Sworn In - Love Drunk Lyrics

Been here before again and again
Seen it before I know how this ends
My heart than yours
It drips than it pours
Till it seeps into the wooden floors
But I adore the way it feels
To switch when I don't feel real
And I'll watch you suffer too
So don't feel bad for what you do

I've watched you stab away at my heart
And baby it's my favorite part
Make me feel miserable like you always do
Make me fall in love with you

Oh babe I'm just a little love drunk
But just enough to fill the space

Now it's your turn feel
What it's like to not be real
Don't worry babe just part of the deal

I don't need it anymore
Fuck yes I do
I need every little part of you
No wait, burn in hell
I have a secret to tell

Oh babe my heart feels so numb
So top me off just in case

My secrets this
Listen up it's not something to miss
I've been so fucked from the devil's pretty little kiss
Now it's your turn feel
What it's like to not be real
Don't worry babe just part of the deal

Rewind, rewind
Play it over again
Sing me a song about being dead
Rewind, rewind
It's your turn this time
Sing me a song about blood red wine

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Sworn In Love Drunk Comments
  1. Vance Orr

    I think this song is my favorite on the album. It was such a great way to end it because it really showed total bitterness and disdain towards this woman but at the same time shows how you can be trapped in a relationship like that.

  2. Vincent

    Chorus gives fucking goosebumps

  3. witchy tunes

    700th like c:

  4. Kobi Wood

    Gemini and Capricorn

  5. 6Jason6Vorhees6

    This album kind of reminds me of villains 10 code cd.. like the effects and shit.

  6. caitxxx

    i'm getting some manson vibes from this song

  7. nathan's channel

    im actually satisfied with this love songs..hatfully gracfully f n awesome

  8. Sam Core

    So good album.

  9. Madison Swisher


  10. Nestor Chavez

    my only complaint is that Tyler didn't use lows on this album


    +Nestor Chavez Agreed

    x _ x

    because they were shit

    Yung Juicebox

    ^ Wrong

  11. matt Walter

    these guys are going to be huge

    x _ x

    matt Walter yea they aready wolf be if they released new stuff

    Yung Juicebox

    They are actually pretty big.

  12. Linda Glocke

    i hate this song so much. i like all of their other songs but this one is so ew to me. i hate hate the way his voice sounds when he says 'i'm just a little love drunk', it gives me shivers down my spine and ruins the song. bleeegh.

    Josh Martineau

    you look veeeerry familiar

    BriannaTheTurtlelovingfag Brianna Martinez

    water you doing here go try to stop isis

    Linda Glocke

    STOP asking about ISIS :(

    Alissa Errichetto

    +Linda Glocke HELP STOP ISIS WITH ME


    I'm guessing you failed then :P

  13. HeadShot Gaming

    Nice job this is my new fav

  14. Gayle Tsattie

    I just love everything about this album! it sounds so creepy and edgy and very pissed off

  15. TAKEmy GRITS

    2:31 ..... I'M GOING TO KILL SOMEONE..

  16. Kris Green

    this whole album sounds so over produced. uhgggg

    Ken Cohort

    Mate it really doesn't

  17. Jenna Moon

    I'm Jenna and I am horny.

    Kyle DuBois

    +Jenna Moon i am kyle and that is ok

    Jessi Smith

    +Jenna Moon hello horny, I'm dad

    Kyle DuBois

    meet your daddy bitch...


    oh snap

    The Outsider

    The Fuck you commenting that here for then? like out of all places xD

  18. Jerel Eubanks

    I thought they were using 9 strings but i saw a video of them at mayhem and the were playing 6 strings. I wonder what kind of rig they have i dig this tone. I know their more than likely using an interface.


    They tracked this album on 8 and 9 strings and they use baritone 6 strings live (:

    Vance Orr

    Yeah I believe they just have that pitch shifter thing because their songs will drop to lower tunings without changing guitars live

  19. Bathory McClemont

    something shitty always happens when i try to see them live, wish they didn't blow up so quick

  20. Anja Exyphia

    Good shit

  21. CrackIsNotWack13.666

    You know what i hated on this album so much when it came out. Almost as much as i hated on watchin movies by mac miller. But like the mac album I'm starting to really dig it! Good job guys!

  22. aaron serrano

    fuck the death card and fuck this album. nothing will be more impressive than start/end.

    Matt Stark

    @aaron serrano Start/End was a huge chugfest with no originality. nice try dumbass.

    aaron serrano

    Lol obviously you don't know shit, probably don't even play an instrument.

    Matt Stark

    @aaron serrano Vocalist for 6 years, drummer for 5, guitarist for 3. Yes, start/end was generic as hell. Just like all the other beatdown bands are. This is not generic. This is creative, sorry about your ego bro.



  23. ReprogrammedToHate

    Why the hell does this reminds me of Coal Chamber?

    AxCxVevo F

    +ReprogrammedToHate Now that you say it, the chorus sounds really Coal Chamber-ish. Fuck, I never noticed it.

  24. Keith Dick

    This album is art to me. So damn good.

  25. Miguel Velasquez

    What the actual fuck?

  26. CraigArmstrong27

    I have a hard time listening to Sworn In and really getting into them. I suppose it's the excessive creepyness, and Tyler's vocal style. They contrast in my mind, and I feel like he's not displaying his full potential. I don't know maybe that's just me. Oh well, they did what they wanted to with this, and I'm sure true fans and the band itself is happy with the end result, so that is all that matters.

  27. friends, movies, etc.

    Just listened to the entire album, it did not disappoint. So cleverly written, storytelling through creepiness and aggression, the true Sworn In sound. Love this so much, will definitely be buying.

  28. chickenybeefytaco

    i expect backing vocals from gene on the next record.

  29. Hayes

    Sounds very similar to the death card, but amplified by 12. diggin it

  30. Ricky AF

    Sound like Slipknot,good job Sworn In! (y)

  31. Otávio Augusto

    Fuckin' awesome!!!! Great shit guys

  32. Dalton Ridler

    I was pretty skeptical of how this album was going to turn out, and I'm honestly impressed with how good it actually is. People will have a much easier time liking this if they stop expecting every thing you do to be a rerun of The Death Card.
    Thank you for another beautifully done album, Sworn In.

  33. Chaos

    probably the best song ive heard out of the album so far

  34. eva sinner


  35. Cameron Wolfe

    Sworn In is the shit.