnn tyler was going through some shit during this album hey...

  3. PRheadshots TV

    Tyler is sooooooo Gaaaaaaay in them sheets. Sheesh

  4. Mike traj

    Man this blokes Vocals are fkn Brilliant

  5. Alex Irving

    this kinda reminds me of Greeley Estates

  6. Too Spooked

    Who misses Tyler now he left the band?

    De Waal Van Der Colff

    Me :( the new vocalist is trash

  7. Sam Hardaker

    From listening to the new song, I miss Tyler

    Erick Fuentes

    New music is too bad man

  8. Swarm Locust


  9. alessandra _KJMM93


  10. brucenatelee

    I'm so used to metalcore bands having phrases for band names that I assumed Sworn In was a '90s NY hardcore band.

  11. Phegnarmenon

    1:14 that guy needs to switch tampon brands

  12. Aggro Aggro

    Brutal Nu metal :v

  13. memyself&i

    Tyler! Come back.For realz.

  14. Nerón Creme

    So fantastic

  15. Agirlnamed Drool

    Damn someone give her a tampon

  16. Josh Nelson

    These lyrics are complete crap. What are you into dude? Sadomasochism?

  17. Nitro Cat Official

    I had to double take on the blood scene, hot! Also this song slaps

  18. J E

    Sucks they changed so much.. smh

  19. NoFaceBunny

    Wtf happened to sworn in .......


    Guess I'll listen to old Villains

  20. Cuntcrusher

    Сука,это один из самых хуевейших вокалистов,которого я когда либо слышал.

  21. Khurram Hussain

    At first I fucking hated this, and now I hate it a little less.

  22. Обзорим Готовим Маркетаним

    мажорный хуй какойто) но трек не огтторгает выключить, good

  23. eddie fckn vedder

    hi i’m a fan of sworn in, my hobbies include bullying tyler dennen

  24. Richard Michael

    Exhibit End


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  25. Justin Upchurch

    Now hes a loser

  26. michael mads

    muito foda !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Go home yankie If shoe fits wear it

    Help me lan KSNDPEJDPEJGH

  28. gurbina

    All I'm tryna say is how does a band go from making a whole album that slaps my ass like daddy to making songs that I'd rather use my spotify skips on?

  29. C Hutch109

    Really dig this

  30. Malviena Hb

    какой же этот кайф. Давно не слышала чего-то по-настоящему ядрёного и эмоционального одновременно

  31. Krya Asteria

    This is the most confusing metal song I've ever heard but I'm not mad.

    Can't believe I found them from Digital Bus Tour.

  32. I'm eating cereal _

    I re-descovered them after 5 years and the only song I knew was Snake Eyes. This band is everything I ever wanted in music. I felt 20 different emotions while listening to this song. I love it

  33. Serious Sirius

    Man, what the hell is wrong with your vocals? The right way to kill your vocal cords. Seen your live video... you really should look for a good tutor who shows you how to sing and scream properly. No jokes, no trolling, yelling in that way is really harmful.

  34. Tristan Loparo

    Check out my cover of this song. You guys are looking for a Frontman hit me up https://youtu.be/lt2KQFG4o7A

  35. Rudi Setiawan

    fearless records pure product golden generation

  36. Tristan Loparo

    Check this sick shit out! https://youtu.be/lt2KQFG4o7A

  37. PLproduction1


  38. ErikRichardson

    Tyler is like the metal sixnine

  39. Alpha Wolfie

    holy fucking shit this band joins the list of my favourite bands <3

  40. astro hollow

    This is insane 🔥🔥🔥

  41. AJGvmbit

    Goodbye Tyler :c <|3

  42. B Watson

    Tyler is gone everyone...

  43. Lebensessenz

    the death card was so great,... and then this...

  44. That Sad Kid

    If you like this sound, check out Wage War and The Plot in You. Similar bands

  45. That Sad Kid


  46. Too Spooked

    I just burned my fingers off by a waffle maker but listining this makes it feel better.

  47. E.D. Gremore

    god damn this is edgy

  48. Tyler smitty Smith

    cut ur hair ull b way cooler shave it I mean

  49. Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih

    Хаотичная каша. По сравнению с этим AA - Let it sleep просто недосягаемый шедевр)

    The kop4eni

    Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih Так тут сплошной тюн

    Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih

    The kop4eni ну и что? Я про тюн ничего не говорил

  50. Sarah Miller


  51. noose neryn

    Skinny legends.

  52. wilsone100021

    This is fire but somebody plz correct the errors in the lyrics. I got cancer from reading

  53. C.G. Wells

    Tyler is now Jeffrey Dennen


    Miranda Sings.

  55. Rabbit #XVII

    ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  56. Andy Venual

    The best part 3:42

  57. ploob man

    This band has always been so over dramatic and corny to me. Was hoping to see a difference but somehow I think they got worse.

  58. Влада

    нормалды тема

  59. Ethan Cole

    The death card stuff is way better tho...

  60. Gli tch

    Nice 👌

  61. dumbgrasses

    Vocals are amazing

  62. Apple Peel

    It's too edgy for me

  63. Apple Peel

    Deathcore is so not for me


    Apple Peel this is metalcore

    Apple Peel

    dying hugo still not for me

  64. PxstDeath

    Sounds like a new Get Scared. Not bad

  65. Shinuzui

    Thworn In

  66. Underground Warrior

    Good instrumental, but clean vocals are bad through, and they one of the worst live band i've ever heard


    Jk Rj tbh

  67. хъя ы

    love you, guys.
    (hellow from Russia)

  68. Anti Social

    Кто с России?

  69. FreeStyle

    Why is this so bad

  70. Smiley52

    N I C E

  71. Danny Owo

    Tema qliao weno <3

  72. Khaotic Cabbage

    This is what new darke complex was supposed to sound like

  73. Starframe Apocalypse

    The chorus makes me think of taking back sunday

  74. Chets

    he wanna watch you let him die

  75. Ashley Ellis

    I saw you guys play at Warped in San Antonio Texas you guys are so great <3💯💘

  76. infamousauto

    sworn in use to be good. now they are soft.


    Ryan C lmao. What?


    Saying that "lay with me" is heavier than this?

  77. Phoebe Lewis

    I really love this damn song

  78. Miracle Stivender

    I can’t stop playing this song on repeat.

  79. Queen Queen

    Staring at my Sworn In poster on my wall right now

  80. Noah Brook

    This band is perfect

  81. Jesse Hildebrand

    Death card 2.0 yeeeeessssss

  82. ihavenolungs TV

    Tyler looks just cringy in some shots. then hot af in others. I don't get it

  83. joe cormier

    The edge is real! And I wouldn't want sworn In any other way

  84. Xavier Cadaverous

    *Tyler cover in blood*
    Me: my penis can only get so erect.

  85. Lilly Young

    Goddamn he's pretty hot

  86. think of sin

    Wtf. Fucking autoplay

  87. Elton Van Zyl

    The guitarist's shit handwork at 2:22 (But it's actually right at 2:24)

  88. woah meme

    Well I must be blind or did Eugene leave the band

  89. Jose Irastorza

    se sacaron la polla y la pusieron sobre la mesa, la mas grande de todas loco <3

  90. im tired

    no thanks.

  91. Valve Official

    When willy wonka lost his mind.

  92. Susan in DreamyComa

    His voice is a litlle bit like Vic
    From Pierce the veil

  93. morwen angelus

    singer is so gay that it hurts

  94. Tiffany Madrox

    There's so many breakdowns. Yet i find myself moshing in my room to every one. I fear for when I hear this live lmao. I'm going to lose my shit.

  95. Iezekil

    axel rose>???

  96. shinee crystal

    I'm new and I'm in love with the vocalists hello

  97. datboidown duhstreet

    Sworn in sold out. Just a knock off betwee marilyn manson and evanesance.