Sworn In - Gun Fight Lyrics

Just crawl over the gun fire
But I'll never win a gun fight
Never win a gun fight, win a gun fight
Could you just shoot me?
Cause I hate me
So I hate you
You hate me too
And that's the motherfucking truth

Just ask the motherfucking truth
Show me the proof, show me the proof
I need to see it to believe it
Yeah, you've got to fucking show me
Cause I need a fucking handle just to handle you
Just to handle you

All I know is they
All I know [?]
All I know is truth
How 'bout you?

I know that you like to do
What you want to
Well it doesn't matter what you do unless it is the truth

What is the truth to you?
(What is the truth to you?)
Is that the truth with you?
Then yeah, bitch, I won't fuck with you
Yeah! Not fucking with you
Yeah! Said I'm not fucking with you
I won't fuck with you

Stay away
Stay the fuck away from me
(I want you to) stay away from me
You are dead to me

I can't win a gun fight
But I embrace no quitter
Just got to stop playing
Got to, need to, game is over
Whether I, whether I stay
Whether I sit or I pray
I'm fighting anyway, I'm fighting anyway

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Sworn In Gun Fight Comments
  1. sneezealicious

    Chris George is phenomenal in writing metalcore songs. I'm thrilled Sworn In is active again and putting out new material. Hope to catch the band on tour in the Boston area next year!

  2. Dorian Dillon

    Haven’t listened to sworn in since lovers/the devil & this is what I come back too smh 🤦‍♂️

  3. Chris Winterland

    Bring back dennen. Y'all need some saving. Throw Gene on guitar and put Chris back on drums this shit wack.

  4. Razor Kirkpatrick


  5. Romanna Wilson

    I don’t mind the sound of it honestly I kinda dig it but those lyrics man 😭

  6. Rancid SilentWhiteKid

    Thank god all the cleans and little metalcore shit is gone again, bringing back good Sworn In

  7. Flanexism 01

    Any chance we could get this song without the lyrics? It’s really ruining it LOLOL

  8. kimetsu no pickles

    im trying to like this song

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    Just keep listening lol the more the better it sounds

    Ben Wade

    You just have to have a really bad day and you' wont need to try to like it. You'll know

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    @Ben Wade pm

  9. Andrew Brannon

    I think the vocals were written when the band was piss ass drunk and angry. The song is heavy though.

  10. Airospace

    this shit cranks

  11. Melancholy Oxidase

    The lyrics aren't completely awful but I definitely wish it was Gene writing these, instrumentals are sick though.

  12. bobby corwen

    All you Sworn In haters can get fucked... That low guttural near the end just burned a hole through your gf

    B Watson

    bobby corwen facts

  13. Josh Simmons

    Yall bitch about anything, this is literally Sworn In

  14. memyself&i


  15. Trevor Pease

    These lyrics man. I can’t do it anymore.

    Andrew Brannon

    I am with you on this point, the lyrics are just too generic.

    Jamari Gurley

    Still goes hard af

  16. Dead Auras

    The vocalist took a big ol shit all over this band. RIP

  17. Evan McNamar

    I used to enjoy this band so much.

  18. Dez gamer

    That pause at the start is so weird

  19. LSTNR

    Love Gene’s vocals way more, but his (or Chris’) are goofy as shit

  20. smalltimeroller


  21. Daniel Ninnis

    I still struggle to like the singers voice but idk man sworn in feels like it jumped back in time, start/end was better than the stuff they doing now

    B Watson

    Daniel Ninnis catharsis tho ❤️

  22. Sam Hardaker

    Damn 😔

  23. Austin Reeves

    Instrumentally the song has a lot of potential but damn the lyrics... not trying to be a hater. I have always had love for sworn in.

  24. Will Gamble

    I love it. And I don’t miss Tyler. no more whining and crying :)

    Razor Kirkpatrick


  25. Jamari Gurley

    Fuck I’ve been waiting to hear those lows for so long

  26. ffhjuf vvhifscv

    Not feeling the super fake drums at all really ruins any heaviness xD


    ffhjuf vvhifscv 😝

  27. Bathory McClemont

    that weird little pause at the beginning of the song is so awkward, and if Gene is writing the lyrics can he please stop lol


    Bathory McClemont stop assuming and look to the sources that we have on the web.

    Kevin Guzman

    Get out of your comfort zone once in a while, the beginning to this song fucking rules. Can't confirm but I'm assuming Gene is not writing these lyrics since Chris has always written all their music.

    Christopher Wisniewski

    I was waiting for a asswipe like you 😂


    Bathory McClemont Derek wrote the lyrics, Gene composed them

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    I love this style man

  28. David Maneti Jr

    Love it.

  29. Harry Dunn

    get someone new to write your lyrics, these are shit

  30. Sundays with TimmyExJW

    Love both these songs. Sorry to dissapoint every one, but Tyler is never coming back.

    Kevin M

    Tyler had raw emotion to his vocals, he played them off well. This new sworn in? Absolute trash

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    @Kevin M your trash

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    Im fucking exstatic for this shit, this is all I'm currently jamming lol


    @Marksman 5147 losing tyler is their best chance to make another album similar to one that tyler was in? You realize how stupid that sounds right?

    Marksman 5147

    @ghostinthecrawlspace Sure if you cant comprehend that. Judging by their new songs tho looks like Im right 😏

    Tyler wanted to take the band in a soft direction, the band doesnt, thats why they split.. can you comprehend that?

  31. i am dead inside

    Depression is watching one of your faveourite bands go utter shit like this

  32. Christopher Wisniewski

    Not bad 💯

  33. nine year old boy

    fuck yes.

  34. Intrinsic_BME

    Why are the lyrics soooo bad.


    @David Maneti Jr I mean the instrumentals are bangin but their past releases had substance to the them.

    Marksman 5147

    @David Maneti Jr if you think the deathcard had shit lyrics, youre ironically too low IQ to understand half those songs


    @Marksman 5147 lol buddy i love that album but the lyrics are bad

    Jordan Sartor

    I'll take his lyrics over Tyler's any day lol

    Swampdonkey69 YT

    Jordan Sartor that makes sense because you two have around the same writing skill

  35. 12_GVGE

    We miss you Tyler

    B Watson

    Nahhhh not really

    Tyler Dietz

    Chris didn't write the lyrics for their last album lol


    If you miss Tyler, go listen to Sworn In's old songs with Tyler on vocals. Or go listen to his new band, Jaine Doe. Yall need to accept that he ain't coming back to Sworn in


    No we don’t lol

    Brendan Cole

    Tyler Dietz he talked about it on twitter and how personal the lyrics were to him on all smiles and how he was going through shit when he wrote them. He’s always written all the lyrics

  36. Darth Metal Jordan

    Can't get past the bad lyrics on both songs. Other than that, it's good

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    Unique*, and its still brutal hoe

    William Constantin

    Why does it matter that it's not poetic it's a good song

  37. Black Plage Kami

    Eh. Better than shit talk at least.

  38. B Watson

    Honestly enjoy this more than the first single! This breakdown is fucking insane!

  39. Isabella

    a lil better than the last one

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    I like other better m8

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    Shit talk***

  40. Daniel Brown

    Apple bottom jeans boots with the fur

  41. Ariane Cordova


  42. XxMayhemxX666

    Good fucking shit boys hell fuckin yes. Meaner than a motherfucker👿👿🔥

  43. Haldane

    Просто Охеренно

  44. Fighting Scenes

    In my opinion, this song is better than Shit Talk.

  45. Christian Trehey

    i think the boys just leaked this 😂

  46. Drew Smith

    I don't think they meant for this to be out yet?

    Razor Kirkpatrick


  47. Wren Medley

    So glad to see these dudes are Killin it again! You guys have been missed by many.

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    Ive never beem more ready for am album drop

  48. Razor Kirkpatrick

    Yayyy why this gem so hidden <333

    Jonny Jonny

    Trey Kirkpatrick It hasn’t even been released officially

  49. Nickels

    I like it, I have only one issue with it.... Damn bring fucking Tyler back!!!he fits so damn good in this band with his lyrics and screaming style, fuckkk xD.

  50. hoyholyhoy


  51. Yeti Smash


  52. Soul Eater