Sworn In - Don't Look At Me Lyrics

Nothing works so I'll count down from three
Your gaze hurts please don't fucking look at me
It fucking hurts when I feel their eyes staring at me
Like peeling off my skin, I'm begging you don't look at me
It fucking hurts when I feel their eyes staring at me
Like peeling off my skin
Don't look at me

Don't you
Don't you
Don't you
Don't look at me
Look at me

I don't exist to myself
So what the fuck do you see
Fuck, make it stop, I feel them burning my brain

They're glaucomatic
It's traumatic

Your versions of me are clouding my vision
We're gettin' close to the time for incision
Pressures building and my eyes are gonna burst
If this is how you see me I'll make sure that I'm the worst

It's not me
I'm not me
Don't look at me
It's not me
I said
Don't you fucking look at me
Torture when strangers stare
And if they knew they wouldn't

It's not me
I'm not me
Don't look at me
It's not me
It's not me
I'm not me
Don't look at me
It's not me

It fucking hurts when I feel their eyes staring at me
Like peeling off my skin
I'm begging you don't look at me
It fucking hurts when I feel their eyes staring at me
Like peeling off my skin
Don't look at me

Back up bitch
Don't you, don't you, don't look at me
Don't you, don't you, don't you, don't look at me
Look at me

My head is down and I'm looking at my feet
Whatever you're doing sure as shit's not discrete
I don't sleep and I can't fucking eat
Cause I know they all see
A fuck up who admits defeat

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Sworn In Don't Look At Me Comments
  1. Zepper 1089

    Is she one of those Instagram "models" ?

  2. Too Spooked

    Creepy song 🎃

  3. Beck

    I miss Tyler so much. I wish he made music like this still.

  4. Aggro Aggro

    Dark (H)

  5. daddymedallion

    lead singers taking too much estrogen

  6. Almondré Whiteman

    But I really like looking at him tho...

  7. fabi mart

    Tyler is amazing 😍

  8. Go home yankie If shoe fits wear it

    Lan niye hoşuma gitti aman da aman noluyor lan

  9. Alberto Nunez

    really good song but the producer/ mixer really didnt make anything hit, have to turn song up and even then could be better. if you play this song in rotation of heavy songs you'll understand, still a great song if you dont know what im saying, dont look at me

  10. Sex With Hot Pockets

    Whole album was great except make it hurt

  11. Tyler smitty Smith

    just work hard everything will be fine calm down relax

  12. Éli Lemieux

    should i get a sworn in tattoo

  13. Éli Lemieux

    this video should have millions of views

  14. Léa Roy

    Heavy shit I LOVE

  15. Just A Hufflepunk

    Nothing but love for this song

  16. Rabbit #XVII

    ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  17. Madeleine Gonzales

    Um I’m on the werid side of youtube

  18. Alex Torres

    I can see why people like them but I just can’t get into them :/

  19. Kevin Fallon

    oh my lord

  20. Cecilia Garza


  21. Cecilia Garza


  22. Attila Varga

    this song makes me wanna watch gay porn


    Most diverse and original band right now. M.O

  24. Pavel Kennedy

    клип хрень, братан

  25. Thall


  26. Jesse Hildebrand


  27. Too Spooked

    My favorite Sworn In song peroid.

  28. Rob Castleton

    Im not a fan of how Tyler acts during their videos. It just looks very fake lol. Clearly not actor material xD

  29. dyingstraykid

    0:00 - 0:25 when you mom starts yelling at you and shit

  30. Michelle Jiroux

    Keep making your own videos they’re fucking amazing

  31. scoobysnacks

    I'm like bitch who is ur mans

  32. Jared Wilkerson

    I've listened to this song like 20 times since being released, but I'm only now realizing how fucking heavy it gets after 2:40

  33. Allison Cruz

    Need to buy this album

  34. Athena

    Really digging this band

  35. ferna2294

    2:50 WTF is that note. It´s like drop Q

    Sacred Hatred

    ferna2294 no you idiot it's D dropped one octave. There are far heavier bands than this.


    Since when lower = heavier?

  36. Isabella Rodriguez

    sworn in all damn day

  37. Dan Mecca

    They need to tour with "My Ticket Home" and "The Plot In You".... that would be a nice mix.

  38. Sequila Miller

    Sold, this song is the truth.

  39. Jerry Jangostar

    Why I can't see the video? Is it about my country?

  40. HIGHTS

    i am in love with this sound omg so fucking heavy

  41. Michael Hardemon Jr

    can't wait for the album

  42. Rifat Richie

    Why does that guy moving and singing like a girl? shitty music and singer

  43. jegermeister

    cringe is strong with this one

    Penguin Noodles

    J Brian nop

  44. Nate McGrew


  45. Brendan Baker

    Song called dont look at me. Video purely looking at basically only the vocalist.... hmmmmmmm i see a slight contradiction here.

    Lilith Collins

    Brendan Baker The song is about social anxiety, and all the videos focus mainly on him.

  46. Dr. Manhattan

    Who's this chick?


    Literal ass.

  48. Bunniii Hunnie

    this is so fucking good

  49. Brat Max

    just my favorite band ever 😱

  50. ashlynn thomas

    dammmit i love this

  51. Lauren Lopez

    A mental breakdown album? Hell yeah. This is an awesome way to get our your previous anger and hatred for yourself.

    Tristan Loparo

    Lauren Lopez every albums been like that. Listen to The Death Card and The Lovers/The devil

  52. Alessandro Caricola

    fucking christ, chris, you're a fucking beast!

  53. Daniela Rojano

    I just can't stop looking 😍

  54. Holly Julian

    you fucking liar

  55. Jose Ojeda

    Damn he needs to lay off the drugs..he looks like SHIT

    Lilith Collins

    Jose Ojeda Its not drugs. He's diabetic and gets sick a lot, and the weight was making things worse.

  56. demetri

    He finally got hot and now he just looks gay (not hating on gays dont be an ass n whine about it)

  57. rocktheworld010

    The portrayal of a psychopath is so amazing in this song. The lyrical content, composition and the way he vocalizes is brilliant. You guys have made a new fan out of me! \m/

  58. Ryan Stankewich

    I would look at this queer and laugh. XD

    Razor Kirkpatrick

    That's how I felt when this album dropped :/ bit stoll brutal. Hopefully newer sworn in with old vocalist can keep them growing <3 too excited for that one

  59. Dulce Contreras

    Damn, i was so worried sm about the band.. now i know that i was right.. this isn't gonna work

  60. lautabsc

    How can someone not look at Tyler

  61. One Eyed Goat Nigga

    Is the singer gay? I dig the music tho

  62. Alexsander

    Boy, I thought it was the death card in the beginning. I mean only from 0:00 - 0:22

  63. Rabbit #XVII

    Dude this song has alot of emotion put into it

  64. Tiffanee Blue

    Stoked for warped tour 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  65. Bob Ross Lives

    My song for when I'm at the gym. "Don't you don't you look at me!"

  66. Tickle Me Connor

    My body is ready for this album

  67. Evelyn K

    tyler dennon = face pulling

  68. Amanda Peterson

    love them

  69. rachel krats


  70. Mikey Money

    fucking sick!

  71. Bengal Music

    what's up with this red photo filter in these music videos? First Lorna Shore's Flesh Coffin vid, then Slaughter to Prevail's Chronic Slaughter and now this. Same MV directors or what?

    Stranger Forgotten

    people like red? they like the effect/feeling it gives their videos, pretty sure that's why (not trying to sound like an ass, so sorry if i am)

    Bengal Music

    oh no offense taken. But I'm just wondering why all of a sudden especially in the start of 2017. Most probably a fad. I hope other heavy bands won't consider this style for upcoming music videos cause it's getting old real fast especially having watched it being done three times now.

  72. Deathcore2006

    Who else wants to die

  73. Adam Nealon


  74. Terrence Bierke

    sounds exactly like Mitch right there near the end. 2:40 area

  75. Ian Thomas

    It's hard not to look at you if your face is the only thing I'm looking at in this whole video

  76. lautabsc


  77. Vasilias Kobliska

    Went for the downtempo deathcore sounds. not bad

  78. Smitty ThaGreat

    Dude's finally doing some lows now. Now I can listen to this band...

  79. Kaith

    You know the song is loud because the lyrics are in caps

  80. Brian Tavares

    amazing <3

  81. Tristan Johnson

    I single handily got every scene beanie kid at into sworn in, I was so pissed because i was the only one who did(btw, this is like 5 years ago) I told this kid who was the most popular one of them, and literally within a week him his girlfriend and most of the kids were wearing sworn in jackets and beanies. I was like wtf, seriously.

  82. -Vitaminka -

    такое говно

  83. Hayes

    I really didn't like the other song they released but I dig this one heavily. Good shit. Cool video too.

  84. thatbratshinji

    Is Tyler a gender queer?

  85. Shawn Kade

    I kinda preferred the punchier mixing on Endless Gray tbh.

  86. Irusu

    this is fucking great like finally

  87. Seth Ward

    Better then the last album

  88. iDrinkJ4ck

    what the fuck are the kids into these days? This is awful. Open minded as i can be.
    cringy deathcore is at its fucking limit


    iDrinkJ4ck That's how it goes, man. I listen to this music because it's like the audible form of mental illness. The background noises are amazing, the grooves are great and Tyler sounds like he's totally insane. I, for one, simply like to indulge myself in these twisted soundscapes every now and then.

    Penguin Noodles

    iDrinkJ4ck if you don't like core genres, why the hell are you even on this

  89. Scott Allen

    His highs remind me of Mitch Lucker

  90. John Murch

    this is lit

  91. Mark Roundtree

    Wow i cant believe they only put TWO time changes and not FIVE!!!!!!!1!

  92. Kathee Krueger

    Sworn In are my life right now and their music is so deep much love to all of them.Amazing

  93. devilZization

    lol . .

  94. YSK Diablo

    this song was so hard 70 people missed the like button while headbanging

  95. Nick W.

    I played "Make It Hurt" first, then this one second. Glad I saved the better for last. STOP LOOKING AT ME!

  96. gorog gimlij

    This is brilliant and definitely screams high school and my cross country career.

  97. Chris Shellenberger

    Don't look at me. I'm an edgy preteen, I wear all black and I'm a non conformist, none of you would even understand so just don't even look at me.