Sworn In - Endless Gray Lyrics

There's something I'm tired of just screaming in my head
So I'll finally say it out loud instead
I'd say it out loud but I think if I did
This would be real, so instead I'll pretend

I'll pretend that I'm sleeping at night
I'll pretend that everything feels alright
I'll pretend that I'm sleeping at night
I'll pretend that everything feels alright

Don't want to arouse suspicion
Don't wanna have a god damn condition
So I'll keep my composition
It's my decision
I can't take it anymore
And I'll admit it, this isn't temporary
I've bled myself dry, just getting by
I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I

I need help
I can't do this on my own
I need help
I don't want to be alone

Back and forth I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep
They dig in deep, dreaming 'bout the day that the
That the....
Reaper reaper takes me away
I'm speaking up now I've got something to say
Wanted to die but now I want to stay
Reaper reaper takes me away

I need help
I can't do this on my own
I need help
I don't want to be alone
Saying it makes it real
I'm ready to tell you how I feel
I need help

For years I've let it take me away
Been lost floating in the endless gray
For years I've let it take me away
Been lost floating in the endless gray


It started out small I really thought it was nothing at all
I never asked for help I never had a clue how
It grew bigger when my back was turned
I guess I never really knew how badly my world had burned

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Sworn In Endless Gray Comments
  1. Zepper 1089

    She's beautiful.

  2. Jonnieinthe256 !

    Those f’n bass drops doe!

  3. misters2425

    So now my man Tyler is a woman ❤

  4. Dwėsk

    Easily their best song.

  5. DJ Bauer Gaming

    Why do people care what these guys look like? Put out bangers, and it's all good.
    Just leave out the clean vocals if you're trying to do the heavier side of hardcore. That's my only criticism.

  6. Too Spooked

    Tyler in this video acts like he's getting posessed by a bananna demon.

  7. Enw222

    Sworn In’s best song 👌🏼

  8. Delta Cross

    if only all smiles sounds like this... I prefer this style and mixing

  9. Too Spooked

    Ever since Tyler left. The band is DeAd.

  10. COVEN. ST

    Ok this is really dark.

  11. bradley lycan

    wear the fuck did his hair go in that pink beanie

  12. memyself&i



    It started out small I really thought it was nothing at all
    I never asked for help I never had a clue how
    It grew bigger when my back was turned
    I guess i never really knew how badly my world had burned

    This whole section man! @[email protected]

  13. VeryAmaze

    best mix they've had. shoulda stuck with the BUSTA

  14. Almondré Whiteman

    'Saying makes it real', that line has a truth to it that punched me in the jaw😶

  15. Andre Birds

    What is it with this band and cheap music video

  16. Руслан Дэмойн

    Who from 2k19 is here?

  17. Too Spooked

    Tyler left the band and the guitarist left the band. More like they been Sworn Out then Sworn In.

    Oziel Prado


  18. voiceless void

    Sex slave

  19. Jordan Rochester

    I prefer the death card. but this still so tight. the pure angst and aggression is amazing

  20. The ABacross

    Damn Them and Cane Hill are doing stuff holyshit.

  21. The Antarctica Project

    Perfect 🔥❤️🔥

  22. Madison Shawver

    Sometimes I only watch the video to hear him say HELP. Hotttt

    Madison Shawver

    Me too.

    Madison Shawver

    Oh wait that was me.

  23. Kaila

    This is their best song! Always will be. Tyler I’m gonna miss you in the band but proud of you for figuring out what you want to do 💕

  24. malachi mize

    Really sucks Tyler is gone now.

  25. B Watson

    Tyler is gone everyone....

  26. Alleah Fuentes

    I've seen Sworn in 4 times and they didn't realise music for a min but I'm glad they're back. I'm just late.

  27. INVICTUS media

    Not really diggin Endless Gay.

  28. LetThemBleedOut

    2:28 mark gives me CHILLS

  29. Djentile 777


  30. Daniel Stallings

    This is like if u mixed motionless in white and emmure together

  31. batpower54


  32. AtomicDERP

    I miss fat tyler


    Well, he gotta take care of his health man..

  33. My Queen Is Dead

    Why isn’t this on the album

  34. TyeBryGamingMusician

    Can someone ask Chris what drum head he uses for his snare? I’m in love with his drum sounds, and he’s pretty fuckin good too!


    Or tell me what head it is.

  35. NeutronFlux

    Superb drumming

  36. Ashley Ellis

    He's so fucking hot my heart 😍😘

  37. Nickels

    The endless gay

  38. hobbes526

    fucking amazing song, been my rehab theme song since i got here

  39. roboroy

    my Nan likes this for some reason

  40. Jesse Hildebrand

    This song goes hard as fuck

  41. dumbgrasses

    Is this the same singer from older albums or how many singers has their been

    Zoe Dearinger

    He was the only singer but he is diabetic and it made him change his look i think

  42. Rob Castleton

    Dont like thid song.lol. and whoever produced it did a shitty job editing the music video. For fucks sake, half the song doesnt even match his lips when he does vocals. Like the old stuff but this is fucking amatuer

  43. drewballz420

    Musically this sounds like a mix of Devil Wears Prada, Between the Buried and Me, and Scarlet.

  44. TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    So Im looking at older videos from this band and is this even the same lead singer because wtf if it is the same guy? He looks so different.

    Lilith Collins

    TalkingCheeseBurgerr Yes its the same singer, just lost a lot of weight and grew his hair.

  45. ashlynn thomas

    fuuuuuck. amazing

  46. dyingstraykid

    You guys were awesome at Mountain View, thank you for coming.

  47. Юра ЮраЮра

    this vid is soooooo 90's

  48. Marthe Aline

    it's just a shit for emo


    this song makes my dickie ticklie.

  50. Aryan Says hi

    I love this cuz it's almost a mix between deathcore and metal core

  51. Djentile 777

    geez start/end was so heavy but now they are just gross. and that's one ugly nigga.


    Tommy Vines what

  52. midnight.alexa

    "Saying it makes it real, I'm ready to tell you how I feel." I love this lyric and I love how Tyler's voice sounds when he sings it!! 🖤🙌🏻

  53. Hannah Foster

    This is fuckin sick.

    Also, side note, I would do Tyler for sure holy hell

  54. John Rodriguez

    is he wearing lipstick?


    absolutely not, btw do you have a dollar?

  55. seymore butts

    do they have the same singer in all their music videos?

  56. steven dahmer

    If marylin manson and justin bieber fused together


    To bad he doesn't sound this good live..

  58. Screaming Banana

    Taylor is hot fgfgvghc hell

  59. Kim Paje

    vocalist is hella pretty

  60. Radical Al

    sorry not sorry but you look feminine


    OooOOoO we're all fucking offended! you got us good!

  61. Pure Logic

    These is some good stuff for getting cancer

  62. Vermin

    the cleans are impressive!

  63. Ballmain_/ -\_Undead

    haaaaaaaaaaaa i just came ;)

  64. Quiestre

    He makes me question my sexuality, like, he didnt used to be this cute and pretty

  65. Myles Corcoran

    haven't been here in awhile but is that the same vocalist as before?

  66. Unearthlywhales

    Why does he look like.... O fuck I remember I don't give a fuck.
    This shit is epicly dark and intense! Love it

  67. Tj Bard

    I cant wait tell Warped tour 2017 its going to be crazy!!!

  68. StikDik Rik

    Huh, I can relate to this a lot. Went through a phase in my life where this exact thing happened, and I got help. Fucking weird, seems like my feelings EXACTLY😂 #AngstyTeen for real tho, get help if you need it

  69. DJMythic

    for those who don't know already, this album is going to be about someone who's depressed and possibly abused(make it hurt sounds like it had references in it). And I'm guessing it will also have songs talking about the contemplation of suicide. It's going to be a depressing/dark album, maybe more than there last two.

  70. guy on a gravitron machine standing sideways

    another Sworn In song ruined by nu metal influence and a horrible cleans. Please, go back to The Death Card sound, I love you guys and this track would've been absolutely sick if it hadn't been trashed with such a generic chorus

  71. Tristan Mock

    wow these riffs are unreal..

  72. lautabsc


  73. Grip Phillips

    this sounds like giftgiver blended with i see star's

  74. Tyler Whitis

    This banf is fucking sick! 😄

  75. Jemma Waddell

    I enjoy blending out my eyeshadow to this

  76. Kaitlin Forsting

    alright anybody else here because they read ''endless gay''

  77. lautabsc


  78. Flesher

    This band makes my body shiver fuck it makes me feel alive again tbh

  79. Daniel Mihaylov

    So this is mixed by Buster and sounds dope, but why is the Make It hurt shite so low in quality? Different producer?

  80. kill joy

    I didn't think Rihanna was in this band

  81. Katelynn Colcombe

    I think I found my new favorite band. these guys are fucking awesome

  82. Nick Reinhart

    At the beginning he sounds a little like Oli Sykes

  83. Drew Allen

    I swear i Read the track title as "Endlessly Gay". but I seriously like this!

  84. Diamond .Taylor

    damn hes hot...

  85. SWguitarist

    you are a koke

  86. Phillip Clark

    everybody's dogging on tyler and i'm just sitting here thinking "is the guitarist using a fucking fender?!"

  87. Far Away From Home

    Imo the best they've released in a while. Def like the vibe

  88. Tribal Blood

    This shit makes me feel weird and I don't want to admit I like it.

  89. Synergy Melodi3s

    I heard this song like 67 times this shiet is good.

  90. B3NIZ-KUN

    Tyler Dennen turned into Ronnie Radke. Oh well, at least the breakdowns are still good.

  91. Polar Apple

    This band created a new fucking genre I swear to God. I don't give a fuck. This is like the new version of 80's metal.

  92. joe cormier

    this shit goes hard!

  93. Nicole Holliday

    Lmao I went to school with Tyler. Since like the 3rd grade. Crazy.

  94. Mia

    so glad you guys are playing warped!

  95. sansara

    ути бозе какая зая