Sword, The - Apocryphon Lyrics

Set adrift in the multiverse
By the whims of fate
In thrall to the demiurge
We all await escape

Darkness and light entwine
Everything is all the time
All around you points align
Everything is all the time

From beyond the waveform
Reaching the wall
Giving birth to a universe
Mother of all

Living information
Transverging space-time
Flowing down from the overworld
Into the mind of mankind

Darkness and light entwine
Everything is all the time
All around you points align
Everything is all the time

You want to live for eternity
To see behind the veil
Everything comes around again
The serpent eats its tail

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Sword, The Apocryphon Comments
  1. David Rocha

    They were so good... after this album not so much...

  2. gregory irving

    Abit of a ozzy sound ?

  3. justanotherguy Johnson

    That riff at 3:43 should be illegal godddamnnn

  4. B-Side Malone

    All Hail Th Sword!

  5. Jeremy Sears

    I'm late to the party but I'll be damned if this is *FIRE*
    Time to check out all their stuff.

    Jacob Clark

    You're in for a ride my dude

  6. Billy Napure Jr

    Sword rocks Richmond Virginia, rock on Texas style sword

  7. Constance Darazs

    This is one of the best bands I have heard in a long time.

  8. Awakken470

    this band is the shit


    They were, then they shit out "high country" expecting us to like that piece of garbage.


    Oh fuck off, you whiny bitch. High Country *and* Low Country are great in their own right. Seriously, if "Mist & Shadow" doesn't get you going, you have no soul.

  9. Chad Binford

    I read that these guy's influence, or one of them anyways is BLACK SABBATH!

  10. KillerGames

    How are they not super famous already this is fucking having a gold mine right next to a diamond mine


    They stopped making metal and went full hipster soft-rock (see "high country"). I'm so mad at this band but will still blast their first 4 albums.


    You have no idea what you're talking about if you call High Country "hipster". High Country is *pure* stoner rock. You're a fuckboy poser.

  11. TheDrakmannen

    Haha the gladiator thing made my day :D Truely an awesome song and an awesome album over all. YOU ARE NOTHING!

  12. Matt Turner

    For me it's one of the best heavy metal albums out there. The feeling of it, the endless endless barrage of riffs, the solos and the songwriting are all brilliant. Absolutely love it.


    I like Warp Riders slightly better but can’t really disagree. These dudes are so underrated

  13. 666superhater

    Good stuff, reminds me of the old days. A lot like Fireball Ministry. Smoke up!

  14. Vaughn Blaylock

    Reminds me of victory.

  15. Mauricio GS

    stoner stoner stoner

    Bronson Jones

    Mauricio Belfegor - first song I've ever heard by them and 5 seconds in... I'm in love

  16. Ricardo

    Sounds like Ozzy, what in the bloody hell?

  17. Klark Moses

    this is very good!

  18. TheMrJinglesWorld

    this here is the God's music! This is what they listened to before going into gladiator-like battles in Rome.. They had to.. No other way to prepare.

    Candace Vito

    The frost... sometimes it makes... the sword...stick

    Michael Marlowe

    What in God's name are you blathering about?