Sworn In - All Smiles Lyrics

Round and round
Round and round
I'm all smiles
Round and round
We go
Round and round
We go
I'm all smiles

Don't show them
Don't ever let them see that side of me
Just use a prosthetic smile you fucking amputee

Round and round
Round and round
I'm all smiles

They say, the eyes are the window to the soul
If you couldn't tell that mine is dead the grin met it's goal
Distractions and first impressions
Throw you off with fake expressions
Throw you off with fake expressions

I never let you see inside
I don't leave room for anything to be implied
I never let you see inside
Run better run if I ever get untied

Ten nine eight
I just can't relate
Seven six five four
Shut the door
Three two one
Real self?
There's none

Even in my dreams it doesn't ever stop
I wish that at least there I could take off this fucking prop
But it's stuck, it's glued to my face
So I'm stuck right here, couldn't keep up the pace
I'll say it again just in case
This smiles my saving grace

Round and round
Round and round
I'm all smiles
Round and round we go
Round and round we go
I'm all smiles

I swear nobody looks twice
As long as I keep up this smirk
And at this point
And at this point
It doesn't even seem to take any work

Round and round
Round and round
I'm all smiles
Round and round we go
Round and round we go
I'm all smiles

Ten nine eight
I just can not relate
Seven six five four
So I shut the fucking door
Three two one
Real self?
There is none
Happy now?
I was honest
Now let's be done

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Sworn In All Smiles Comments
  1. azbavenger

    Ah this is refreshing after the new song


    Crazy hearing this while peaking on acid

  3. Just A Gangplank Main

    Literaly the best band to hear when you are suffering from things that they have done to you..honestly thanks for everything SWORN IN I LOVE YOU❤️

  4. Paul Granqvist

    The text in this particular intro and the lyrics of the 'ALL SMILES' overall might just be the most relatable thing for me at the moment, they seem to exactly reflect the thoughts inside my head
    I wonder what Tyler was going through at the moment since he lost a shit ton of weight prior to this release (just as I did last year) and whether or not he's at a happier place right now.
    I hope he is and I sincerely wish all the best to him in his new endeavours, even if he's not a part of Sworn In anymore

  5. Yaeco

    Just found these guys, It's Like a heavier ETF

  6. dyingstraykid

    one of the few bands i can get into

  7. MrNote2self

    Does Tyler suffer from a dissociation disorder?

  8. Covered.Uncut

    I met Tyler at Starland Ballroom in 2013, when they debuted and i met him after the show. This guys personality and character is spilled into his music from day one. Ive listened to each album for the few hours now id say. this is a unique band. They’re music is helping me out a lot right now with the dark feelings i have right now. thank you Tyler dennen, thank you sworn in.

  9. eddie fckn vedder

    The man smokes, has diabetes, always sick as shit, physically looks weak, yknow I’m just glad he can make it up on the stage.

  10. Kyle

    I honestly love every sworn in album

  11. Bienestar Corporal

    36 crazyfists?

  12. PLproduction1


  13. Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih

    Звук херовый, но походу так и было задумано

  14. B Watson

    Tyler is gone everyone...

  15. broken mind

    Tyler Dennen of Sworn In is 4ever, and I can't wait his new project JAINE DOE

  16. AJGvmbit

    Goodbye Tyler :/

  17. Kate Thompson

    This album gives me so many fucking feelings

  18. Jacob Wright

    The emotion he puts into it he's real and I love it

  19. Jacob Wright

    Tyler is a big influence on me as a vocalist

  20. Jacob Wright

    I love this band and relate to Tyler's lyrics so much


    Jacob Wright the drummer writes the lyrics

  21. Too Spooked

    This song relates to the Joker.


    This deserves So much more attention !

  23. Timothy Moore

    Don't Fuck With Sworn In

  24. TheLostAndNotFound

    Wtf happened to Sworn In? Why do bands always change. I miss the good old days in Start/End album. Best album in my opinion.

  25. mel grant

    god i love this album so much people are sleeping

  26. Wolfgang 644

    I'm so into this shit right now🔥🔥🗡

  27. Dream Machine

    Tyler sounds ok in real life. Tyler sounds better in recording.

  28. Matthew Brough

    This is what emotion through songwriting means

  29. briana gondol

    love them and this

  30. Nicole L


  31. rachel krats

    They need to go back to warped for 2k18 😍😍😂

  32. Ryan

    Should I start a petition to declare Sworn In as spookycore?

  33. Zoe Dearinger

    I had the shirt the tyler wears but i lost it when i moved:c


    Trumps wife told me this song got him through cancer.


    my dick is so hard

  36. Donna McCarthy

    I just realized that this is Tyler and not a new singer. Am I the only one that thinks he looks like a completely different person???

  37. TalkingCheeseBurgerr

    I really like the last wall of text where he says "This is not the World to me." I can resonate with that.

  38. Misery SR

    This is better than sex!

  39. Polar Apple

    Incredible music but why is this dude reverting in to a transgender crack whore?

  40. Isabella Rodriguez

    Best Sworn In song yet!

  41. allseeingowl 1220

    Best Sworn In album Hands Down!!!

  42. shay _lovesbvb

    I saw you guys in San Diego at warped tour you guys were amazing! 😍

  43. Lesbian tmb


  44. María HV

    This is so bring me the horizon , suck

  45. Rreeaall MMUUSSIICC

    The lyrics are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Memento Mori

    They went the landon tewers direction

  47. max well kunkle

    The Tyler Dennen Band featuring Sworn In

  48. Zakk&Gorey

    They sound like oceans ate Alaska and every other trash band out there right now.

  49. boomboompoopify

    "The death card is WAY better" - everyone

  50. high as a muthafucka

    this band is new to me... I already like this. not bad.

  51. Heatmaker Beatz

    from an interview with Tyler:

    This track is the sonic embodiment of the complete refusal of natural emotional response or instinct—emptiness resulting in hollow smiles that allow me to continue neglecting myself and mental state. Essentially, when all of the unintelligible voices roar in unison at each other inside of my head and articulating even one is impossible, the only thing my brain could do was force my mouth to curl into a toothless smile.

    Michael Epp

    guitarmunky100 You excites for Amo? Personally I love the direction BMTH has taken artistically.

  52. Allison Cruz

    Can't wait to get my copy of the album

  53. Kevin

    "The sonic embodiment of the complete refusal of natural emotional response or instinct." The edge here is pure and unadulterated.

  54. Ryan Tapscott

    good stuff!

  55. warrior jack

    I fucking love the intro they made in MS paint


    shits lit

  57. Morty Rickenson

    it's dissociation not disassociation lol love you tyler

  58. use_alt_love _

    I just saw them today live and i have found a new obsessions. The crowd was insane, and their performance was kick ass. Tyler was particularly awesome.

  59. victoriahashope

    All Smiles is awesome! I love the artistic direction that the band took with this album.

  60. Stick It

    This band is out of the box like my band..

  61. 1DAP Fitness

    This is the best album to listen to to get over a fucking bitch that broke your heart. Dread all everyone. Sworn in for life \m/


    DanSoSicK than listen to the lovers and the devils Album from sworn in

  62. Torstein Hamnvik

    off yaself,stop whining.

  63. XmotoxmetalX

    Fucking amazing, please don't stop making music. This shit is from the soul

  64. Woe Woe

    *Comment section spoiler:*

    "Tyler sucks live"
    "This is their best album"
    "This is their worst album"
    "I miss TDC"

    Justin Herald

    Woe Woe lol I miss catharsis and start/end


    @randomyoutubenicknameblahblahblah yeah what is TDC?


    XenonPhantom The Death Card

    Minolta L.

    @x _ x lol

  65. MeatyBunz

    3rd song I've heard from this band, fucking love it

  66. Salvador Pareja

    cant wait to see you guys at warped

  67. Dan Mecca

    They need to tour with "My Ticket Home" and "The Plot In You".... that would be a nice mix.

    Shawnte Morgan

    Dan Mecca they toured with TPIY in 2015 and it was a great combo.

  68. Krispy As Fk

    First time I've ever listened to them and this is fucking horrible.

  69. Steven Rodgers

    when he sings he sounds like craig mabbit

    Gabriel Jubinville

    Steven Rodgers the Orca totally

    Steven Rodgers

    Gabriel Jubinville yup

    Penguin Noodles

    Steven Rodgers the Orca I don't hear it

  70. Jamie Crawford

    i love sworn in so much

  71. Isabella

    Loved the song and video!

  72. Frederick Kasanda

    What i'm i listening to. This is deafening.

  73. Nutshell Aliceintrains

    I found out about this band last night.first song I heard was "cross my heart" and I fucking love this band now.

    Gabriel Jubinville

    slipknot forever m’y favorite

    Nutshell Aliceintrains

    Gabriel Jubinville awesome man it's my favorite too👌

  74. Maria

    Love the content

  75. Maria

    Love the content

  76. Smexii Wade

    Who else is watching this stoned off their ass?

    Gabriel Jubinville

    Smexii Wade me lol

  77. ラフラフ

    rounddd and round

  78. Gianna Cicchetti

    this is awesome

  79. ToasterWaffle22


  80. TurtlePlays RBX


  81. Marasma101

    garbage. In/Out and Deathcard are better by miles

  82. Kevin Dysart

    great band..so far

    Kevin Dysart

    notbad at all

  83. Black Winter Entertainment

    My Chemical Romance going crazy among years....

  84. Casket Case Promotions

    The intro messages are haunting

  85. blegh

    Okay but like what the fuck is up with that intro


    Mr.Keiser ah okay, thanks, I thought it might've been because of "this is my public auto-dissection" or whatever it says but wasn't quite sure, and definitely don't make me smile (well the chorus in this and PUPPETEER sound sick so kinda smiled there aha)

  86. Matt Davidson


  87. cameron hollebone

    i like watch this 20 times now and it never get old ;c

  88. Reaper Frost


  89. adrian rosas

    holy shit ❤️

  90. StikDik Rik

    this whole album is incredibly relatable to me. about a year ago I went through this type of shit, makes me appreciate this album even more

  91. Tiffanee Blue

    Bryce did a killer job with this video! Can't wait to see them at warped tour

  92. Jacob Wright

    I love them so much I feel like I connect with Tyler so much as far his emotions go

  93. annainretrograde

    saw them at warped yesterday, gotta say I was fairly impressed with how they played live. I honestly thought it was gonna be a disaster but they actually put on a decent show. also met the guys and gave me a free copy of all smiles as well as an autographed poster. overall, Sworn In was a great experience imho

    Gabriel Jubinville

    Lulu Alvarez very cool there nice Guy?

  94. Torque Bow

    I'm sorry, this is a shit observation, but what's with Tyler having to smoke cigarettes in these new music videos recently? I don't get it. Maybe it's just me, but I only makes the video look cringey.

  95. real

    i wish the new album had a lot more lows and more scream vocals in general. the cleans kind of killed it but its still really really good