Sword, The - Empty Temples Lyrics

Before the clocks started counting
We built shrines to the sun
Conducted rites by the moonlight
Now remembered by none
Aswe move through the future
We are warmed by the past
Like a fire on a cold, dark night
But dawn's here at last
Let go of all that binds you
Your kind will always find you
We must give up the old ways
Though they've served us well
The rituals havelost meaning
What were temples are shells
But there is a new path
That always has been
As we set foot upon it
Let us fear not the end
Let go of all that binds you
Your kind will always find you
An endless series of meaningless tasks
Each one distracting us all from the last
Look all around at the things you've been given
What do you see?
Beauty and splendor, destruction and ruin
All in your memory
Let go of all that binds you
Your kind will always find you

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Sword, The Empty Temples Comments
  1. Anthony Decarolis

    The transition of The Sword's sound in a way makes me think of Josh Homme's transition from Kyuss to Queens Of The Stone Age if that makes sense here

  2. Mad Game Network

    i love this song

  3. Rodrigo Parente

    this songs sounds like thin lizzy

  4. Spoke Motion

    Love this album!

  5. Dufniall The Fearsome

    Would love to cruise around in the mystery machine listening to this album

  6. Ellis Jensen

    This song feels like a biography of my life. I have a tattoo of an empty Mormon Salt Lake City temple with Damage, Inc written under it. These guys are brilliant!🙏. I mostly feel the positive tone of this song. The Metallica reference is there, because, hey, I feel that too.

  7. Dennis Ringersma

    Love the Urbex backgrounds!

  8. sivvybee

    The are awesome. So they went from Sabbath to Deep Purple! It's all ROCK AND ROLL BABY. Thank you SWORD!

  9. Ty Goldizen

    I fuckin love what they have grown into. It's got such a psychedelic yet southern sound and it's an interesting evolution. I'd say this album is just as good as Age of Winters

  10. bruhja malhavok

    It's not the writing that's different its the mixing & engineering

  11. Metal Head

    This very song changed the way I listen to music and inspired me to pick up guitar.

  12. Teadawg

    This was reaaally fucking good live, idk why some of yall hate.

  13. Wade Guidry

    Very Zappa! Love it.

  14. Arturo Argon

    This is the best song of The Sword and definitely my favorite song of 2015. Excelent riff I can't stop playing it on my guitar

  15. Paul Poche

    I hope all close minded “music fans” and couch critics find the one band that never changes. What a boring world to want to live in. Give me more music or give me death

  16. John Marbles

    Im lovin it as per usual. Keep it real guys

  17. Gage Bowers

    Beautiful...let go of all that binds you.....like shitty music and listen and listen to the sword 🤘

  18. Chris Gill

    "Let go of all that binds you..."

  19. Grindstone

    I like it. I want more.

  20. jon doa

    they always amaze with each album and always got a new crazy sound bow down

  21. jon doa

    fuckin love these guys!

  22. El conde patula

    thin lizzy

  23. Garrett van de Gelder

    Fucking love the new direction The Sword took with this album. Then again, I'm a huge stoner fan, so don't listen to me.


    I was listening to Doom Metal until this came on, This is actually pretty good

  25. Phnx

    Reminds me of Thin Lizzy.

  26. cainnon

    I thought I recognized this video. Then I realized this footage is all from school 4 in downtown Jacksonville. We used to sneak in there when I was in high school. Small world...

  27. kombik98

    I've listened to all of "High Country" and I have to say that, unlike "Warp Riders" which is far and away my fave, I struggled to immediately get into tracks. This song and "Dream Thieves" particularly are stand outs, a bit like "Veil Of Isis" and the title track were on "Apocryphon". I think my main criticism of this album and, looking back sections of "Apocryphon" as well, is that the big guitar sounds seems to have melted away. Its more 70s high gain, which is NOT high gain. For instance, "Acheron - Unearthing The Orb" has cabinet thud worthy of Hetfield. With some heavier sounds I think the whole of "High Country" would've tightened up. Just my opinion. But their best songs are the really punchy, high gain numbers. If The Sword want to really sell this new sound they need an entire album full of stuff as mind blowing as "Dream Thieves".

  28. João Mauricio de Almeida

    I got here through Limitless!!!

  29. Ben Weissman

    I might be going to see them live in may!

  30. Alex Avey

    FUcking thin lizzy man!

  31. Crossbow Tim

    Probably commented on this video before, but this is riff city. Perfect simple soloing too. Deep as hell lyrics.

  32. ggaccentc

    Who disliked this song? This album is rocking. Best I've heard in a while.

  33. Anthrax 0660

    pretty good album I must say it's way different then there last release or the earlier shit they put out hell it's got more of a 70s sabbath/zeppelin feel fuck if you cats don't like em don't listen to em simple as that just to see what these guys have done over the past few years release masterpiece after masterpiece just be glad bands like this are still truckin along keeping hard rock & metal alive \,,/

  34. Aonghus MacCready

    Well someone cut off their balls, toned down the distortion, I was told it would sound like Thin Lizzy, they were right....

  35. Nack Toothy

    This kicks ass.

  36. andersen hutapea

    Thin Lizzy's Emerald

  37. fjbadlx4s

    Brooklyn Bowl 5/17/16 ......arrivooooo!!!!

  38. Matt G

    This is not bad music. That being said its fuckin dad rock. Did i here a jazzy mix in one of these songs. fuck come on with this boarder line lounge rock.

  39. Splagnet

    Saw live. They FUCKING KILLED every song that was on this album but dissapointed when they played muh-muh m'warpriders

  40. kfizz

    It's not the style it's the mix and the guitar sound are some what off and missed the mark. Live it was fine just needs to in the mix better to clean and lose what's great about guitar.

  41. mark kevorkian

    so disapointing. totally cut their balls off.

  42. kingsmash1

    why waste energy talking crap about a band?

  43. Murky Master

    Soy, my texas boyz....

  44. Jakob Callan

    If you can't respect the fucking awesome rocking greatness of this album, you have no idea what music is. I love metal and their old sound as much as the next guy, but damn it people, would it kill you to expand?!


    Faggot internet metalhead wannabe fake rockers will never grow or expand. That's why they still listen to Metallica's only 3 good albums to this day.

  45. Extreme Justin

    They should have an 'I don't know yet. I'm going to have to listen to it about a dozen more times before I can determine' button.

  46. pellevis

    Im I the only one who thinks of Thin Lizzy right now??

  47. MetalheadYA

    Getting an ELO vibe here... Guitars are tuned to Eb .... 4/4 time.. Jumps to 6/4 (?) during the instrumental section about 50 bars from the end and lasts for maybe 8 bars.... Some Blue Oyster Cult riffs and buzz.... I am just happy to hear a modern Metal band with a singer I can understand....lol.... I know, I am old.....

  48. Matthew Long

    I just like that these guys keep upping their game and experimenting with different sounds!

  49. nigerianplanet

    you see guys, you don't need overly distorted tones and screaming to make a good song!

  50. IntergalacticRoseBloodedFeline

    This song desperately needs the backing vocals to 'Kiss - Love Gun' in the chorus. LOL. Would be a hilarious remix!........ Enjoying listening to The Sword's recent work. Absolutely loved Warp Riders and new material is very reminicent of Apocryphon.

  51. Chivas6

    Who the fuck are VEVO? It's starting to piss me off the way all music seems to be somehow under their umbrella...

  52. Daren Redman

    Clutch, The Sword and Queens of the stone age should go on tour. Call it the stoned age tour haha.

    Jeremy Hidy

    +Daren Redman I would sell my bleeding spleen to see that show.

    Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    +Daren Redman "Clutch The Stone-Aged Sword"

    Charles Hooper

    +Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy much better. I was just thinking that.

  53. Artem m-ko

    ху э та( Разочарованию моему нет предела,а ведь так ждал новый альбом.

  54. Alejandro Aquino

    Great song! You guys just keep getting better. Love the production and the songwriting is top notch as usual. This hints to be amongst the best of the year. I hope to see you live someday. Cheers from Paraguay!

  55. Her 73

    Blue Oyster Cult + Thin Lizzy... thumbs up!

  56. Casey Fritz

    Not sure about individual musicianship, but the band itself and the feel are altogether quite addictive

  57. thoughtcircles

    Everyone who's still critical of their new stuff should go see them play it live, and be blown away by how heavy it really is. It's just the production on the album version that takes away the energy

    kevin willems

    thoughtcircles I can confirm this.

  58. cloakofshadow1

    hey, i'm not the only one who heard Thin Lizzy in this.

  59. Somernites Cruise

    The Sword/High Country is giving me an early BOC vibe and that, friends is a very good thing! Well done boys!

  60. ProspectorAl

    It's good to hear them evolve. Most of the really great ones do evolve and change their sound over time. Opeth, Mastodon, Katatonia, Amorphis, etc, etc, etc.....................

  61. Stephen Black

    The Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy influence is real in this song.

    Mike Jones

    I hear a lot of blue oyster cult myself.

  62. Owl Willows

    Cool buildings, impressive filming. I do miss their original sound, but thats just me.

  63. Evan Wings

    This album is reminding me a lot of Lore by Elder. Loving it.

  64. The Iron Hobo

    Where's the super crunchy, thunderous riffs of previous albums?
    The grandiose themes?
    J.D's vocals from 20 miles away, 30 years in the past?
    The awesome builds to cool crescendos?

    What a letdown.

  65. cosmic-raider

    I wouldn't charge upon the bands what are clearly fan's issues. Or as Orson Welles once said - you can't expect that any spectator is a good spectator...

  66. Vojife

    I love the video, man!
    And the song of course.

  67. Peter FallingZeppelin

    This song reminds me of a thin lizzy kind of feel.

  68. Peter FallingZeppelin

    This song reminds me of a thin lizzy kind of feel.

  69. Scott Vogler

    What's with the Sword? New album, cool..can't wait for more tales of swords, witches, sorcery, you know that bad ass shit they're so awesome at....

    *press play....


    Fractal Universe

    Might want to check the lyrics out...


    try lyrics

  70. Sgtwhitepepper

    Sounds very thin lizzy ish, but the main lick kicks ass

  71. Chris Gagnon

    I think you all think crap you will never be the sword

  72. F T L

    too soft, still good music, but man, too fucking soft

  73. Lathanasamna

    intro: Turn to Stone Electric Light Orchestra, into Witchcraft, Kadavar, Graveyard! This will all sound good live the bass is so low in the mix

  74. ThatsNotGravy

    Hmmm....seems someone's been listening to Thin Lizzy....

  75. James K.

    This album comes out next week!


    @James Kinder fuck yeah, i preordered it and it ships today on the 14th, hopefully ill get it a few days early

    James K.

    +aaron HELL YEAH! When you get the album, blast it! That's what I plan to do! The Sword fuckin' rules!


    @James K. yeah im going to destroy the speakers in my car.

    how do you like that new Iron Maiden track? 

    James K.

    +aaron It's growing on me the more I listen to it. The cowbell at the beginning kinda threw me off a little at first. It has a great guitar sound. Nicko's drums sound a little dead at times, but overall it's not a bad song. And, like I said, it's growing on me the more I listen to it.

  76. James K.

    This album comes out next week!

  77. Magneto Rex

    great stuff guys, love the direction you are going

  78. James K.

    That main riff is great! It's stuck in my head now!

  79. Matías Penovi

    They've lost it

  80. FarTooEasy Gaming

    Such a tasty jam.  The sword never fails.

  81. Kuma

    Did they write these lyrics about the fans listening to the new album?

  82. J Ramsey

    to me, all the song structures are class sword. Broader vocals with the guitar tones and overall mix  smoothed out a ton closer to the sound of the old fashioned rockandroll that their music is based on anyway. great as expected

  83. iLLeventhHourz

    Last good album was age of winters demo. This is shit!! Fuck you sword

  84. Haxo o

    Increible, saquen una gira con mucho stoner a sudamerica gente !

  85. Riffmaniaco

    Great song! ;)

  86. derek fields

    This sucks. More speed. Less of this. Boooo

  87. Eric Nicewander

    Anyone else hearing some Thin Lizzy in this? I like it. \m/

  88. Weary Divinity

    What gall!!!  What unmitigated audacity!!!  How dare THE SWORD grow, mature & progress???  Its as if they imagine themselves to be genuine artists: free to create music however they wish!!!  I can't believe it.  I am without belief.  I had best listen to 'Age of Winters' & 'Gods of the Earth' without delay, because I certainly wouldn't want to enjoy something new.

  89. carter coffin

    Really cool lyrics! The turning of a new age is upon us.

  90. Peter James

    First riff from the new album to get stuck in my head!
    I'm digging this new sound!

  91. 7hotfuzz7

    I like this one better than High Country. I dig their new sound, its still groovy and sounds hella smooth. I like the more rock vibe than metal vibe on this album. But seriously, unless someone is genuinely upset about this sound and says they suck now, you cannot blame people for wanting another Age of Winters/Gods of the Earth. Yea there are other bands who play that heavier style, but you know for a fact the Sword's sound is unique. Its hard to find a stoner/doom metal band putting out an album that's similar and as great as Age of Winters was. Again, I am not one of those people stubborn to change, I absolutely love Tame Impala's new album. You just jam out to Age of Winters everyday and crave more, nothing wrong with that. Sword will always be dope \m/

  92. Eric F krackenthorpe

    Yes! I hope it's a good as Warp Riders.

  93. doug yerton

    I'm digging the new songs, it's not as heavy as their other albums, I'm thinking they gave the heavy axe on this album, and went with the Wizards staff instead

    kevin willems

    doug yerton holy Shit you hit the nail right on the head my dude

  94. paarti meikrr

    This is a good song but i do think it could do with a nice thicker guitar tone! i like the bass being quite prominent though, so maybe the lighter guitar tone aids that greatly.. Will have to have more listens and see!

  95. Brian Blaze

    "Let go of all that binds you, your cat will always find you".

  96. aaron

    that goddamn riff

    Eric F krackenthorpe

    I find myself saying that for just about all of their songs. They are riff monsters!


    @iankrackenthorpe yeah The Sword are riff gods

    Dyl icious

    +aaron they carve them right off the bone man, juicy!


    @Dylan Story fuck yeah they do. 

  97. Mike In HiFi

    2:24 reminds me a bit of Winter's Wolves. 

    Between the two new songs I prefer this one. I certainly can't judge by these two songs or the titles on the tracklist but it's definitely a change of direction. Hope there is a few heavy songs on the album to go along with these groovy tracks. Although, I am a bit disappointed they aren't using the classic Sword logo on the album. It's such a cool design.

  98. jordan hidde

    This is rad. They went a bit more psychadelic/stoner here that is contrasted by an album or two with more of a doom/metal album and even some prog inspired sessions. Either mood is executed well and is sick in its own right!!