Sword, The - Mist And Shadow Lyrics

High in the mountains and deep in the pines
Lies the source of a vortex where certain forces align
With nothing to do but commune with the trees
In the valley of mist and shadow restless souls can be released
Why do people wonder if there is evil in the world?
If it's lurking in the darkness until its plans can unfurl
When it's standing before you in the clear light of day
In a finely tailored suit with a smile on its face
Sun and moon
Light and shadow
Sacred ground
To be hallowed
In the hills
And the hollows
Where it wills
We will follow
Sun and moon, light and shadow
Sacred ground to be hallowed
In the hillsand the hollows
Where it wills, we will follow

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Sword, The Mist And Shadow Comments

    Every band evolves their sound, and most go from rough and heavy to softer and polished. Don't despair the flow of creative work, experience it for what it is.

  2. Jack Marples

    The low country album is absolutely incredible. Not only did they completely redevelop their sound with high country but they also showed how versatile their sound was. Low country > high country.

  3. ttd mrs/mr bloodbath666

    Sooo trippy man mad awesome music

  4. Umcafetãochamadomaciota

    Sounds better than Used future's stuff

  5. Alex Willis

    Is that JD singing? Or is he just doing the backing vocals?

  6. Blake Ludgater

    Aaarrrrrr aaarrggghhhh

  7. Rene Daniel

    High country is their best LP!

  8. Nathan Baca

    This and Dreamthieves are my favorites from high country

  9. Nathan Baca

    Searched for this song and top results were Pippin singing to Lord Denethor, last Steward of Gondor in Return of the King. Fitting for The Sword😂

  10. J-rho

    This band is amazing!

  11. Brett Krasusky

    Yee 🔥

  12. Grindstone

    0:44 if you don't get a chub from this...

  13. Premium Gains

    Top quality stoner shit. Nice sabbath vibes.

  14. stoner36s

    High in the mountains and deep in the pines
    Lies the source of a vortex where certain forces align
    With nothing to do but commune with the trees
    In the valley of mist and shadow restless souls can be released

    Why do people wonder if there is evil in the world?
    If it's lurking in the darkness until its plans can unfurl
    When it's standing before you in the clear light of day
    In a finely tailored suit with a smile on its face

    Sun and moon
    Light and shadow

    Sacred ground
    To be hallowed

    In the hills
    And the hollows

    Where it wills
    We will follow

    Sun and moon, light and shadow
    Sacred ground to be hallowed
    In the hills and the hollows
    Where it wills, we will follow

  15. Jack Stone

    My favorite music , damn!

  16. rarevidz


  17. Mohammed Aljamal

    I've been privileged to attend their concert in Columbia, Missouri. That was the best time of my life.

  18. AVSTR

    The time on the video is one second before the time on the screen, frustrating as fuck!

  19. Cornelus Erasmus

    some sort of revival is happening here.... goosebumps revival


    it will always be home to me

  21. bitfreakazoid

    Damn this song is so fucking good.

  22. John Marbles

    super hot fire

  23. Justin C

    Fuck.  This song is just goddam good.

  24. Kevin Gordon

    another bad ass song from these guys

  25. Formal De Hyde

    So fucking good.

    Stephen McGuire

    man that is great tuneage. love that intro

  26. Poll Stersky υωυ

    this is awesome... and cool!

  27. Mike Jacobs

    fuckin right

  28. Gaetano Sabato

    Wonderful both song and clip

  29. Mod Kot

    I'm seeing these guys in like two weeks at the Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola. Can't fucking wait. I'm just wondering if this tour is promoting this album or if they're gonna play a good mix from every album

  30. dick dingus

    just saw these fuckers in noho, they killed it

  31. steve chachere

    I was skeptical art first, I really did not like the direction they took on the last album, but I think they figured it out on this one, great album very chill but heavy at the same time

  32. DawnPatrol21

    Its a great album, people. Get over it. Bands change. People change. Deal with it.

  33. Logan Mann

    "why do people wonder if there is evil in the world?
    if it's lurking in the darkness until its plans can unfurl
    when it's standing before you in the clear light of day
    in a finely tailored suit with a smile on its face"

  34. james frazier

    Get over yourselves, it's a great album.. i would have NOT listened to the album if it was the same as the others. People personally change and so does their music. If a band doesn't evolve, they aren't worth listening too. And The Sword changed in spades.

  35. Scott Thornton

    Life is short. Trip hard.

    Overwhelming Euphoria

    if only mescal was widely available. :(

  36. Matt G

    this is not the sword! I really cant belive what I'm listening to. I mean its not bad music but compared to sword of old this shit fuckin sucks

  37. Sherman Smith

    man, this stuff is so good

  38. Kyle Taylor

    When I first heard this album, I was weary but I gave a solid chance and I must say that this is a hell of song. I would have made few differences on the album overall myself but this definitely makes it worth it.

  39. Jonathan Daniel

    This is my favorite The Sword album so far! My favorite songs are
    1. Mist & Shadow
    2. Seriously Mysterious
    3. The DreamTheives
    4. The Bees of Spring

  40. Blazeone

    I dig it!

  41. George R. Sutton

    Oh yea...now this is good music to trip on...Oh yea...

  42. Jaw the Loyal

    if u can't get into this, it's not your fault- u will one day...

  43. lyken456

    Sounds to me like they are turning a bit prog. Not a bad thing, just different.

  44. Jonathan Barrett

    makes me miss living out in Arizona, chilling in the desert mountains smoking a fatty, far away from the city.  Loving this album so far

  45. igle0077

    guys, the sword is dead, remenber nostagically the autentical sound of The Sword, song like Bareal´s Blade", "Iron Swan" or "tres brujas". This album is not The Sword

  46. Stephen Dedalus


  47. brian palos


  48. oussama zoghlami

    souds like led zeppelin style, love this

  49. Joseph Fricks

    I think it's just jarring because I'm used to hearing more traditional metal vocals.

  50. OpethFan444

    loving the new album fellas, getting a very black sabbath vibe from this particular song. honestly never heard a bad song from you guys so your obviously doing something right! will definitely get the 12" of this :)

  51. redcthulhu

    This is straight-up Black Sabbath and I love it.

  52. Adrian Rodriguez

    better then many right now for sure love it

  53. Nick Mat

    This is such a great record. I haven't listened to an album from front to back this much since AEnima.

    james frazier

    Yesssssssss.. i befriend you now

  54. Xavier

    Sounds very Graveyard.

  55. So then I was like

    Seriously groovy. Old Sword was great, new Sword is great.

  56. Mateo Jackson

    Did they change guitar tuning at all for this album? Sounds like D standard instead of C standard.

    Christopher Rinaldi

    +mateo jackson I'm pretty sure it's E flat.

    Dayn Gray

    +mateo jackson Yea it's Eb, but also A432 instead of the usual A440, apparently.

    Logan Mann

    +Dayn Gray 432 hz ftw

  57. MrSleazymoney

    mark my words: i will conceive my second born to this song.

    philm biz

    MrSleazymoney So just wondering, any luck with that? :-)


    How it went??

  58. Eric F krackenthorpe

    Second best song on the album, just behind "Dreamthieves", IMO. The album has a mellower feel than their earlier stuff, but it's definitely them. There are a couple rotten eggs on the album though... Still the best metal band to come out in generations!

  59. dangramful

    Who wants to hear the same shit over and over, they change their sound from album to album. This sounds like some vintage early 70's trippy laid back shit. If it was a different band, a lot of people would probably love this album. I think it sounds great, they have an awesome catalog, although "Warp Riders" I wasn't too big on, but everything else is great.

  60. Sephi D

    Well this does sound like Sword, even though toned down somewhat. But it is them. Not all the rest of the album though, that's the problem... At least the singer sounds somewhat more into it - which was probably my only complain about previous LPs.


    +Sephi D What are you talking about? This is most CERTAINLY them. I've listened to the entire album and I can confirm it. This is a bit more classic rock and psychedelic than their earlier stuff but that's totally fine. This feels like a natural transition from Apocryphon. While Apocryphon and other albums were good on their own, they don't fit together NEAR as well as this one. Silver Petals doesn't fit on the album. That's the one song I can honestly say sounds disjointed from the rest of it. Everything else sounds great. Essentially, to me this album is The Sword-lite. Basically what another commentor said: The band just turned off the "metal" setting on their gear, dropped the doom-y toning, and slowed down their composition. This is most certainly still The Sword.

  61. midge dawson

    From what I've heard of this lp, I'm saying more Thin Lizzy and BOC than what they'd been doing.  I love this band.  I'll give the entire album a spin.

  62. Vojife

    What do they mean "(audio)"? This is one of the best music videos ever made.

  63. Ricardo Lopez

    Reminds me of ASG. Not a bad thing.

  64. lvl99dust


  65. Truthseeker

    Finally some stuff I can listen to when I'm stoned or generally in a mellow mood.

  66. Scott Vogler



  67. tannerslomko

    It kind of has a Kyuss vibe to it. I haven't liked anything by them after Age of Winters bc I felt like they didn't change enough from album to album. I'll definitely buy this though. Really awesome.

  68. s s

    I don't know why people are bitching... Sounds GREAT...

  69. witchsabbath13

    The insecure "I gotta make sure you know I have fantastic musical taste!!!" metalheads are some of the biggest douchebags to ever grace this planet I swear. What is the point of negative, nonconstructive comments on a music video besides attention whoring?

  70. Kevin Phillips

    The only problem with these songs is the trail of haters falling off the bandwagon...

  71. TechnicallyTrey

    As far as all the naysayers go, yes this album as far as the 3 songs pre-released isn't as metal as their older albums but that doesn't make it any less awesome! The new album could melt your face off with the rest of the tracks for all we know! You just can't compare their albums to one another bc they're all different. Age of winters will always be my favorite and go the hardest but TO EACH THEIR OWN. I love seeing this band's growth over the albums and as far as JD's vocals go this is his best work yet! Forever a Sword fan, Rock On fellas can't wait to see yall back in GA!!

  72. Rob

    Holy shit! This is amazing! Why has it taken me 8 days to realise this has been uploaded?!?!

  73. HobsyGobsworn

    There is much to a sword. We've seen the rough edges of a battle worn sword by this band. We've seen the details and the lines of a sword from this band. But now we are seeing the hilt of a sword, wrapped in soft leather and ready for the swordsman for when next he might call upon its strength. This is why The Sword is "the sword." Just like there is much detail to a sword, there is much detail to this band, and from the rough edges, to the soft leather of the hilt, there is nothing to not love, for a sword is not a sword without it's roughness and it's grace.

  74. Michael Doerksen

    Still very much the Sword, just more laid back. I'm sure they will have a monster riffage song on this new album somewhere, just a slight evolution is all

  75. Travis Molybdenum

    I cannot wait to hear the rest of this album

  76. 05EVORS

    its not the rough crazy sex you got from early stuff.....your waiting around for average to bad sex....still gettin laid tho

  77. Kid Paradise

    Mind blown! What a fn groove! Feeling this shit.

  78. iLLeventhHourz

    If nostalgia could make a sound, you would hear the sword jamming their tunes.

  79. pleadguitar

    The problem I'm having with the new stuff is the mix is weak sounding. Kinda thin and lifeless in my opinion. Needs more oomph!

  80. Kim Holden

    Sounds great! So mellow and relaxing but still epic!

  81. Riffmaniaco

    Stoner rock !!!

  82. Magneto Rex

    great song guys, well done

  83. Johannes Zeiler

    The only reason of fhe new stuff is Weed!

  84. jiveturkey124

    This song/album isnt about ripping shit up guys, its about chillen hard as fuck, smoking a fatty, and relaxing. This is literally some of the best Stoner Rock I have ever heard, its easily memorable, and sounds like the background song to a great evening with a bunch of friends. In other words just enjoy this shit guys, The Sword is telling you guys to have fun and relax and everyone wanna get pissed it aint Winter Wolves II, that shit was like 10 years ago boys.


    @jiveturkey124 Dude thank you! I'm a bigger fan of Warp Riders then the others admittedly (Which still had monster riffs but the sensitive ears of longtime metal fans seem to eschew the slightest decibel alteration) and am getting annoyed at how most can't just sit back and enjoy the sweet sounds of throwback rock!

    dhede trc

    @boobengarden666 same here!!

    Liam Hackett

    This album is gonna make so laid back out I'll be horizontal. From Age of Winters all the way to Warp Riders this is just logical progression, they're making the music they want to make and good for them.

    Devon Kildare

    +jiveturkey124 word.... now, pass that shiet *cough cough*

    Gage Bowers

    jiveturkey124 well said bro...hail the sword. Amazing riff and song writers

  85. debiate5

    I'm really digging this more mellow, psychedelic sound on the new album.

  86. Gameo

    What the fuck happened to this band?...


    +Cook Swag I for one don't want another AC/DC; where I now know what to expect from every single song. That's boring as fuck. Bands need to develop.

    Cook Swag

    @Deltablues1988 I'm not saying that I don't want variety but since the release every song has been boring and i would say that they were much more talented in there heavier stuff


    +Gameo Well, from a compositional (I know that's not a word) standpoint, this album is FAR better than any of the ones you mentioned. It fits together well and all of the songs give a similar feel that helps establish the theme of the album. Apocryphon, Warp Riders, etc. They all felt... really disjointed. Sure they were heavier, but what the fuck does heaviness matter? If you want heavy listen to some Behemoth or something. Point being, you're treating this band like they did something awful just because it isn't what you expected from them. No. This album is excellent. If you want a REAL fuckup, listen to Trivium's discography, then listen to the newest two. THAT is something to be mad about.


    +Deltablues1988 I get where you're coming from, but The Sword are in stoner rock. A genre that has been done TO DEATH. If you want something more original, this is NOT the place to look.


    Totally agree. I don't think they tried to "pummel" you per say, but I definitely think they could've laid off the heavy arrangements. This album is awesome in the fact that it is softer with punchy bits and pieces. Like High Country or Empty Temples. Or Buzzards. The album is just great. I think what The Sword have done here is excellent. I actually hope they stay with this style. I think it fits them better in my opinion.

  87. Brandon Meadows

    I genuinely cannot comprehend the complaining. This sounds like The Sword. Plain and simple and you know what? I love it just as much as all their other stuff. Sure their are songs here and there I do not care for but foe thr most part I love it wll. The Sword sounds like The Sword, simple as that.


    @Brandon Meadows i honestly thought the Swords were trying for a Desert Scene sound (kyuss, Queens of the stone age, EtC) which is just adore so... im loving this track

    Brandon Meadows

    You know I got that vibe too and I am SOOOO ok with that influence being mixed in seeing as I love QoTSA. ALL HAIL GINGER ELVIS!


    @Brandon Meadows man, he really fucking feels like a reincarnation of Elvis in red hair huh? i love all this side project too ,"dessert Session, Eagles of death metal, (mother fucking them crooked vultures with those three" im already looking forward to the new QOTSA album whenever it comes out lol


    +hellsoul0 yup... Groovy.

  88. Nick de Aquino Harasz

    i love The Sword, and i'm fine when a bands sound morphs across albums. but this a shift in the wrong direction for me. if this were another band i'd dig it, but tell me it's The Sword and i wonder where the heaviness went. i hope the next one gets back to the shield breaking riffs they started with.

    Nick de Aquino Harasz

    @Euan Gaul​​ I get what you mean. mastodon for example, they're sound across all albums has evoloved, yet it's still mastodon.( iron maiden too ). But my feeling on this is that yeah it's not bad. But The Sword had their own sound and style that others try to copy or mimic. But High Country sounds like their the ones mimicking, trying to be Thin Lizzy or something. It's only natural that their sound would change. But I'm worried that the album after this one will be even more Thin Lizzy/Zz Top-esque. I'm not saying make age of winters over and over again. I'm just saying be The Sword. To me this is not very swordy.

    Nick de Aquino Harasz

    @Euan Gaul yeah I understand. I just really dig the heaviness they had. This might grow on me. I only time will tell, but I hope there's a renaissance album where they are able to rediscover the heavy riffs and groove from the past with these new mellow jams. Again I dig the music, but knowing it's the sword, it makes me feel uneasy. We'll see what the future holds.


    +Nicko zsaraH I'm the same. I'm going to get the album regardless and hope it grows on me or becomes something else. But everyone is to hung up on on it changing or not changing. To be honest with most bands I don't mind if they pump out the same type of stuff over and over because the orginal sound/music is why I got into it in the 1st place and if I feel like listening to something that sounds different I'll go listen to something different, but always know (hopefully) I can go back to a new album and get what i was looking for. I understand bands need for themselves to change but I see it on a totally selfish level where I don't need a band to cater to all my musical needs. If I feel like something softer I'll listen to it somehwere else. If I fell like listening to some big riffage I'll put on a sword album maybe. I don't watch horror movies and hope that the genre evolved into something else. I watch it to see horror.

  89. ReadyTooSnap

    to hell with the damn naysayers ! rock on sword rock on

  90. Fleet Admiral Pufflez

    Slow and groovy. Let the album drop before thy judgement.


    +Debby DePrati did you see them on their tour for this album?

    Fleet Admiral Pufflez

    +aaron Saw them tonight at Neighborhood Theater. If you have doubts go see them live. Heavy as ever.


    @Fleet Admiral Pufflez That's why I was asking him, the new songs sound just as heavy as all their other material. People were even moshing to the new songs. Including this song. 

    Jonathan Melton

    +Fleet Admiral Pufflez I was there too! Got lost finding the place, but was a great show. Love the new album and the band in general!

    Debby DePrati

    ill admit i like it now! i was wrong for sure!

  91. TheMcgreary

    honestly as we enter the autumn and the colder months this is exactly the chill, smooth kind of music that I needed

  92. David Rojas

    It's very easy to miss the beauty in the pure simplicity of this track. This is just pure Sword and nothing else.

  93. Lucas Alves

    Ooooh, that's so nice! Goddamn!

  94. Jamie Laszlo

    I dunno.  I feel like it needs to be sped up from SLP to SP.

    Ádám Kovács

    @Jamie Laszlo what's SLP and SP? :) Btw, are you Hungarian or do you have a Hungarian relative? :)


    Lol I got it... Its probably in EP...

    Jamie Laszlo

    @Ádám Kovács I'm 1/4 Hungarian.  And SLP, SP and EP were speeds on VCR machines.  SP was the fastest speed.  And this video is supposed to look like a VHS tape playing on a VCR in SLP speed.   So I'm saying it sounds like the song, in general, needs to be sped up.


    @Jamie Laszlo I think it should be slowed down even more :D

  95. sam davidson

    Bad-ass as usual, keep doing what you're doin' bladed weapon for cutting and thrusting

  96. pernapreta

    It's a shame that The Sword became a new Kings of Leon.


    @pernapreta Even though I like this song, I have to agree with you.

    Rogerio Axel Enríquez Muñoz MCE

    I knew something sounded different!! shame!


    @pernapreta too harsh

  97. AK RMKI


    Awesome :D