Sworn In - Lay With Me Lyrics

Dance with me
I'll make you believe
Dance with me
For eternity
Dance with me
Oh why can't you see
Dance with me
That this is who I'm meant to be

The devil's kiss
I stole the devil's little kiss
And now it's my turn
To watch it all burn

Love is the flowers on top of my grave
Love is the bitter taste of your name
Love is the way I feel like a slave
Tell me is love just a game?

Lay with me, tonight, tonight
I'll dance in your head, alright, alright
And again and again tonight, tonight
One more time to feel alright

Shut up I love this part
This is where we both fall apart
You say you like my eyes
I should've known
That I'd still feel alone
I'm always alone

I don't think I've grown
This life's just a loan
So baby let me hear one more moan
This life's just a loan
So baby let me hear just one more moan

Lay with me, tonight, tonight
I'll dance in your head, alright, alright
And again and again tonight, tonight
One more time to feel alright

What are you supposed to do
When you can't think straight
When you can't lift the weight
When it smothers you until you can't breathe
Are you supposed to leave?
Well I can't
I've tried that
Chewed up and out I was spat

Bad, bad
I'm just a bad taste
Just a fucking waste

Lay with me, tonight, tonight
I'll dance in your head, alright, alright
And again and again tonight, tonight
One more time to feel alright

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Sworn In Lay With Me Comments
  1. Filthy Music Entertainment

    Are we going to the north or south pole?😆😆

  2. Braden Nielsen

    Is this Powerman 5000 if they went darker and heavier?

  3. Haley Rivas

    Who’s still listening in 2018?🙌🏻

    Ruben Navarro

    Hell yeah ✊

  4. Tragic

    2:27 = When I taste food I don’t like

  5. mel grant

    this is the fucking bop you guys are fools. this is so good especially the fucking chorus, so original and no one else could pull it off.

  6. Corbeaux


  7. Metal Elitest

    i like a lot of the songs on the album but the emo singing parts sorta make me cringe.. i really hope they stay mostly a hardcore band abd not turn into bmth god im scared that 2 years from now there will be no screaming

    Zack ?

    think you're overreacting just a bit


    Metal Elitest screaming gets very boring. I'll never understand the people that prefer screaming over melody. Maybe I'm not that edgy enough.


    Metal Elitest well he can sing his just not that good. I assume he hasn't been singing that long. His not a bad singer he has potential. He needs to develop his own style though because he kinda sounds like a lot of other vocalists in this genre.

  8. Madison Swisher

    i love this dsfkdn

  9. Stephen Guzman

    0:47 Sounds like Motionless in White.

    alicia saad

    +Stephen Guzman not really but i see where your coming from

    Mitch Garcia

    +alicia saad agree. understand how you could hear that

    Lilith Collins

    oh damn, I totally see it! I was just thinking how I'd love for them to do a collab!

    amethyst martinez

    they sound nothing like motionless in white.

    Brad Alvarez

    Lilith Collins pp

  10. J'ron Oldham

    the transitions in this song are ass

    Im Olay

    maybe that's on purpose :)


    +Im Olay Maybe, so? That doesn't make it any better


    I actually think this song has some of the best transitions they have.

    Simple is often better.

  11. Altvuizm

    "you say you like my eyes"....

  12. ju sung

    So fucking sick i love it

  13. nemo laschelle hibbert

    found this guy on Instagram but this is some good fucking shit

  14. BriannaTheTurtlelovingfag Brianna Martinez

    This song is fucking legit \m/
    I listened to this song 13847482819384993 times today ! Cx

  15. Khaden Davis


  16. Anja Exyphia

    Sexual <3

  17. Cyris MacGibbon

    100th Comment 🌚🌚🌚

  18. Dea Hjako

    *Lie With Me

  19. Verna Garza

    Tell me is love just a game!!!!!!

  20. BehexagusTheGreat


    "BLAH! BLAH!"

    Human Abstract

    @CyberWolf I thought you where being cynical my bad.


    @Ramiro Mayorga Nah man its cool.


    +CyberWolf it you were it'd be a hell of a burn lmao


    @Naked Shirt​ I guess, but people don't really know if they like something or not before they try it out. And people are entitled to opinions.


    yeah true.

  21. jessica Rabbit

    O_o where has this band been all my life

  22. unforgiven125

    2:26 BLEH BLEH

  23. //pariah

    Really love how the chorus randomly drops each time. Hits hard. This new-ish sound is weird...but I'm liking it.

  24. ashley may

    Tyler dennennnn you voice k

  25. ashley may

    This album I don't even know what to say it's so amazing ugh

  26. friends, movies, etc.

    The Slipknot vibes off this song give me tingles. i love this album.

    Reagan Dent

    Holy shit same!

    Adam Barkley

    +LAST MAN STANDING Hey, Chris ;)

  27. Alicia

    I still can't get into those clean vocals though. Ugh

  28. Tim Medic

    the transitions make me cringe

    tcore ctroll

    Same. I always wished they cut so many parts out of this album

  29. Angela Hoover

    I am not disappointed at all with this album. I know Tyler was going through a very rough time, and you can tell by the lyrics. I love that I can relate to this, and Sworn In remains one of my favorite bands.


  30. Jaron Lamp

    Tune up your guitars. You're basically playing distorted basses. There's a point where it doesn't sound 'heavy' any more and more like garbage.

  31. GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    This is my favorite song out of the four theyve released.

  32. Gracie Knudtson

    whos doing the cleans? is it tyler?

  33. John Doe

    this little melody in the end gives me chills and some sad feel

  34. Hunter Martin

    This new album is awesome, my only complaints are that the mix isn't as good as the previous album, and they need to work on transitions between verses to the chorus.

  35. tyler corriveau

    When one blegh just isn't good enough 😂 I'm just messing around I love the song 👍

  36. Jemal

    9 strings on this album holy fuck

  37. Taylor Krug

    That dual BLAT tho

  38. joeS163

    How, and more importantly, why are this band popular?...
    I don't understand what they're trying to achieve with their sound, they sound like a high school start out band.

    Erick Gutierrez

    I don't understand your grammar

  39. Anthony

    Clean vocals are brilliant. I dig that style.

  40. Seth Ward

    Love sworn in! When's the album come out?

  41. rounax666

    sounds great but I've got one question.
    when did this band become so emo? like their looks and lyrics
    It doesn't affect their good music thou. 

  42. Michael Charron

    I absolutely love "The Death Card" but this new album just seems to have a lot more variety (each song sounds unique and different) and seems, overall, to be musically and melodically more interesting. I'm fully into the "new sound" of the band, even though it still sounds like good old Sworn In :)

  43. Venla

    New album will be sick!!

  44. Jonathan Glidden

    Either way you look at it. This song was just composed so well, it's one of my favorite songs with just Tyler himself, but Chris was outstanding, such technical fills at such perfect times. The melody is always perfect. This is going to send sworn in somewhere really fucking far, I'm hyped

  45. Jordan Sartor

    Not too fond of the lyrics, but that's what most people only listen for...which is lame. However, they're trying to new and different things with their sound. I liked Death Card but this album is a lot more diverse in terms of genre. I wish it was mixed a little better but it's whatev. I dig it!

    Marksman 5147

    I feel like theres so many intricate tiny sounds in the background I can barely hear because the mix is alot muddier than the Death Card. This album is alot more basic and lighter than the Death Card but its also got some of the best random transitions and technical grooves this band has done

  46. edwin bro

    Their sound is all over the place...


    thats what makes it good imo, its different

    Marksman 5147

    Thats always been the point of this band... like honestly theyre prog lmao all the random time sig changes and transitions with all the effcects they use. I fucking love it so groovy and heavy.

  47. Jordan Chelmowski

    Seeing them Saturday night!!! :')

  48. Verna Garza

    Sworn in is an bad ass song and this band called kings theres a song by them called thornes it's futering sam davies

  49. kyle taylor

    I actually think this is some of there best stuff! But I do love Death Card as well!

  50. CJ Chastain

    this cleans are good just don't fit the song at all

  51. Kian Würtz

    what the fuck is this shit

  52. iKnowAGuy

    The only thing that is really wrong with every song on this album is the lack of creativity with the lyrics. Most of them are really cheesy but apart from that I still dig a few songs. I definitely prefer The Death Card though haha. Darke Complex just dropped a concept EP and it blows everything out of the water so if you want some good tunes check that shit out.




    Darke Complex wrecks everyone's shit


    Darke Complex is a gold mine, man

  53. Travis Erwin

    I love The Death Card and this album. I've had the leak for a couple of days and it's really better than The Death Card. Personally I love the emotion there is in the songs lyrically. Still I love their first release a lot more (not the death card)

  54. Cai Bathory

    Actually enjoyed the cleans 👌

  55. E S

    I still don't understand all the negative comments about the upcoming album. All these new songs are going hectic down here in Australia.

  56. jody bishop

    I love it :D i preordered the album but it sucks i tried to preorder the hoodie but it wouldn't go to the paypal thing _ so i couldn't finalize it :'(

  57. isaac805

    Can't lift* the weight

  58. Jared Wildberger

    Whats with releasing all the tracks before the album drops? 

    Jared Wildberger

    @Vestess I'm just saying, bands do this all the time now.  Darke Complex released three out of 7 (a couple of the seven were just filler), Veil of Mayas released like 3 or 4 songs for their clean vocal album coming up, Hacktivist released 3 out of 5 when they did their EP, just off the top of my head.  I get releasing one track or a single, but half the album gets annoying


    @Jared Wildberger I've seen more and more bands do this these days. It's a way of staying relevant and building hype

    Ben anonnimous

    @Jared Wildberger I like it that way. I never buy an album before I've listened to all the songs and liked most of them. And I won't be entirely happy with the purchase unless I like all of them. If I can make an informed decision before its released then I can get it right away.

  59. chickenybeefytaco

    slipknot influence is strong.

  60. BeefStew

    This song is my jam

  61. Yadi Munoz

    lol to all the negative comments. you guys act like your negative opinions actually matter to them. if you miss their old stuff, go listen to it and stop being little baby bitches. their new stuff is great 👏

  62. Sam K

    The Death Card was so much better sigh

    Ken Cohort

    idk man

    A lot less bleghs here and some creativity. I fuck with it

  63. John William Petró

    holy shit, this band is horrible, I tried to listen to two songs and i stopped so bad it's


    @John William Petró yeah you stopped writing that sentence too lmfao

  64. Justice4AllOne

    Pure fucking garbage. Tyler needs to go back to playing guitar for Barrier, and Gene needs to switch back to vocals. Maybe this band will make good music again, then.

  65. madalyn k.


  66. Josh Haveheart

    this is great 

  67. JP Gurley

    interesting. not bad

  68. daddymedallion

    Not to offend anyone but in my opinion I think the death card album is better remember! Not to offend anyone 😃

    Jon Tangen

    @inyaface808jr I agree, The Death Card was just better timed and stuff, i feel like this album was really hyped up by everyone.


    @egergarg ergergerae ok key board warrior


    im extremely offended

    Alex de Bruin

    +inyaface808jr Triggered.

    The Outsider

    see this is the kind of criticism i like! not some giant hate comment like a dick head like can't people at least make it simple or give constructive criticism!

  69. Shrek 2

    Smoke on the water

    mel grant

    i can hear it now

  70. Screwdriver4o

    This song is great!! :)

  71. Frankee Hernandez

    Fuck I can't wait for their album to drop just a few more days

  72. Jon Burns

    Aw man no lyrics in the description 😑

    Taco Taker

    yeah there are lyrics

    Ashly villalta

    You need lyrics?

    Kwayne Devil

    lol its pretty easy to learn once youve heard it enough

  73. Corey Abila

    This song is fucking great!!!
    They were so good at SBSW this year!!! Please come to San Antonio soon!!!


    i agree 100% with you

  74. Mitch Garcia

    This album has taken quite the unexpected turn, and let me tell you, I fucking love it. Definitely see the math influences and each song you release appears more complex. Fuck anybody who says chugging is boring. Chugging is gritty and badass. Love this shit.


    @Mitch Garcia Yes!


    @Mitch Garcia I don't hear any chugging in their music...

  75. start/end

    this and Scissors tho

    friends, movies, etc.

    @withintheruins92 scissors fucking destroys

  76. Colton Phillips - Huffman

    The beginning of this oddly reminds me of Can You Quack by G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M.

    anthony hanna


  77. Zachary Livingood


  78. z GᄒBᄂiN

    Lyrically it's dope, sometimes I feel like it's way to .. Sensative? It makes me feel uncanny idk :P I can't really say it's genius instrumentally, it's repetitive and I just hear a lot of chugging. It's predictive. The chorus falls flat :/ unlike I don't really love you where it feels original. You still stand out from the every other posthardcore band but that's the problem. You've switch genres. This song didn't hit it off for me guys. Oli and I don't are really good and enjoyable, hell inspirational, but sunshine and this are just boring. Hope to see some better stuff of this album

    Prof Pwnalot

    you said dope. Shut the fuck up, and your pic says brony. So go fuck yourself.

    Saline Monroe

    stop bullying people thumb thug

    z GᄒBᄂiN

    Clearly someone doesn't like the idea of a man
    Liking something cutesy and heart touching, oh no?! God forbid he show emotion and his love for animation! I made my thumbnail a satanic pony and named it Rainbro Brite cuz there's a 1980's cartoon called rainbow bright and I love metal and dark gestures. Back to the cartoon, there's only one pony -2- jokes on you. An yea I say dope, I'm a 20 year old who enjoys vaping and smoking weed and I have no problem with being corny. Now sir, your a judgmental being as we are but you need to not slur out others cuz they like mlp in this case I don't but that shouldn't matter.

    z GᄒBᄂiN

    If it makes you feel better I do enjoy this over sunshine and I'm starting to like the more mellow side to this song but besides that my opinion and feeling towards it still stands

  79. Thomas Jones

    I dig the vibe this gives off. Very gentle but intense in a few parts.

  80. Quentin Nourisson

    Amazing :)