Swollen Members - All Night Lyrics

Yeah, this is Swollen Members.
Come on, another Battle Axe banger.
Breakin' out the heat, showin' you what's really goin' on.
Come on.

Don't stop (Make it last all night)
Hey ma' what's really good? (Shake ya' ass all night)
Come on, get in the ride (Drive fast all night)
(But you already got a girl) That's alright.

[Mad Child]
What up ma', You wanna hang with a rock star.
Hop into my truck, get stopped by a cop car.
Hot as it supposed to get.
Seem like the police, they don't like my associates.
We some monsters in concert.
Drunk in the middle of the club like who wants it.
Mass appeal with massive wheels, bling-bling
Chocolate belt buckle, i'm the motorcycle ring king.
Brand new breed, creek of vengence.
Bad muscle car with tv's and chromed out enignes.
Fuckin' models and smashin' glass bottles.
Full blown, no helmet, full throttle.
Rhinestone cowboy, desperado.
Underground to winnin' the rap lotto.
Now Mad Child's talkin' 'bout cash son of a bitch.
I was just broke before, it's more fun bein' rich.

Don't stop (Make it last all night)
Hey ma' what's really good? (Shake ya' ass all night)
Come on, get in the ride (Drive fast all night)
(But you already got a girl) That's alright.

Yo' ma', your so raw, hotter than solar.
I like you so far, dancin' with no bra.
Show me where them hands are, reachin' for my keys.
It's cool we can roll, we do everything in three's.
Four go with them, two come with me.
Pound it like a drum, see how fun it can be.
Now pull like a monster truck, at the crib.
Who want's to fuck, this is life live it up.
Case closed, but there's more for later.
Pushin' the buttons like space invaders.
My whole pack is tattooed and black like villians.
We can bounce tonight, but tomorrow don't catch feelin's.

Don't stop (Make it last all night)
Hey ma' what's really good? (Shake ya' ass all night)
Come on, get in the ride (Drive fast all night)
(But you already got a girl) That's alright.

Bouce, rock, drink, smoke, do whatever.
Can't stop get more of this cheddar.
Don't you love it when the plan comes together.
We doin' big things spend more of this cheddar.

[Moka Only]
I hear them say glorius how it must feel.
We comin' through rollin' on rims bigger than bus wheels.
And plus skill that's a total package.
You scared like airplanes and explod'em package.
That's the size of the amage we do, no amateur crew.
We takin' care of business like a manager do.
(Hey) rhymes knowin' how i'm so fantastic.
When I bend it and smack it, just ask the last chick.
The beat knockin' like a brick to the head.
It's Moka O, and if you don't know i'm sick in the head.
Rippin' it, that's why i'm flippin' the bread.
I got your neck noding like a bitch addicted to head. (Ya' Know)

Don't stop (Make it last all night)
Hey ma' what's really good? (Shake ya' ass all night)
Come on, get in the ride (Drive fast all night)
(But you already got a girl) That's alright.

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Swollen Members All Night Comments
  1. Oliver Meshack

    MOBY!!!! MOBY!!! MOBY!!!

  2. Alex Bot

    What a shit song

  3. Matou Marley

    In the half pipe

  4. sh9683

    no sport game has even come close to being as good as ssx3, i tried steep and other games, don;t like em much, ssx3 reigns supreme over all sport games, too bad ps4 can;t pay previous games. my ps2 quit working

  5. Joe Rogers

    swollen members owns Rogers arena Vancouver and Hummer

  6. Rasool Lewis

    Ssx 3 and Cartoon Jam Fight For Minnesota in February 20 2005

  7. Nitro Wildfire

    2018 boii

  8. Morgan

    the nostalgia man... ssx3 is still so OG

  9. Bronwyn Kieland

    moar badger

  10. SpymasterJimmy

    this is a great song

  11. Sarah76192

    just a girl remembering good moments playing on ssx3! Good music.

  12. Matthew Nitkowski

    i went hard to this on superpipe events

  13. Crowboy101

    This song + any Superpipe event in SSX3 = Me happy

    Matthew Nitkowski

    Crowboy101 YES SAME

  14. Beast FANG667

    sorry but Zoe and Mac was the shit lol

  15. The Unimpressed

    the tune reminds me of the second hot wheels accelerators movie when their in the metro realm

  16. 《ellis》

    your listening to radio big broadcasting live with access to over 262 mountain cams

  17. Aporia

    smashing up the style mile with kaori or psymon to this track was my childhood <3

  18. Otavio Rafael

    a melhor musica é All Night swollen members

  19. Root TheLucario

    Imagine if Pokémon was a snowboarding game


    Damn, the most lit song when performing tricks on a half pipe!

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    DOOM RAPTOR I second this especially on disfunktion Junction on Peak one in metro city as Mac

  21. Mathieu Nunu

    Oh no... The band name sounds like an STI...

  22. Terrible Clown

    I bet somebody's wondering why so many russian badger fans are here

  23. Sharktip Skandelopian

    Lol, the Badger dickriders...


    eat my bagel


    You mean Burgur, right?

    Sharktip Skandelopian

     ͡° ͜ ͡°

  24. FAZE Swagzilla420

    badjur squad

  25. Mernkey -

    sup bagel squad

  26. dmrc43

    badjur sqaud what up doe!

  27. flesh _

    Moar badger

  28. Giordano Broekhuizen

    hello memories of ssx :D

  29. Landen BlazerTV

    Sometimes I play SSX 2012 on my XBOX360. So I play as my best favorites: Tane, and Psymon. That is it, and I hate Griff.

  30. Landen BlazerTV

    I don't know if people play this in the middle of the Superpipe. Shit.

  31. My name is Aminé

    Good memories playing ssx!!

  32. Rasool Lewis

    Cartoon bowling 12 and Cartoon Football 12

  33. Rasool Lewis

    Cartoon bowling 12

  34. waalex11

    Who's recently playing SSX 3 right now? I am, love it. Glad I have so many records left to break, and few medals.


    @Dominik Römer Not even with a cleaning? Costs $5 at a game store where I live.

    Dominik Römer

    @waalex11 Sadly not (got gear for that by myself :P)
    CD has too many scratches.. :/


    @Dominik Römer Damn that sucks.

    Dominik Römer



    +waalex11 could really use a port to the PC with private lobby's for friends. I really miss the game

  35. Mitchell Corona

    Man did they ruin the SSX games after 3? It was never the same.

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    @CCBrown92 also 2012 actually was pretty good but not as good as the originals the SSX from 2000 Tricky and 3 in my opinion of course SSX2012 was decent but it was Lackluster at best

    Will How

    Fuck they really did idk what happened man how could they ruin this SSX 2012 just felt lackluster and Wii was just downright terrible.

    Trane Crowley

    Mitchell Corona Right

    Rob Przywojski

    EA caused the game to forget its roots in DJing and turntablism. That's when they lost me.

  36. Canci Kambel

    Ssx3 awesome game👍 , still play it on my Xbox 😁😁 one of my favoriete songs, all the characters are great.

  37. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    man i wish my Ps2 still worked so i could play ssx 3 again even though it was released many years after my childhood it's like my childhood game yo the feels listening to this song he feels.


    true my friend


    i meant SSX 3. I'm still playing it on Xbox360. It's one of the few Xbox Original Games you can play on the 360


    +Speed DemonPowerage98 same

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    At least I'm not the only one who misses playing SSX 3 on a ps2

    Ferhat Fischetti


  38. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    @Cheesburgah Apocalypse well it looks like the majority of the comments are leaning towards Mac and your almost on your own minus some people.

  39. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    @darkovia2 thank you Mac's the best character in the whole ssx series along with Kaori and Allegra

  40. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    @Cheesburgah Apocalypse Bitch plz Mac's better then all of them combined fuck you and calling Mac overated you have not played ssx until you play as mac

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    i settle my case.

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    yo bitch what you just say and also Mac's not the only ssx character I like Allgera and Kaori  


    @Speed DemonPowerage98 Truer words have never been spoken.

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    @***** yet. So many people think Mac's overated what i don't see why since i've played all of the SSX'S other than 2012 Since i don't have an Xbox360 or Ps3 unfortunately.

  41. Mik Whale

    Mac was the best in ssx

    Michael Puna

    +ssini92 psycman


    nooo! Kaori and Psymon 100%!


    Nate was the best.


    my favorite was psymon

    Essence of Racing

    All the Characters were lit, that's just how good this game was! Needs a remake with more peaks, races, etc. And more outfits cuz some that stuff was fire like the album

  42. _ truS5t

    Whippin it that's why im flippin the bread I got your neck noddin like a bitch addicted to head!

  43. ResentedPuppy

    Nate was my favorite hands down

  44. BigRuZ587

    shit, I forgot Allegra

  45. BigRuZ587

    Griff, Psymon, Elise, Zoe and Eddie were the killers of 3 IMO

    Zane W

    +BigRuZ587 Nah bro, Mac is the shit

    Tupac Shakur

    Mac and Zoe

    xxxXKingXxxx Ridaz

    Mac is my only favorite one he's a gangsta

  46. Mattness Shep

    totally agree

  47. Michi That One Dancing Girl

    Kaori, Moby, and Allegra <3

  48. Apollyon077

    Best Riders: Viggo Rolig, Moby Jones, Griff Simmons. Boom. 'Nuff Said.


    fuck no, Kaori and Psymon

  49. SoftyChicken

    Who else played Griff?

  50. eins2001

    FUCK yeah Psymon!

  51. moorjammin

    I wonder how these bands feel about getting all their video views from people who played ssx3. I hear this, and I remember the superpipe with Viggo!

  52. tocoutdoors2015


  53. ViktorHFilms.


  54. Jim H

    When i hear this i automatically think of ssx and doing a superpipe with viggo. Best game I have ever played, i bought a PS2 the other week purely for SSX3

  55. MasterTreadgold

    SSX 3 is the best game on xbox, i still have my xbox i got when it first came out just to play ssx and the best part ITS NOT SAD hahaha

  56. prettypianoplayer100

    that's 'cuz kaori is awesome :)

  57. Tyler Aavet

    Mac is overrated. Give Nate, Viggoa and Jürgen some spotlight XD

  58. Caleb Jones

    Badass song for any map

  59. TheTimerunner

    M.A.C. All the way.

  60. gjbsaxman94

    Mac is best character. Griff is worst. Zoe is best girl.

  61. xinryokux

    Mac and that snot nosed upstart griff got to give him credit as a solid rider. don't hate on him
    we all know his that kid brother that you hate cause he does everything you can do at a earlier age and makes u feel old.

  62. DAYTIME504

    MAC and PSYMON!!

  63. Trombone Kingdom

    Moby and Kaori all the way. Fav riders.

  64. Joshua Tortalita

    Yeah boy swollen do it n done it. Axe so deep pass me the axe I hack you lol.

  65. Andrew R

    @dolphziggler161 HA FUCK YOU! best riders: NATE, MAC & MOBY.

  66. Shelby Leigh

    allegra all the wayyyy. :P

  67. Amantero

    heineken ? FAIL

  68. BX3

    Huh, listening to this uncut version, I'm surprised this song made the cut for SSX 3. I mean, I know they edit the songs to fit the rating, but it always amazes me how EA looks at certain themes they put in their soundtracks and go "yeah that's good."

  69. Qwerty0791

    Na na na - Mac. Mac all the way.

  70. dddaniel089

    @GregTheBestOfThe91 go on listentoyoutube.co.uk and paste the url

  71. Basketball Jones


  72. Monstaboe1234

    SSX3, da best snowboarding game, period....i really havent found any other snowboarding game in da world that even comes close!!!!

  73. Firesoar13

    SSX 3, the reason I've survived my first two years of college...
    O_O What am I going to do these next two years without it?!?


    SSX3 go3d memories

  75. ramzy231

    goin to watch them on saturday fuck yea

  76. rachelle baby

    google this: youtube to mp3 converter
    and just copy the link into their, and it'll save to your computer

  77. juniorLSW

    @Porkzven22 NO SSX3 BEST GAME EVER!

  78. Phant0mGetsuga993

    Mac, psymon, and nate are my favorite characters....... wait, THOSE ARE THE PEAK BOSSES! I LIKE ONLY THOSSE 3 CUZ I GOTA BOSS ATTITUDE

  79. Phant0mGetsuga993

    ssx 3 nigga!

  80. Jakub Šváb

    ssx3 best game and this is the best song !!!

  81. Alan Cooper

    I love ridin with Mac.

  82. comedeyzone

    psymon ftw

  83. comedeyzone

    ssx 3 ftw



  85. Dees NuuTz

    oh shit this waz by swollen

  86. Grab ASS

    there should be another SSX Tricky combined with SSX 3 for the ps3, 360, and wii
    i love this game so much bruh

  87. rjcrimzon


  88. mels432

    Griff forever :D
    i don't remember half of these songs though :s

  89. InvalidSkater

    Kaori and Zoe were the best.

  90. IzzmirDocheggal

    psymon und moby

  91. fsg101


  92. discountgas


  93. Gajus


  94. Legless Ninja

    i always liked kaori, although i think psymon is epic too :P

  95. Pixlion

    Mac FTW I love his comments! XD